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  • Zenith mechanical Service from £229.99
  • Zenith chronograph service from £279.99

Since the 19th Century Zenith has been a visionary in Swiss watch making. The idea stemmed from bringing all production methods together in order to create the most precise watches in the world. The vision paid off and since the birth of the watch brand, Zenith has been pioneering in precision, luxury and quality wrist wear.

Repairs by Post are committed to continuing the legacy of Zenith and do so by providing our expert horology skills for your Zenith watch repair needs. We use our skill and passion to ensure your watches are cared for with the highest level of  attention.  Contact us today for all your Zenith watch repair needs.

To ensure your Zenith watch is kept in great working order for years to come it is vital that it is sent for Zenith watch servicing. We have over thirty years in the horology industry and pour this passion into each of our Zenith watch repairs.

Committed to the fine art of watch making, we do endeavor to complete your Zenith watch repair in a timely manner. We always ensure complete quality assurance over your timepiece before returning it to you.

As we take such pride in our work we never deal with counterfeit or replica watches. Please do not send these to us for repair. All our work comes with 12 months warranty and 24 months if we undertake a manufacturer’s service.


As our customers are busier than ever we knew we had to create a convenient service which would allow your favourite watches to be fixed quickly and efficiently. Repairs by Post offer a postal watch and jewellery repair service so you can have your watch repaired without interrupting your schedule by having to visit a traditional retail store.


  • Send you item for Zenith watch repair using Special Delivery.
  • Should your item be more than £500 we will send you a secure Royal Mail Special Delivery postal pack. This envelope is already insured for up to £500 at no cost.
  • Should you wish to increase the insurance (up to £2500) you can do so at the Post Office for a small charge.
  • Alternatively we will ask you to send the item directly to us, ensuring you have packed it with care. We can arrange for a courier collection.


  • Throughout the repair you will be able to see on your account what stage of repair your timepiece is at.
  • Once repaired; we quickly return your watch or jewellery to you.
  • We always guarantee competitive pricing. We will match or beat any written quotation for your Zenith watch repair.


Repairs by Post only employ master horologists with years of experience to repair and service your beloved timepieces.  We use genuine Zenith replacement parts or aftermarket equivalents. Some common Zenith repairs we undertake include;


Choosing to have your Zenith watch straps repaired or replaced is a great way to increase your timepieces longevity. Over time your watch strap becomes worn.

Rather than your watch sitting in a drawer gathering dust, send it for Zenith watch strap repair.

We offer original metal Zenith straps and have a wide range of metal bracelets and leather straps. To help you choose the perfect strap, we will happily discuss the various options with you.

We can offer;

  • Zenith strap replacement
  • Zenith watch straps
  • Zenith leather watch bands
  • Zenith watch bands
  • Zenith leather watch straps



When wearing a steel bracelet, over time dust and sweat builds on the strap. This can be remedied with gentle washing in a solution of lukewarm water and liquid soap. Before your watch is anywhere near water ensures the crown is fully depressed to stop the infiltration of water. Dry your timepiece with a soft cloth or let it air dry. It should never be dried on the radiator or with a hairdryer.  If you are concerned about cleaning your own watch, send it to Repairs by Post for professional watch cleaning and watch polishing.


A replacement watch clasp saves you having to replace the entire strap. We use either manufactures original parts or equivalents where suitable. We match the clasp to your strap, fit it and before we return it to you we will assess your watch to see if any other work is required, such as loose links or a scratched glass. We will always discuss any work that needs done with our customers prior to undertaking it.



Do not allow your Zenith watch strap to get wet if it’s made of leather. This can damage the style and function of the material.

Remove your watch before going near any water as a precaution and avoid contact with chemicals, aftershave and cosmetics which can damage the strap.


Repairs by Post offer a comprehensive Zenith watch service. Zenith advise their watch wearers should have a service completed every three to five years.

The frequency in which you have your watch serviced is determined by how often you wear your watch and how much stress it comes under.


Just like any precision instrument, such as a car, your watch will need maintenance to ensure it’s working perfectly and can bring you many years of joy.  Our Zenith watch service ensures a rigorous overhaul of your timepiece;

  • Our horologist will dismantle the caliber.
  • Each part will be cleaned; any components which are fault will be replaced.
  • The movement will be wound and lubricated. This minimizes damaging friction.
  • Next, our horologist will check the rate, functions and autonomy of the timepiece.
  • If you own a quartz model, the battery will be replaced as standard.
  • The case and bracelet will be completely refurbished; The case and metal bracelet will be ultrasonically cleaned and buffed.
  • We replace all the crowns, pushers and gaskets.
  • Once complete the watch will be reassembled under the competent eye of our quality controllers.
  • There will be a final check of the timepiece to ensure it keeps time absolutely precisely, its functions are working correctly and it is fully waterproof.


  • Keep the watch away from all types of magnetic fields (computer screen, TV, clock radio, etc.) If your watch becomes magnetised, we can demagnetise it using our specialist equipment. Quartz watches will recalibrate within five minutes, however mechanical watches can suffer long term damage.
  • Do not expose the watch to heat sources. Watches that suffer hot temperature shocks tend to run slow. Watches which are exposed to cool temperature shocks run fast. When not wearing your watch store it in a safe place to avoid damage.
  • Before any contact with water, ensure that the crown is properly pushed in against the case. Water damage can be dangerous for luxury watches and greatly affect their function. If you notice condensation under the case, this is a sign of water infiltration. Send it immediately for Zenith watch repair.
  • After bathing in the sea, systematically rinse the watch in fresh water. Salt water corrodes the internal workings, bracelet and Zenith strap. Chlorinated water also has this affect.
  • Avoid wearing the watch when pursuing sports that will have a “violent” effect on the movement (golf, tennis, horse-riding, etc.)
  • On a chronograph model, do not operate the pushers when the watch is immersed in water. This will lead to the infiltration of water which damages the mechanism.



Zenith Watches was founded in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot at the young age of 22. He revolutionised watch production by unifying the whole watch making process under one roof. This is where watch manufacturing was born. Over the decades, the brand has built up an impressive array of more than 600 movement variations entirely developed and produced within its Manufacture.


The brand launched their first chronograph pocket watch in 1899. A chronograph is essentially a stop watch. They are a time-keeping device which has an independent second hand which can start and stop without interfering with the time-keeping ability of the watch. We are experts in chronograph watch repair.


The brand wins gold at the Paris Universal Exhibition. During the 1900s the brand continued to innovate, creating the onboard instruments. The brand have had no less than 300 patents in their rich history.


The name “Zenith” is established by George Favrot-Jacot. The meaning of this refers to the highest point of success. The brand has been aspiring towards this metaphor ever since. To ensure your watch is working to its optimum level, send it for a Zenith watch service periodically.


The Zenith brand continues to grow with their Manufacture employing over 1,000 staff. It was nicknamed as having silver and gold hands thanks to the high quality of work produced


During 1975 a decision was madeby the company owners that the brand should only produce quartz watches. Watchmaker Charles Vermot hid the tools and plans needed to craft mechanical calibres to save them from being destroyed. Repairs by Post are skilled in mechanical Zenith watch repair. Send your time piece to our watchmakers for inspection and restoration.


By 1984 the demand for mechanical watches is revived and Vermot returns the hidden plans to Zenith. The production of the award winning El Primero was reinstated and globally recognised watch brands clamored to equip their watches with the infamous movement.

If you own an antique Zenith mechanical watch that no longer works, we offer a quartz conversion which can rejuvenate your timepiece and make is wearable once more.


  • Quartz watches keep time almost perfectly and will allow your watch to work as new.
  • Your watch will look the same on the outside, but will have a quartz internal movement.
  • We offer watch cleaning and polishing as standard with a mechanical to quartz conversion.


In 1994 Zenith created their first caliber using Computer Aided Design (CAD). The Elite movement won awards for its slenderness, precision and reliability.


In the year 2000 Zenith joins the LVMH group, a luxury goods conglomerate. Christian Dior is the majority holding of this group. We specialise in Dior watch repair.

In 2003 Zenith create stunning models that reveal the inner components of the El Primero caliber. This allows the user to see the visible oscillation of the balance wheel. The dial was not just exposed; a whole new caliber was created for the open escapements.


In 2010 the El Primero Striking 10th model was launched. This design shows the sweep second-hand displaying tenths of a second.

In 2011 Zenith is award “Best Complicated Watch Prize” to the Academy Christophe Colomb Équation du Temp model. The watch includes;

  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Power Reserve Indicator at 3 o’clock
  • Equation of time
  • “Gravity Control” Self-Regulating Gyroscopic Module
  • El Primero 8808 caliber

2012 sees Zenith collaborate with the aviation industry with their Pilot collection. The Pilot Big Date Special wins that year’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.