It is advised that you have your Tissot timepiece serviced every few years to keep it in the best condition.  Over time you may need to send your watch away for a Tissot replacement watch strap or battery replacement. Call a member of our watch repairs team today for more details.


Tissot recommends for maximum performance of your timepiece that users wind their watches before they reach the end of their power reserve.

It is also advised that you do not deliberately shake a self-winding watch in order to wind it. This movement will be ineffective and could potentially damage your watch.

If your mechanical watches have manual winding – it may need to be wound daily. This process will give your watch enough sufficient power to function properly. If you are manually winding your watch you must do this by turning the crown clockwise as far as it will go. This must be done gently, therefore it is advised not to force it when it reaches this point. By putting too much pressure on your timepiece you may be damaging the movement. At Repairs By Post we provide Tissot watch repair which will have your watch back up and running in no time at all.

If you are the owner of a self-winding mechanical watch, it will have an additional mechanism which will allow it to be automatically wound through the natural movement of the wrist.

If your watch has stopped or not worn for several days, this may mean it must be rewound using the crown. This will ensure the watch continues to function during periods of low activity (e.g. when sleeping).

It is advised that 20 turns of the crown are essential to provide your watch with plenty of energy. Keep in mind that the power reserve of a self-winding mechanical watch can vary depending on the movement of its wearer’s wrist.


If you are cleaning any type of watch, care should be taken. Tissot metal and rubber bracelets and water resistant cases can be cleaned using a toothbrush. The process for cleaning a Tissot watch is fairly simple and the Tissot official website recommends using a little bit of soapy water and drying with a soft cloth.

A Tissot watch should always be cleaned after contact with seawater. In this case, you should always rinse your Tissot watch with fresh water. Like every watch brand, in order to keep your Tissot watch in pristine condition, it is recommended to avoid chemicals and cosmetics. Make sure that when you are wearing your Tissot watch that you are avoiding contact with solvents, detergents, fragrances and cosmetics.


A Tissot timepiece must be maintained. If you need to change the time on your watch it is advised to avoid manually changing the during the times of 10pm and 2am. This could interfere with the setting of your watch as this is when the date is automatically due to change.

Sending your watch to Repairs By Post is easy. If your Tissot watch requires watch servicing give us a call today and we estimate how long this process will take.

  • Free and Secure Postage – Sending your watch away for repair does not have to be difficult and it can be just as easy as taking your watch to your nearest post office. Send your items to us using Royal Mail. This service will be tracked and our return service is included.
  • Track Your Watch Repair – See how we are getting on… As part of our service, you can track your watch repair in the account section of our website.
  • We repair – Leave the difficult bit to us and we will get your watch repair back to you as soon as possible. With our watch service, there is no need for collection, once repaired; we return your watch or jewellery to you.
  • Unbeatable Prices – We pride ourselves on our customer quality and care. Find a better price on Tissot repair or servicing, please let us know as we will match or beat any written quotation.

Our watch repair team would be happy to help with any of your enquiries, for more information about watch servicing, contact us today for more information.


The battery life of a Tissot watch is between two and five years, this is the average for most watch brands. This is variable depending on the type of watch and the amount of energy required by its various functions. It is always advised to send your watch away for a Tissot Service.

The great thing about this brand is that there are no guessing games when it comes to battery life. Tissot watches have a battery EOL indicator which stands for “End of Life”. This means that when the second hand begins to jump in four-second intervals, it is time for your watch to be sent away for watch maintenance. At Repairs By Post we provide Tissot battery replacement.


Once you watch reaches the time to have its battery replaced it is telling you that it needs to be sent away for watch repair. Your watch should be sent for maintenance as soon as possible as it will avoid the risk of any leakage. This could damage the movement of you watch and that is why we recommend not leaving a completely discharged battery in your watch.

Make sure Tissot battery replacement is carried out by a professional watch repair service. At Repairs By Post we have been recommended by hundreds of customers and guarantee that your repair will be completed to a high quality standard in a reasonable amount of time.


Timepieces are fragile pieces of jewellery which can be damaged if they are exposed to extreme conditions. If your watch undergoes violent impact, Repairs By Post recommend that your watch is checked by a member of our watch specialist team.

Watches can also be sensitive to thermal impacts, therefore it is advised that when wearing your Tissot watch that you avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures that are above 60°C or below 0°C.

If your watch is exposed to a sudden change in temperature, for example, a sauna or diving into cold water after exposure to the sun it could damage the movement of your watch.


Water resistance is added to protect your watch, however, it may wear of over time, therefore you should always be careful with your water resistant time piece. To keep your watch safe in water DO NOT use pushers while you are still emerged in water.

If you watch is certified as water resistant, to avoid water penetration that could result in a break in the mechanics of your watch, it is essential that you do not to use pushers when the watch is in contact with water.

There is one exception to this rule. If you own the Tissot Sea-Touch model. This model is specifically designed to be used underwater.


At Repairs By Post, we can replace the straps of multiple watch brands including Tissot watch straps. Leather watch straps can be maintained by avoiding contact with water or sweat.


This is one watch brand with time on their side. Tissot was founded mid-nineteenth century in a small town in Le Locle. Tissot was born in the heart of Swiss watchmaking and has created a rich and fascinating history.

This brand was founded on July 1st, 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot. Tissot was originally the fitter of gold cases, in a company founded by comptoir Ch. Félicien Tissot & Fils, with his son Charles-Emile Tissot who was a watchmaker.

During this period of time, Tissot worked as a comptoir d’établissage. This consisted of a network of independent workers who were highly specialised in watch design. The wrist watch had not taken centre stage at this point and Tissot timepieces were sold as pocket watches, luxurious pendant watches and complication watches.

These watches were made in Switzerland and then shipped to be distributed in the United States. The US was Tissot’s first market and then it was followed by Russia who then became the main outlet for the brand.

Throughout the years Tissot has been a pioneer in elements of this sector and have created some very iconic models which were leaders in innovation at their peak:



In 1930 Tissot created the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch, breaking the boundaries of the watch making industry.

This same year Tissot and Omega merged to form the first Swiss watchmaking association, the SSIH (Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère).


The brand became a limited company which was soon to take on the world’s biggest watch brands.



Tissot truly became a watch making pioneer when it created the world’s first self-winding wristwatch with 24 time zones displayed without manipulation.



This was the year Tissot created Particularly Robust (PR) with world’s first registered bracelet with holes.



Tissot was the creator of the world’s first plastic mechanical watch. The plastic mechanical watch solved the recurring problem of oil, as it is equipped with the “Sytal” system (Tissot auto-lubrication system).



Going in a different direction of innovation, Tissot created the world’s first wristwatch with a case made entirely of natural stone (granite and other stones).



Tissot created the ultimate hybrid in 1986 with a watch that had analogue and digital time with seven functions operated via a single crown. This was the very first of its kind proving that Tissot was continually challenging their competitors in the watch design industry.


The group called SMH (Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd.) becomes The Swatch Group in. From 1996, the management of Tissot is entrusted to François Thiébaud.



This watch did exactly what it said in its title. The Tissot Woodwatch has a case made of wood.



Tissot was one of the first brands to create a Swiss tactile watch with new instrumental functions (compass, altimeter, barometer, temperature…).



Over the past few years’ solar power has taken the watch industry by storm and Tissot have helped lead in this movement. While many watch brands are only now launching their solar powered pieces, Tissot created the world’s first tactile watch powered by solar energy back in 2014.


If you are considering buying a Tissot watch or sending your watch away for Tissot Repair you are investing into one of the most recognised watch brands in the world. Famous for their plus sign logo, it symbolises the Swiss quality and reliability a Tissot watch possesses.

The brand has shown their expertise in the industry since 1853. Famous around the world for being a high quality watch maker with years of experience behind them, Tissot have sold their watches in more than 160 countries.

A Tissot watch will be a great edition to your wrist wear collection as they are an authentic, accessible and brand who uses only the finest watch making materials. A Tissot watch is an excellent choice for a watch lover as their advanced functionalities and meticulous design is something less prestigious brands cannot compete with.

The Tissot brand have partnered as Official Timekeeper and Partner of many different sporting events and to name just a few they have partnered with: basketball with the NBA, FIBA and CBA, cycling with the Tour de France and the UCI World Cycling Championships, the MotoGP., the FIM World Superbike Championship and rugby Nations Championship.