Seiko Watch Repairs and Services


A Seiko watch is designed to deliver precise and reliable service over a number of years. Like any other watch brand, a Seiko watch is a sensitive precision instrument, that should be sent away for a Seiko watch service. We offer a full service Seiko Watch Repair that can be completed in no time at all.

Make sure that your watch is sent away for periodic servicing to ensure that it functions perfectly. The frequency of such work is dependent on the owner’s individual care of the watch, but in general, we recommend having your watch serviced about every three years at Repairs By Post.


A number of things can affect the way your Seiko watch works, this is why it is important to have it serviced regularly. It is normal to have your watch serviced every 3-5 years as it may need work maintenance or perhaps a Seiko watch battery replacement.

If your watch is damaged it will need to be sent to a watch specialist to be looked at. There are a few things you should look out for with regards to watch damage.


A strong shock such as dropping your time piece on a hard surface could damage the balance of your watch and it is advised that if your watch starts to behave uncharacteristically to have it seen by a Seiko watch repairs service.

Water resistance

It is advised by the Seiko official watch brand that you should not put your water resistant Seiko watch in water while the crown is pulled out. Similarly, do not turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet.

If you own a water resistant Seiko watch, it is recommended that you avoid placing it directly under running water from taps. It will not be the water itself that damages the time piece but it will be the water pressure from running taps is sufficient to result in moisture penetration inside the watch.

Keep in mind that the water resistance of a watch is not permanently guaranteed. It is affected by the ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to an accidental shock. We recommend that you have the water resistance of the watch checked regularly to ensure its functionality.

After using a water resistant watch in sea water, wash it in fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth.


Sending your Seiko watch repair  to Repairs by Post is quick and easy. We make sure that our customers are involved in all of the stages below. We make sure that all of our customers get their timepiece back in working order as soon as possible. We can complete anything from a Seiko service to watch strap replacement.

  • Free and Secure Postage – Sending your watch away for repair does not have to be difficult and it can be just as easy as taking your watch to your nearest post office. Send your items to us using Royal Mail. This service will be tracked and our return service is included.
  • Track Your Seiko Watch Repair – See how we are getting on… As part of our service, you can track your Seiko watch repair in the account section of our website.
  • We repair – Leave the difficult bit to us and we will get your Seiko watch repair back to you as soon as possible. With our watch service, there is no need for collection, once repaired; we return your watch or jewellery to you.
  • Unbeatable Prices – We pride ourselves on our customer quality and care. Find a better price on Balmain repair or servicing, please let us know as we will match or beat any written quotation.


Our watch repair team would be happy to help with any of your enquires, for more information about watch servicing, contact us today for more information.


It is not uncommon for stainless steel bands to develop rust due to some corrosion or perspiration that may accumulate between the band’s segments.

Cleaning method

Rust can be avoided by wiping off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft cloth when necessary. Stainless steel watches can be washed easily, simply apply neutral detergent with a small amount of water. If there is a heavy stain on your watch, use a tooth brush which will remove the. It is recommended that after washing, to wipe the gaps of the band segments with a towel and dry the entire watch thoroughly.


A leather band is more susceptible to discoloration and deterioration from moisture, sweat, and direct sunlight than metal bands / bracelets. Leather straps may tear or strap colours fade

Avoid wearing a watch with a leather band while bathing, swimming and working with water even if the watch itself is water-resistant. In addition, take care when wearing a watch with a light-coloured band, as stains will be more visible.

Cleaning method

It is advised that you wipe off any moisture or sweat from your leather band as soon as possible by gently rubbing it with a soft dry cloth. Do not expose your watch to sunlight for extended periods as this could affect the colour of the watch. If you are looking to replace your Seiko watch strap, At Repairs By Post we can provide and fit Seiko parts.


Magnetism can affect you watch by changing the time to ahead of schedule or behind. It is recommended by the brand not to leave your Seiko timepiece close to magnetic objects for a long period.

  • Mobile Phones
  • Television
  • PC Speakers
  • Magnetic Necklaces
  • Handbag Clasps
  • Hair-Driers
  • Electric Razors
  • Magnetic Parts of Fridges


All of the items above are magnetic and may affect your watch’s balance.  It is advised that since an affected watch will remain magnetically charged after being removed or taken away from the magnetic source, that you have a watch specialist look at your timepiece to have it.


“Never look back, look forward, step forward even if only half a step at a time, knowing how to be flexible in order to accept changes, be sincere”

Kintaro HATTORI – Founder of Seiko

Since it was founded in 1881, Seiko Corporation has always maintained their reputation for accuracy, consistency, and excellence. Over the years Seiko has advanced with technology and have always kept on top of market trends.

Seiko UK Limited is the wholly-owned UK subsidiary of the Seiko Watch Corporation of Tokyo, Japan.  The brand has operated from the Maidenhead since 1985 and their brands include Seiko, Pulsar and Lorus watches and Seiko & Lorus Clocks. Seiko UK Limited is the UK distributor for Ted Baker and Kenneth Cole Watches.

Seiko also creates electronic reference products such as dictionaries, spellcheckers, and thesauruses. The brand has a varied range of consumer products which include Seiko guitar tuners and metronomes.


Seiko has a very proud history and one of the most documented in the whole of the watch world. Seiko has been the time keepers of world famous sporting events from athletics to tennis. Seiko has also sponsored multiple Olympic games.

With such a rich history Seiko deserves to have a time line that displays just some of their biggest achievements up until this date.


Let’s go back to 1881 when The story of Seiko began. The brand was started by a 22-year-old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, who opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. It was only eleven years later, in 1892 when he started to develop the ‘Seikosha’ brand.


The brand continued to grow throughout the 1890’s, and it was the success of Seikosha’s wall clock that the business kept flooding in.  Kintaro, the founder of the brand wanted to expand and looked to broaden the range of his business.

It was in 1895 that he created a pocket watch called the Timekeeper. This was a significant move for the brand and the step they needed to take to keep their business relevant in the 1900s.  Without this move, the future of Seiko would have been very different as it paved the way for Japan’s first ever wrist watch.


This was the beginning of the Taisho Era, and pocket watches were still very much in demand. At this time there were only a few wristwatches imported to Japan. This is when Kintaro determined that the market was changing and wanted to be ‘one step ahead’ of his watch making competition.

This is when the founder created Japan’s first ever wristwatch. In 1913, he succeeded and it was created.

During this time, the company was able to produce only 30 to 50 watches a day, but, for the very first time, Kintaro had established a lead on the rest.


This is when the railway network expanded and Japan National Railways appointed Seiko as its official supplier. Train drivers often made wooden cut-outs on their consoles where the approved pocket watch would sit in line of sight as they drove their trains


The first Grand Seiko model was produced. A small team of Seiko’s most experienced and skilled watchmakers was given the task of making the very best watch of which they were capable.

This special watch, Grand Seiko, was assembled to represent the pinnacle of Seiko’s excellence in mechanical watchmaking. The timepiece was constructed to deliver more accuracy, legibility, and durability than any other watch.


Seiko creates stop watches for the Tokyo Olympics. 1278 stop watches were created in total.


In 1969 this was the year that Seiko created the world’s first automatic chronograph with a ‘magic lever’. This Seiko timepiece had a column wheel and vertical clutch and at the time it was a one of a kind design.


This is the year technology took over and a fully-electronic watch was created that had the world’s first six-digit liquid-crystal display to indicate the time.

This watch was capable of continuously displaying the hour, minutes and seconds on a field-effect liquid crystal display. At the time this was a ground-breaking achievement within the watchmaking industry and it attracted wide attention when it was first marketed in October 1973.


Seiko was staring to create a record of innovative achievements and after seven years of research, the “Professional Diver’s 600m” was born.

This was the world’s first diver’s watch which was made with a titanium case. This watch was intact with a gasket that was resistant to helium and managed to work at great depths than ever before.


The year of the 25th Olympics in Barcelona Spain. Seiko was proud to be selected to time the Olympic Games in Europe for the first time. A team of over 300 engineers and timing specialists served the event.


Seiko introduced THERMIC that generates power using the difference of the temperature between the wrist and the atmosphere. It has a power reserve of 10 months after a full charge.


The Spring Drive SNR005 model won “Watch of the year” from


Seiko won the Design award of Watch Time magazine (USA)


The Spring Drive Chronograph was created and it had the ability to measure elapsed time exactly. This timepiece redefined the accuracy of the spring-driven chronograph by offering one-second-a-day precision.


Seiko won the Golden Wheel Award of Uhren Magazine (Germany)


Seiko created a model specifically for a spacewalk. The watch was made and it performed with excellence Both inside and outside the International Space Station. This timepiece won the sports watch award of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.