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Top 10 Swiss Watch Repair brands


Rolex, Tudor | Top 25 watch brands 2019 | Repairs by post

"Swiss Made" is the seal of approval stamped on the worlds most recognised watch brands. This seal is not just a marketing gimmick; it's the true mark of quality appreciated by watch enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2019 more than half the total luxury watches are from Switzerland. Asked anyone to name any luxury watch and they will probably roll-off one of the top 3: Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer.

The Swiss watch movement is a formidable force not just in watches but in media, sports and entertainment. Every A-lister owns one, every Formula one racing team has been sponsored by one. Even the first watch worn on the Moon was Swiss.

The following list is our top 10 Swiss watch repairs we see every day at Repairs by post. This list will take us to Geneva, home of two of the most famous watch brands in the world, and the Swiss valleys, where there are more watchmakers than dwellings.


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What are the top 10 Swiss Brands of 2019?

1. Tissot

If you are considering buying a Tissot watch or sending your watch away for Tissot Repair you are investing in one of the most recognised watch brands in the world – Famous for their plus sign logo, it symbolises the Swiss quality and reliability a Tissot watch possesses.

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2. Rolex

Rolex is one of the worlds most famous watch brands. Initially called Wilsdorf and Davis in London in 1905, after its founders, is became Rolex in 1908. After WW1, high taxations were implemented, the company moved to Geneva, where it has remained ever since. Of the ten most expensive watches ever purchased, 3 are Rolex, including the most expensive watch, Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona which sold for US$17.75 million.

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3. Blancpain (Le Brassus)

Blancpain describes their timepieces as the tradition of innovation, and these words could not be more exact, for centuries, this luxury brand has been crafting innovative watches. Their skilled horologist is master manufacturers, and the company have consistently designed creative timepieces that hold to their values; authenticity, passion and emotion. It’s worth knowing that BLANCPAIN watches are not sold over the Internet. You will have to contact an authorised retailer to purchase one. They will be pleased to give you further information regarding the prices and models available.

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4. Omega

Omega has produced many firsts within the watchmaking world. Omega created the first tourbillon wristwatch calibre in the world with the 30I in 1947. In 1999 Omega introduced the first mass-produced watch incorporating the coaxial escapement, invented by British Watchmaker George Daniels. Continuing into the new Millenium, Omega keeps producing world first. World’s first. In 2013 they introduced a movement that is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss).

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5. Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer has been creating watches for over 150 years and has pushed passed conventions in traditional Swiss watchmaking. Thanks to their passion and innovation, they’ve created some of the world’s most precise watches.

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6. Jaeger-LeCoultre

With an expensive piece of jewellery such as a Jaeger-LeCoultre, you must have it maintained and serviced regularly. You will be able to appreciate the quality of your luxury watch for longer when it is kept in its optimum working order.Our watch servicing team have the skills to optimise the performance of your Jaeger-LeCoultre watch. We would advise our customers to maintain regular upkeep of their watches and have it sent away for servicing whenever necessary.Our general advice for watch customers is to send their timepiece to Repairs by Post every 3-5 years. Maintenance can vary and will be dependent on the wear and tear your watch undergoes.

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7. Breguet

Breguet is arguably the brand that began the concept of the modern watch. Founded in 1775 by the godfather of contemporary horology, Abraham-Louis Breguet, they have continued to innovate and impress with their designs and movements up until the current day. Breguet’s achievements are nothing short of spectacular; inventor of the tourbillon, creator of the first Grand Complication, and watchmaker do the wealthiest individuals of his time, he laid the foundations of a legacy like no other in horology.

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8. Longines

Longines began life as saint-limer by Auguste Agassiz in around 1832, they originally sold pocket watches and were successful not only in Europe but also the united states where they had family connections. by 1867 they built their first factory with their own award-winning calibre 20a movement, in 1913 developed a wristwatch movement and by 1945 they released calibre 22a Longines automatic movement.

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9. Cartier

Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, Cartier is a brand synonymous with luxury.  In 1904 Cartier produced its first wristwatch, the Santos, named after the famous aviator  Alberto Santos-Dumont complained to Louis about how difficult it was to use a pocket watch whilst flying. The Santos collection is still available today. My the late 1910s there were Cartier shops in Paris, London and New York. In 1919 the Tank was produced, inspired by the tanks used during the war. The Tank is still available today.

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10. Breitling

Breitling was founded in Grenchen, Switzerland by Léon Breitling in 1884. In 1905 Léon Breitling patented a simple timer/tachymeter that could measure any speed between 15 and 150 km/h, the Vitesse, which allowed drivers (and then police) to calculate the speed at which the car was travelling.

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11. IWC

IWC watches an important history in the watchmaking industry. Starting at the very beginning, the foundations of watchmaking in Schaffhausen were laid by an American, Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868.

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