Mondaine Watch Repairs and Services


Mondaine’s trademark design is based on the classic Swiss railway clock aesthetic; the movement is unlike any other watch on the market as the second hand takes 58 seconds to rotate 360 degrees around the dial rather than the typical 60. This gives the hands the opportunity to come to a complete stop for two seconds at the 12 o’clock mark. This design gives Mondaine one of the most recognisable watch faces in today’s watch brand market. Here at repairs by Post we are specialist in Swiss watch repair and offer Mondaine repairs through our easy-to-use and convenient watch repair online service.

Mondaine cleverly uses imported components to maintain low prices for buyers. The watches are permitted to carry the label “Swiss Made” under a 1971 Swiss law that only requires that just over 50% of the components be of Swiss origin. We can source Mondaine replacement parts or use aftermarket equivalents.

We don’t just specialise in Mondaine watch repairs, but offer repair, refurbishment and restoration on all Swiss brands, luxury and fashion watches. Our master horologists offer Hublot watch repair, repairs and vintage watch repair.


Each watch that comes to our workshop for Mondaine watch repair is given unique care and expert attention, our passion to the industry ensures you have peace of mind that your timepiece is being carefully looked after when under our care. Thanks to our extensive 30 years’ experience in the watch making market we are able to pour our skillful knowledge into your Mondaine repairs. No matter how big or small the job is, whether a simple Mondaine battery replacement or your watch is sent to our Mondaine service centre for a complete overhaul we will deal with your needs expertly.

Please note, we take our work very seriously here at Repairs by Post do not deal with fake or counterfeit watches of any kind, to find out more please read our blog post discussing the truth behind the fake watch market.


  • Send your item for Mondaine repair directly using Special Delivery or request our free and secure Licensed Special Delivery pack. Your item is safe and protected.
  • Using Special Delivery, your item will be protected. There are various ways you can send us your items, depending on the value of your item and what is easiest for you.
  • Should your item be more please request a secure Royal Mail Special Delivery postal pack! This envelope is already insured for up to £500 at no cost.
  • Should you wish to increase the insurance (up to £10,000) you can do so at the Post Office for a small charge.
  • Alternatively, we will ask you to send the item directly to us, ensuring you have packed it with care. We can arrange for a courier collection.


  • We are experts in restoring vintage watches and Swiss watch repair.
  • During your Mondaine repair we keep you up to date with the progress of your timepiece
  • Once repaired; we safely and swiftly return your item to you using our online service, we are a trusted source for watch and jewellery repairs online.
  • We will match or beat any written quotation.


Having your watch strap repaired or replaced is a great way to avoid replacing your beloved timepiece.

We can help you’re with your:

  • Mondaine watch strap
  • Mondaine leather strap
  • Mondaine watch strap 12mm
  • Mondaine mesh strap
  • Mondaine bracelet repair/replacement


When you notice a fault with your watch it’s important you send it for replacement as soon as possible, our online service means you do not have to spend time visiting a retail store and instead can post your item to us for inspection and repair without disrupting your routine. Failing to get your watch attended to immediately can lead to long term damage which is more difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remedy.

We are extremely skilled in what we do and undertake a plethora of repairs in our workshop and offer:

  • Mondaine dial restoration
  • Mondaine watch polishing
  • Mondaine watch cleaning
  • Mondaine bracelet strap replacement
  • Mondaine watch battery replacement
  • Mondaine replacement parts


Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order for it to work perfectly and last a long time. As a general rule, Mondaine recommend to send your timepiece to a Mondaine service centre between 3 and 4 years, depending on the use of the watch. However, this may differ depending on the user’s lifestyle, climate and activity level.


  • Our horologist will examine every aspect of the timepiece to pinpoint any areas that require replacement or Mondaine watch repair.
  • The inner components will be specially lubricated in order to minimise friction. Friction causes premature erosion to the intricate internal workings of your timepiece.
  • Clean all parts in specialist chemical baths using automated cleaning machines
  • If your watch has a Quartz mechanism we will change the battery. You will need Mondaine battery replacement every two or three years, but this will be done as standard during a service.
  • De-magnetise and regulate and check the timing of the movement to brand standards using specialist timing equipment.
  • The strap will undergo with specialist watch cleaning and examination of wear and tear, any parts that are damaged will be refurbished or be replaced.
  • The mechanism is carefully reassembled and reattached to your watch strap with every seal replaced.
  • The timepiece will be methodically tested one last time to ensure it’s keeping time accurately
  • The watch will be checked one last time to ensure it’s still absolutely water tight.



A battery life varies usually from two to three years depending on the type of the watch. Some Mondaine watches feature a power preserve indicator: Once the second hands starts moving in 4-seconds intervals, it is time to have watch battery replacement by our expert watch menders. When you notice this, have a replacement battery placed immediately as failing to do this might lead to the dead cells damaging the mechanism.  We use only Swiss quality batteries to ensure your watch is fully protected.


Mondaine watches are water resistant to 30 or 100 metres as indicated on the case back. The water resistance rating of a watch does not take into account the ability of the watch to stay water resistant as it ages. During your Mondaine service your watch will be checked for water resistance, if your watch is sent for Mondaine battery replacement we will re-seal your watch professionally during this time. It’s advised that you never open the watch case by yourself.

Ensure you watch remains water-resistant by avoiding shocks to the crown or pusher, natural wear and tear of the gaskets may also deplete the water-resistance of your watch. If your watch is severely damaged we offer expert watch refurbishment.



The accuracy of the watch depends on the movement and on the individual habits of the wearer and can therefore vary. The average precision tolerances are 30 seconds per day.


External influences may affect the precision of quartz movements, which can lead to variations of between -0.5 and +0.7 seconds per day.


Repairs by Post can also offer a mechanical to quartz conversion. We can restore your vintage and antique Mondaine watches, if your watch is worn beyond repair, a watch conversion might be just be the solution.

  • Our expert horologist carefully removes the hands and dial from the mechanical movement.
  • We then put movement in a sealed box which is then returned to you.
  • Next, we choose appropriate quartz movement to be fitted in the watch.
  • We match day/date window if possible – or select day/date to be shown permanently
  • Then we position new movement securely in watch case using new/modified spacers.
  • Next we fit the original winding crown/hands (or nearest equivalent if not possible).
  • Finally, we fit back of watch and then test for water resistance.


This conversion process will reduce the value of a mechanical watch, but will allow the user years of pleasure in place of a non-working watch which can only reside in a bedside drawer.


Unnecessary shocks and vibrations might cause premature damage to your watch or Mondaine bracelet. This might also affect its water resistance if constantly experiencing shocks as gaskets and seals can be weakened. During events such as sport and manual labour it’s advised you remove your watch as a precaution.

Temperature shocks are also hazardous for your watch to undergo. Do not let your watch be exposed to heat over 60 degrees Celsius or below 10 degrees Celsius as this may cause damage the internal intricacies; keep your watch in a cool dark place such as a drawer when not being worn and out of direct sunlight when not being worn.


When wearing Mondaine watch always ensure that the crown, which is used to change the hands/date, is properly pushed in and/or screwed at all times.

Failing to do this might lead to dust and water entering the mechanism and damaging the timepiece. If this occurs, send it to our Mondaine service centre for repair.


Mondaine was launched in 1951 and today the company is still managed by the simple design, the unmistakable easy-to-read face, distinctive hands and the famous red seconds hand have made Mondaine timepieces uniquely recognized the world over. Ingenuity and simplicity are the combined elements that distinguish and define a truly iconic design classic.


In 1971 the brand were able to carry the title “Swiss made” as the watch components were over 50% Swiss.


The brand launched their iconic watch based on the Official Swiss Railway Clock in 1986, and two years later launch a delicate ladies’ version to ensure the brand appeals to a wide market.


A four metre Mondaine clock is created in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city’s rail station.


The brand creates the Evo Watch in 2001, a timepiece which has a domed mineral crystal which magnifies the watch face. In 2001 the Company stopped making the iconic watches featuring the two-second pause movement, but in 2013 the model was redesigned in a new format named “Stop2Go”

In 2005 Mondaine launch a self-powered illuminating watch that maintains its glow for years. We offer watch dial restoration and can restore dials which have lost their illuminating abilities.

For the brands 20th anniversary in 2006 Mondaine created a special limited edition collection of their signature design, the watch came in a special magnetic presentation case.


During 2012 the brand created a vintage inspired hand-wound watch with a transparent case, perfect for collectors.

Also in this year, technology giants, Apple paid 22.5 million Swiss Francs to Mondaine to license the design for use in the iPad clock. Mondaine initially threatened to sue because Apple’s iPad clock design too closely resembled their signature design, first created in 1944 by Hans Hilfiker which is now licensed to Mondaine.

In 2013 the brand re-launched their signature two-second-pause complication in their Stop2Go collection.


  • Movement; MONDAINE stop2go cal. 58-02
  • Quartz movement
  • 00mm case
  • Stainless steel brushed case
  • Regular gasket crown
  • Sapphire anti-reflective coated crystal
  • Water resistance to 30metres
  • Strap/Bracelet material Genuine Leather strap


In 2014 Mondaine launched their hugely successful Helvetica No.1  based on the popular font, the premise behind this design was a simple aesthetic with hidden quirks and style, just like the typeface.

Unlike some Swiss watch brands, Mondaine have not shunned the technical age and in 2015 launched the first ever Mondaine smart watch, it offers;

  • Fitness tracking
  • Get active alerts
  • Sleep cycle alarms


Mondaine’s latest technological advance is their 2016 PayChip. This timepiece further blurs the lines between horology and the modern world seamlessly. This watch is designed to offer convenient payment for modern timepiece fans.