IWC have a rich history in the art of horology. Our watch repairs team are delighted to offer our customers, specialist IWC watch repairs and servicing. Enjoy the convenience and speed of our postal watch repair service, all of which is backed by over 30 years of industry experience in repairing high value watches and jewellery.

Sending your IWC watch to us is easy and safe, thanks to our secure postal pack. Our shipping methods include a range of insurance levels, allowing you to scale your postal insurance to match the value of your watch. Making sure you enjoy peace of mind throughout the entire watch repair process.


At Repairs By Post, we only employ experts that have the skills to carry out watch repair servicing. IWC watch repair needs the exacting precision of a master horologist who specialises in this type of maintenance.

Our watch menders can distinguish the smallest errors which may be making your timepiece run less efficiently than usual.

Vintages watches, in particular, are very special as watch owners often have an emotional attachment to their timepieces. Any type of watch can be passed down as an heirloom as the can often last for decades depending on how they are cared for.

Do you own a vintage IWC watch? If so, you might need a vintage watch restoration  carried out on to your time piece. At Repairs By Post, your vintage watch repair will be completed by an expert. Our experienced horologists love looking after delicate timepieces with huge amounts of history, therefore we would be honoured to take a look at your IWC watch.


If you send your watch to our business, we will be able to give your timepiece an expert IWC watch service. During a service, a member of our watch repair team will be able to replace IWC watch parts or details that needs to be fixed on your timepiece.

Our watch menders will be able to look at the inner mechanisms of your time piece and will lubricate it in order to reduce friction that may lead your watch to excess wear. This is just the first step of an in-depth IWC service.

The balance wheel will be tested expertly to ensure it’s perfectly precise and keeping time as it should.

Your watch strap will then have a specialist cleaning from one of our watch servicing team. Any parts that have experienced wear and tear can then be highlighted and refurbished or be replaced.

Lastly, the pieces of the mechanism will then be carefully put back together and the watch strap will be reattached.

Before your timepiece is sent back to you in working order it will be methodically tested one last time. This will ensure that if your watch is water resistant that it is still absolutely waterproof and accurate. Our repairs team pride is delighted that we are now offering IWC repair and serving across the whole of the UK.


If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call a member of our watch repairs team. Some of the repairs that we undertake at Repairs By Post on IWC watches are:

  • Hand replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • IWC watch band replacement
  • New glass
  • Bezel and bracelet refurbishment
  • IWC mechanical service
  • Replacement of an IWC watch battery
  • Replacement of IWC watch parts



Repairs By Post are not only  IWC repair specialists, but deal with all luxury and fashion watches including Cartier, TAG Heuer, Rolex and Omega.

START – Let us know about your repair

SEND –  Send us your time piece safely with secure packaging

WE REPAIR –We undertake your IWC repairs then return the item to you insured with all work fully guaranteed.


If you are sending your IWC watch repair to Repairs by Post, we have a quick and easy system that aims to get your watch back to you in no time at all. We assure all our customers that their watches will be safe in the hands of one of our watch experts.

We aim to give our customers the best service on the market and have their timepiece returned to them in working order as soon as possible. Our watch repairs team can complete anything from a IWC watch service to IWC watch strap replacement.

Free and Secure Postage – Sending your watch away for repair does not have to be difficult and it can be just as easy as taking your watch to your nearest post office. Send your items to us using Royal Mail. This service will be tracked and our return service is included.

Track Your Watch Repair – See how we are getting on. As part of our service, you can track your watch repair in your personal account on our website.

We repair – Leave the difficult bit to us and we will get your watch repair back to you as soon as possible. With our watch service, there is no need for collection, once repaired we return your watch or jewellery to you.

Unbeatable Prices – We pride ourselves on our customer quality and care. Find a better price on IWC repair or servicing, please let us know as we will match or beat any written quotation.

Our watch repair team would be happy to help with any of your inquires, for more information about watch servicing, contact us today for more information.


Make sure that your IWC watches crown, which is used to change the hands/date, is properly pushed in and/or screwed at all times. This is highly important for your timepiece as this will prevent infiltration of water or dust which could lead to internal damage.


Like most timepieces, batteries in IWC watches should last for up to three years. It’s important that when your battery dies you contact the experts at Repairs by Post for watch battery replacement. Did you know that dead battery cells can harm the watch movement if left unattended? Contact a member of our team today for more information about IWC battery replacement.


Make sure you are maintaining your IWC timepiece. When investing in a piece of luxury wristwear ensure that your time piece is continually accurate and in good working order to keep it in best shape.

In order to optimise the performance of your IWC watch, regular upkeep and servicing is necessary. Repairs by Post recommended that your watch is serviced every 3-5 years. Maintenance can vary and will be dependent on the wear and tear your watch undergoes.

Not only is IWC watch repair convenient with our online service, your watch will be in the best hands with a member of our horologist team.


Watches are very sensitive instruments therefore it is important to avoid your watch from being exposed to rapid changes in temperature, both hot and cold.

Certain temperatures and movements can damage your timepiece. If your watch is if exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees it could damage the inside or outside of your watch therefore it is recommended to avoid leaving your watch in high-risk areas such as windows.


Don’t wear your watch during events where it could receive bumps or knocks. This could affect the inner workings of the mechanism and bracelet. Remove your IWC watch and keep it in a safe place before undertaking any sporting activities or heavy physical work.


IWC watches has an important history in the watch making industry. Starting at the very beginning, the foundations of watch making in Schaffhausen were laid by an American, Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868.

ICW thank Jones for beginning the watch movement in Schaffhausen and believe that “his pioneering spirit and innovative approach to engineering, design and the art of making beautiful watches”.

The brand claim that each IWC family represents a different theme. These themes are rich and evocative expressions of the IWC Schaffhausen universe and are the inspiration for their partnerships, events, exclusive brand experiences and unique projects; all of which can be foundation their official website.



  • Pilot’s Watches
  • Portuguese
  • Ingenieur
  • Aquatimer
  • Da Vinci
  • Portofino


We are proud to complete IWC watch repairs. The IWC watch family has a long history to look back on. The IWC watch family is built on the innovation of their engineers in Schaffhausen through four generations and embrace the broad range of the company’s watchmaking expertise.

The IWC family creates robust watches strong enough for everyday use to professional sports watches. Whatever model your watch as our Repairs team would love to have a look at your timepiece.


IWC are a company that takes its economic, social and ecological accountabilities seriously. In the past the brand has worked with Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which works with physically and socially handicapped children and young people who live all over the world.

IWC also supports the Charles Darwin Foundation in its attempt to maintain the flora and fauna on the Galapagos Islands.

This watch brand is also very conscious about the environment and uses green energy, recycles waste heat and ensures that its operations are CO²-neutral.



Florentine A Jones, was a Boston engineer, who moved to Switzerland and built IWC (International Watch Co.) in Schaffhausen.

Using a hydroelectric power plant, he offered consecutive power for the machines and invited a skilled watch maker trained in the traditional watch making skill to join him in Schaffhausen


The first watches that used patented Pallweber stystem were made. This type of watch had digital hour and minute display. IWC became the first brand to do this in the world.


“Magique” was the first pocket watch to feature a cabriolet case and a 24-hour display.


IWC started to produce Calibre 52 pocket watch movement.


IWC produced their first wristwatches


IWC firstly developed calibres for wristwatches, the Calibre 75 and 76.


IWC firstly launched the Mark IX that was specially designed for pilots.


IWC produced large Portuguese wristwatch that was equipped with accurate, reliable pocket watch movement.


IWC launched the waterproof wristwatch (W.W.W) that was the appropriative watch for the British Army.


IWC launched the first automatic movement watch


The birth of automatic Ingenieur wristwatch.


IWC’s first automatic movement for ladies’ wristwatches.


The Aquatimer Automatic was launched that was water-resistant to 200 meters, it was the watch for professional divers.


The first wristwatch that used Beta-21 quartz movement was born, named Da Vinci


For celebrating the 125 anniversary of IWC, it launched 125 pieces of II Destriero Scafusia, the masterpiece featured a tourbillon, split-seconds, minute repeater and perpetual calendar.


IWC designers developed the UTC Pilot’s Watch.


IWC launched a new generation of Aquatimer and new models.


IWC launched the Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde that firstly combined the flying tourbillon and the retrograde function.


IWC launched five new Top Gun watches, a Spitfire Perpectual Calendar Digital Date-Month and a Pilot’s- Watch Worldtimer.


To celebrate the cooperation with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, IWC launched the upgraded Ingenieur.


Two new high-tech Ingenieur watches were released as well as three Aquatimer models.


Today the brand creates for the premium international luxury watch market, with time on their side, IWC has committed years to manufacturing top-quality products in haute horlogerie

Now as one of the most successful watch brands in the world, IWC have over 1100 employees, including 120 eminently qualified watchmakers.

IWC are now a globally recognised watch brand and manufacturer in eastern Switzerland. They have over 900 sales outlets worldwide, including more than 60 IWC boutiques in cities such as New York, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Geneva, Paris and Moscow.

Contact a member of our IWC Repair team today for more information on your watch repair, our helpful team will get your repair on track in no time at all!