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There are many signs of class and status available in the world. Some like fast cars, other’s fine clothes, while yet other’s believe that subtlety is key. Whatever an individual’s opinion on the matter, every single person can agree that a fine watch is something to be admired, enjoyed, and viewed appropriately. One such watch brand that will attract the eye of any casual admirer is Tudor, the little brother to the exceptionally well known Rolex watch company, one of the world’s premium and potentially most recognisable watch brands.

Founded on Marth 6th, 1946, Tudor have operated under the premise of being a brand that authorised Rolex dealers could sell that had the reliability and quality of a Rolex, but at a lower retail price. The idea was to corner a larger spectrum of the watch market, further cementing the hold that Rolex has on the watch production and watch repair industries. Needless to say, it worked well, with Rolex and Tudor both still in production today and being regarded as high end brands.

The Tudor watch brand is and always will be a product of the era of its conception. Developed long before the ostensibly-pretentious word “luxury” was attached to any one wristwatch, the Tudor brand was envisioned to fulfil a purpose: a dependable and accurate solution for those who wanted functionality over aesthetic.

Looking at the success of the Tudor watch brand, it is undeniable that the original concept has been successful. In 1952, when the British ministry sent a group of their scientists to Northernmost point of Greenland to re-establish the British interest in the poles, thirty Tudor wristwatches went with them. Later, in the 60s, when the US military needed a watch capable of diving to extreme pressures while maintain perfect accuracy, they settled on the Tudor Submarine. So did the French Marine Nationale, the Argentinian Navy, and the special forces of South Africa. When groups whose life rely on the dependability and capability of your watches choose them to use in daily operations, you know you have crafted a success.

We Are The Experts In Tudor Watch Repair

We have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with Tudor watch repairs, so you can rest assured that your Tudor watch is in the hand of verified watch repair experts. Upon being returned to you, your Tudor watch will look good as new and work as if it were just out the factory. Every Tudor watch repair that we undertake gets the same 5-star investment of care and dedication that has become synonymous with the name Repairs By Post.

As horology specialists, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to repair your Tudor timepiece, no matter if it simply requires a battery replacement or complete restoration. Contact us today for all your Tudor watch repairs. If your TAG is in Manchester, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, it does not matter as you send your TAG watch repair through the post and we send it back to your desired location. The process could not be simpler, saving you time and effort that you would otherwise needlessly waste.

In order to ensure the optimal performance of your Tudor wristwatch, regular maintenance and watch servicing is a must. Our skilled watchmakers at Repairs By Post use the experience and technical aptitude that they have developed and honed over time to undertake any kind of watch repair or watch service that may be required of them. No repair is too big a task, so send your Tudor in for a Tudor watch repair using our convenient and quick online service. Our range of Tudor repair services ranged from simple buffing to complete Tudor watch repair service.



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Thanks to the fact that we have no physical storefront – or “brick and mortar” store as the modern parlance would use – to pay for, we are able to offer exceptionally competitive market rates for any watch repair or watch service that you may decide to undertake with us. On top of this, the convenience of a postal service means that you could walk as little as to the end of your road to begin the process of your Tudor watch repair.

Simply get in touch via our contact forms and one of our expert horologists will be in touch to discuss the nature of your Tudor watch repair need. They will be able to identify the general area of concern if you are unable to, and will be able to quote a price for the service there and then. There are no smoke and mirrors with the process when you deal with us; simply get in touch to begin the process and the rest will follow on naturally.

If your Tudor watch requires specialist parts, we can source these for you and are passionate about restoring your time piece to full working order. We can diagnose the smallest of problems and use our skills to repair your watch accordingly.

“We understand and appreciate how connected our customers are to their watches, including their vintage watches and so we do our very best to repair them within their budgets and time scales. It can, at times, be very emotional- but it’s why I love what I do!” Jonathan Goldstone, Founder and Owner of Repairs By Post

We Offer Vintage Tudor Watch Repair

Do you own a Tudor vintage watch? We specialise in vintage watch restoration for all brands, and as such can resurrect a beloved heirloom timepiece that is no longer functional. In the words of one of our expert watch repairers:

“We understand and appreciate how connected our customers are to their watches, including their vintage watches and so we do our very best to repair them within their budgets and time scales. It can, at times, be very emotional- but it’s why I love what I do!” Jonathan Goldstone, Founder and Owner of Repairs By Post

It doesn’t matter if your watch is brand new, or decades old, we will do all we can in our power to mend your timepiece. We specialise is all watches, not just TAG watch repair;  from luxury to brands to fashion. We offer watch repairs on brands such as RolexCartierOmega, Tudor, and IWC.

The Timeline Of The Tudor Watch

1905 – Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis found Wilsdorf & Davis in London. This will eventually become Rolex SA.

1946 – After much consideration and research on alternate brands, Wilsdorf founds the new watch brand “Tudor”.

1952 – Tudor launch their now-famous Oyster Prince, the line that would become ubiquitous with the Tudor brand name through the 20th century.

1954 – The launch of another Tudor icon, their dive watches. Launched in this year with the reference 7923, this was the first of a line that would set the bar for Tudor quality and reliability.

1968 – This year saw the first appearance of a motif that is not synonymous with the Tudor watches, and one of the most common areas on concern when it comes to Tudor watch repairs by their owners. This is, of course, the legendary Snowflake hour hand.

1970 – The advent of the so called “Quartz crisis”, which saw the introduction of quartz-based timing systems for watches. This threw the mechanical watch industry into upheaval. Tudor continue to produce mechanical watches, but do so at a lower rate and with far more stripped back designs.

2010 – The release of the Heritage Chronograph. Tudor usher in a new era in their watchmaking history, blending it’s right heritage with modern technology to produce watches that meet modern technical standards while still appealing to the clientele that love the watches that made the Tudor brand so distinctive for over half a century.



  • Bracelet removal
  • Case opening
  • Diagnosis of movement
  • Check the working of the movement on testing devices
  • Check the functions of the movement (time setting and pushers tests: Start/Stop/Reset)
  • Functions and visual inspection


  • Complete case dismantling (bezel, crystal, pushers)
  • Case and bracelet cleaning
  • All gaskets replaced


  • Tudor watch battery replacement for quartz movement
  • During Tudor watch servicing, your watch will undergo cleaning and lubricating of the escapement and of the balance for mechanical movements
  • Precision control of the movement
  • Complete reassembly of the case
  • Case closing and locking of the case back


  • Water-resistance according to model specifications
  • Hour and date setting
  • Final check of the movement and all functions
  • Bracelet refitting with replacement of spring bars
  • Check and adjustment of the clasp
  • Final inspection
  • Packing and dispatching your watch

How To Keep Your Tudor Watch Away From A Watch Repair

All Tudor watch owners are careful with their timepieces, but accidents do happen. There are ways to mitigate or react that reduce or prevent damage that can cause the need for a Tudor watch repair or Tudor watch service, which are as follows:

  • Keep away from extreme temperatures. While these watches are designed to be hardy, there’s not point unnecessarily testing them. Sharp changes in temperature can cause condensation underneath the crystal, so try and avoid this.
  • Keep out of the sunlight. Much like it can to redheads, this can cause damage to a Tudor watch.
  • Avoid chemicals. Chemical products may corrode the water resistant gaskets and damage the aesthetic of your timepiece.
  • Sand and other particulate matter. Sand in particular has minerals which can scratch the sapphire crystal or steel bracelet of your Tudor watch, while other small particulate matter can find its way into the movement and disrupt the inner workings of the watch.
  • Avoid water. If you’re going to be near water, ensure the crown is fully pushed in and avoid the leather strap touching water as this may damage it. We offer Tudor watch strap replacementshould damage occur. We can offer Tudor crown replacement if there is any damaged sustained.
  • Gentle cleans. If you have any doubts about the water-resistance of your watch, simply clean it with a soft brush.