Panerai Watch Repairs and Services


Panerai are famed for their in-house movements. Their designs have a strong functional identity achieved through the excellence of research and development through the years.

Precision instruments need maintenance and care to ensure they are working at their optimum ability. Repairs by Post offer specialise Panerai Repair to assure just this.

It’s important to preserve the mechanism of these precision pieces by investing in expert repair and maintenance. At Repairs by Post we only employ watchmakers with years of experience and skill to assist you with your Swiss watch repairs.  It’s vital your precious Panerai repair is treated with extreme care. With this undertaken your timepiece will last not just your lifetime, but act as a wonderful heirloom to our loved ones.


We pride our company on being masters of Swiss watch repair and offer dedicated Penaria watch repairs, but also are experts in Hublot watch repair, Rolex watch repairs and Omega watch restoration. We only use branded replacement parts or aftermarket equivalents.

You can send your watch to us for specialist watch polishing, watch cleaning and simple battery replacement knowing your timepiece is in the care of passionate horologist with over 30 years’ industry experience.

It’s this experience that has led to our passion for Panerai watch repair. Due to our commitment to the craft please note we do not fix or restore fake watches or replicas of any description.


We are watch repair professionals and use our knowledge and skill of all things horology to repair your watches conveniently through our online watch repair service.

We know our customers are busier than ever so created our convenient service so we can repair your watch through our unique postal service which does not interfere with your schedule.


  • Send your item for Panerai repair using Special Delivery. We recommend this service for watches over the value of £500.
  • Using Special Delivery, your item will be completely protected.
  • Should you wish to increase the insurance (up to £2500) you can do so at the Post Office for a small charge.
  • Alternatively we will ask you to send the item directly to us, ensuring you have packed it with care. We can even arrange for a courier collection for your Panerai watch repair.


  • We are experts in Swiss watch repair and ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship.
  • Keep track of your Panerai repair using your online account
  • Our postal service is convenient and safe
  • At repairs by Post, our pricing for watch and jewellery repairs is competitive. We will match or beat any written quotation.


It’s highly important your luxury watch is serviced periodically. Failing to do this can lead to the internal mechanism degrading. If left unattended permanent damage can be sustained.  A Panerai watch service restored your time piece to its original working order and increases its lifespan.

Your watch should be serviced every three to five years. The frequency of servicing is dependent on the habits of the individual. Those who wear the watch often and expose he timepiece to a greater deal of “wear and tear” can expect to have their watch serviced more often than an infrequent wearer.

What to Expect During a Panerai Service

  • Our horologist will dismantle the caliber.
  • Each part will be cleaned; any components which are fault will be replaced.
  • The movement will be wound and lubricated. This minimises damaging friction.
  • Next, our horologist will check the rate, functions and autonomy of the timepiece.
  • If you own a quartz model, the battery will be replaced as standard.
  • The case and bracelet will be completely refurbished; the case and metal bracelet will be ultrasonically cleaned and buffed.
  • We replace all the crowns, pushers and gaskets.
  • Once complete the watch will be reassembled under the competent eye of our quality controllers.
  • There will be a final check of the timepiece to ensure it keeps time absolutely precisely, its functions are working correctly and it is fully waterproof.



Choosing to have your watch bracelet replaced or repaired is a great way to increase the longevity of your timepiece. We can offer a Panerai stainless steel watch band replacement and Panerai watch bracelet repair.

To keep your Panerai bracelet tarnish free it’s important to keep it away from chemicals, cosmetics and aftershaves.


A new Panerai leather band can refresh the look of your time piece and bring it back to life. We offer professional Panerai watch bands replacement and Panerai watch straps.

Do not let your Panerai leather band in contact with water; this can damage the functionality and finish of the material. Just like steel, avoid contact with cosmetics and chemicals also.


  • Some people choose to wind their watch when the mechanism stops keeping time; others wind it at the same time each day. Neither method is advantageous; it’s simply down to personal preference.
  • There are no specific numbers of turns that work across all Panerai watches.
  • Wind the crown clockwise until you feel a stopping motion. This indicates the timepiece is fully wound.
  • Do not wind the watch with the lever closed, this wears the seals and diminishes water resistance.
  • Many people avoid winding their watch fully; however this is not detrimental to the mechanism.
  • If you have an automatic Panerai this should keep time through natural movements.
  • You can self-wind an automatic Panerai and you cannot overwind an automatic Panerai timepiece.


If your watch is not keeping time correctly, send it to Repairs by Post for expert opinion and Panerai watch repair. Our master horologists will pin point any faults in the mechanism and restore its function.



Physical shocks can cause damage to your watch. This includes activities such as horse riding, golf and any manual labour. It’s advised you remove your luxury timepiece when undertaking these activities as the impact the delicate mechanism goes under jeopardises its integrity.

Temperature shocks are also damaging for your watch. Watches which are exposed to heat over 60 degrees Celsius tend to run slow. Watches which are exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius tend to run fast.

When not wearing your watch keep it out of direct sunlight and store it in a safe place.


Panerai have never made quartz watches, which can recalibrate with ease within five minutes of being exposed to magnetic fields. However, automatic and mechanical watches may suffer long term damage.

Your timepiece should be kept at least 5cm away from magnetic fields at all times. If you suspect your watch is magenetised send it our specialists for Panerai watch repair

In today’s modern world magnets are everywhere. Some common ones are;

  • TVs
  • Radios
  • Airport security scanners
  • IPads and Tablets

Water Resistance

Water resistance can be tricky to understand. Did you know that a watch that states to be “30m water resistant” does not mean it can withstand being submerged in 30m of water?

This means it can withstand the pressure of 30m of water. Below is a list of Panerai watches water resistance capabilities.

Metres Usage
30 Will withstand splashes or brief emersion in water, but is not suitable for swimming.
50 Suitable for swimming.
100 Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
200 Suitable for snorkeling.
300 Suitable for diving.
1000 Suitable for deep diving.
2500 Suitable for submarine level diving!

Panerai is a luxury Swiss watch brand which manufactures and sells watches through authorised dealers and boutiques throughout the world. The brand has a rich history in the horology world and comes from humble beginnings.



The brand began in Florence in 1860 as a watchmaking school.


Panerai had been supplying the Italian Navy with precision instruments for years and to meet their demands a radium based powder was developed which illuminates the dials of sighting instruments. This was their first of many patents. Of course, the dangers of this product were unknown at the time.


In the years leading to World War Panerai created the “Radiomir” model for the frogmen commandos. The watch featured a water-resistant strap to be worn over a diving suit and luminescent dials. Do ou have an antique watch? We are masters at vintage watch repairs and can restore your antique Panerai safely, ensuring we pay homage to its roots.


Each year the Navy’s requirements become more specific. The watches crafted by Panerai had to withstand longer periods of time under water under more extreme conditions. The model was reinforced to meet the stringent standards.

1943 sees the prototype of the Mare Nostrum model. A watch designed specifically for deck officers. It’s thought that only a few of these watches were ever produced, with just a few photographs as evidence that were discovered in 2005.

This model saw the beginning of the fundamental of Panerai’s designs come to fruition.

In 1949 the radium-based paste was replaced with a self-illuminating substance. Panerai once again patent the compound and the Luminor model is born.


Now the Second World War is over, the brand continues to research which began prior to 1939. This research leads to the Luminor model, which has its crown-protecting bridge at the forefront of its design. If you notice condensation under the glass of your watch, water me have been infiltrated. Send it immediately for watch repair.

1956s sees a watch developed for the Egyptian Navy, which became famed for its size and strength. The Egiziano watch was highly water resistant and has the same crown-protecting bridge patent the Luminor watch was equipped with.


The brand continues to supply the Italian Navy for many years. After the death of Giuseppe Panerai the management of the business is passed to Dino Zei.


Panerai launch their first collection available to the public in 1993.

  • Luminor
  • Luminor Marina
  • Mare Nostrum

These models take inspiration from the historic research of the watches worn during the war.  These models become highly popular amongst collectors and horology enthusiasts.

In the late 90s the Richemont Group purchases Panerai and the brand debuts in the fine watch market. The Mare Nostrum is re-launched with a narrower bezel and screw down case back and motion-work outside the hour circle.


Panerai open their Manufacture in Switzerland allowing the brand to continue to innovate in exclusive design and technical knowhow.

The brand launches their first in-house movement in 2005. The P 2002 is a hand wound caliber with GMT function and 8 day power reserve.

Over the next two years, three more calibres are launched in-house. The P.2003, 2004 and 2005. Unlike traditional tourbillons in which the cage completes one rotation per minute, the cage of the Officine Panerai tourbillon completes one rotation in 30 seconds.

More in-house calibres are created in 2008. The P. 9000 enjoys a 72 hour power reserve developed from the Luminor and Radiomir models. The P.2006 movement is an evolution of the P.2004 movement.


To commemorate the 400th anniversary Panerai launched a model in homage to Galileo Galilei. The Jupiterium model has a perpetual calendar and the positions in the celestial sphere of the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter with the so-called Galilean Moons.

In 2011 the Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo model is showcased. A watch which develops an aged look over time. In this year we also see the P.3000 calibre launch.

2012 sees the Radiomir 1940 models repurposed with Plexiglas to protect the dial. Plexiglass is yet another patent owned by the brand.

Development at the Panerai Manufacture continues and 2013 sees the P.9100 calibre, their first automatic movement with chronograph flyback. Their 2013 collection also showcases the Radiomir 1940 case in a new range of submersible watches.


Today Panerai works from their new Manufacture in Pierre-a-Bot in Switzerland. Using their knowledge of beautiful Italian aesthetics and Swiss watch luxury know-how the brand continues to dominate the world of horology.