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Hublot’s watches are described as the “Art of Fusion” thanks to their watch brand being the first to combine gold and rubber together in a timepiece in 1980 and their continuous innovation since then. These designs incorporate century’s old watch making skill with all the technical know-how to make a successful watch in today’s market.

Each Hublot watch is crafted in Switzerland using their innovative manufacturing process. From a sketch of a product or movement to a virtual 3D model, followed by a working prototype and finally serial production, the entire process requires patience, expertise and a lot of trial and error until it finally reaches the owner.

These precision pieces must be well looked after to preserve their time-keeping abilities through periodic Hublot watch repair.

Here at Repairs by Post we have only skilled and expert horologist on hand to assist with your Hublot repair needs and with the correct care and repair there is no reason your  Hublot cannot last multiple lifetimes and be used as a precious heirloom to pass to your loved ones.

We are experts in Hublot antique watch restoration, Omega watch restoration, Rolex watch repairs and all branded watch repair and battery replacement including watch polishing and watch cleaning.

Each watch that comes to us for Hublot watch repairs is looked at with individual precision and passion. We have over 30 years’ experience in the watch industry and use our skill and knowledge to bring you the best in Hublot watch servicing, Hublot strap replacement and Hublot replacement parts.

Please note, we do not deal with fake or counterfeit watches of any kind.


Of course, we don’t just specialise in current Hublot watch repairs we are masters in all things horology and offer services across all luxury and fashion watch brands including, Omega watch restoration, Rolex watch repair and watch polishing.

We are watch repair professionals and use our knowledge and skill of all things horology to repair your watches conveniently through our online watch repair service. We only use branded replacement parts or aftermarket equivalents.


  • Send your item for Hublot repair using the free and secure Royal Mail Tracked Returns® or Special Delivery. Your item is safe and protected.
  • Using Royal Mail Tracked and Return Service or Special Delivery, your item will be protected. There are various ways you can send us your items, depending on the value of your item and what is easiest for you.
  • Send your item for Hublot repair directly using Special Delivery or request our free and secure Licensed Special Delivery pack. Your item is safe and protected.
  • Should your item be more we will send you a secure Royal Mail Special Delivery postal pack. This envelope is already insured for up to £500 at no cost.
  • Should you wish to increase the insurance (up to £2500) you can do so at the Post Office for a small charge.
  • Alternatively we will ask you to send the item directly to us, ensuring you have packed it with care. We can arrange for a courier collection.


  • We are experts in Swiss watch repair and ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship.
  • You will be able to see on your account the stage your Swiss watch repair is it
  • Once repaired; we return your item to you thanks to our convenient postal service
  • At repairs by Post, our watch and jewellery repair prices are competitive. We will match or beat any written quotation.


Repairs by Post can help with:

  • Hublot watch bands
  • Hublot watch strap
  • Hublot metal strap
  • Hublot leather strap
  • Hublot rubber strap
  • Hublot Big Bang band


Hublot recommend a complete overhaul service every 3 to 5 years, this is because of the natural wear and tear that watches undergo during everyday life. The frequency that your Hublot watch will need serviced is dependent on the user’s lifestyle and model they wear.


  • Our horologist will examine every aspect of the timepiece to pinpoint any areas that require replacement or Hublot watch repair.
  • The inner components will be specially lubricated in order to minimise friction.
  • Clean all parts in specialist chemical baths using automated cleaning machines
  • If your watch has a Quartz mechanism we will change the battery.
  • De-magnetise and regulate and check the timing of the movement to brand standards using specialist timing equipment.
  • The strap will undergo with specialist watch cleaning and examination of wear and tear, any parts that are damaged will be refurbished or be replaced.
  • The mechanism is carefully reassembled and reattached to your watch’s strap with every seal replaced.
  • The timepiece will be methodically tested one last time to ensure it’s keeping time accurately
  • The watch will be checked one last time to ensure it’s still absolutely water tight.


We are skilled watch menders and can undertake Hublot repairs such as a complete overhaul service to smaller, more basic repairs. It’s important you send your watch to us as soon as you notice a problem as failing to do this might lead to the internal workings of your watch suffering long term damage if left untreated.

  • Hublot hand replacement
  • Hublot watch polishing
  • Hublot watch cleaning
  • Hublot bracelet strap replacement
  • Hublot battery replacement
  • Hublot replacement parts



Quartz watches are powered by a battery. The battery needs to be changed if the watch exhibits any time loss, stops completely, or if the seconds hand jumps in 4-second steps.  Leaving a dead battery in your watch might lead to long term damage so it’s important to send it for watch battery replacement as soon as you notice it’s not keeping time properly.

During a battery replacement is an ideal time to have the gaskets and crowns checked and, if necessary, have them replaced by Repairs By Post.


Since your Hublot watch case is water resistant, as are the ceramic, carbon, gold or steel straps your watch can be easily cleaned with lukewarm soapy water. Always dry your Hublot watch naturally or with a soft cloth. Never use a hairdryer or radiator.

If your Hublot watch has an alligator strap, please remove it when bathing.

Should your Hublot watch come into contact with chlorine or salt water, it should be rinsed with fresh water afterwards as these liquids can cause damage to the internal workings and tarnish the case.


Unnecessary shocks and vibrations might cause premature damage to your watch or Hublot bracelet. This might also affect its water resistance if constantly experiencing shocks.

Temperature shocks are also dangerous for your watch to experience. Do not let your watch be exposed to heat over 60 degrees Celsius or below 10 degrees Celsius. This will damage the internal intricacies; keep your watch in a cool dark place such as a drawer when not being worn and out of direct sunlight.


There are magnets all around us, though we don’t always realise this. Magnets include;

  • TVs
  • Radios
  • Airport security scanners
  • IPads and Tablets

If you suspect your watch is magnetised send it to our watch repair company for confirmation and remedy. It’s worth noting that quartz watches will only be affected by magnetic fields for a few seconds, but mechanical watches can suffer long term damage.


  1. Place your watch near a classic-style compass.
  2. If the needle starts to move, your watch is magnetised.
  3. You should send your watch for Hublot watch repairs.



In terms on horology, Hublot is relatively new on the scene however this does not make the watches recreated by this Swiss brand any less impressive. The brand began when Carlo Crocco of the Binda Group, known for their Breil watches left the company to forge a career in the timepiece world alone.


Hublot was launched officially in 1980 with original “Hublot” watch. Hublot is the French word for “porthole”, the signature shape of the watches. Another key signature of the Hublot style is the fusion of gold and rubber, the brand were the first of their kind to incorporate these materials in design.

What’s more, Hublot continued to innovate with their entirely natural rubber strap. This took three years of development and though achieved no success during their launch at the Basel Watch Fair that year, but 1981 the brand had turned over $2million.

The Rubber band moulds to the wearer as they put the watch on, adapting to each individual’s wrist. The technology was so successful; the same material is still used in Hublot’s rubber band today.


The mid 90s saw an influx of rubber watches as other market leaders took inspiration from Hublot’s unique timepiece designs, cementing the brand’s validity in the market as a key competitor.


Carlo Crocco remained extremely busy undertaking design and charity work so looked for someone to overtake the running of the brand. In 2004 Jean-Claude Biver, president of the Omega Division of the Swatch Group took over CEO duties and minority shareholder in Hublot. Following the arrival of Biver in 2004, the brand’s sales hit 24 million Swiss francs.

Biver certainly arrived with a bang, and in 2005 launched the new collection aptly named “big bang” chronograph. This watch was awarded multiple accolades;

  • Design Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix
  • Sports Watch Prize at the Japan Watch of the Year Awards
  • Best Oversized Watch at the Bahrain Watch of the Year Awards


The collection continues to dominate Hublot’s collections and this year a special limited edition timepiece was released

  • 500 available worldwide
  • Swiss made
  • Polished sapphire crystal case
  • Transparent silicone and satin finished titanium crown
  • satin finished titanium screws and push pieces.
  • Polished sapphire crystal bezel
  • Movement: HUB 1242 UNICO automatic movement
  • 72 hour power reserve
  • Date window at 3 o’clock
  • Water resistant to 100 metres

In April 2008 luxury goods group LVMH had purchased Hublot from Carlo Crocco for an undisclosed fee, adding to its existing portfolio of watch brands including TAG Heuer and Zenith. Repairs by Post are horology experts and also deal expertly with Tag Heuer watch repair and Zenith watch repair.

In 2008, they agreed a sponsorship deal with the football club Manchester United. Repairs by Post are based here and offer online watch repairs in Manchester.

At BaselWorld 2009, Hublot unveiled a new method of detecting counterfeit watches. Using the “WISeKey” smart card authenticates watches on Hublot’s servers. Please note we do not deal with counterfeit watches, please read our blog on the fake watch market to find out more.


April 2012 Hublot Partnered the Swiss Confederation at the World Expo 2012 to display their new Divers Watch the Hublot Oceanographic 4000 King Gold White, this innovative piece of equipment is certified water resistant to 4000m.

In 2016 Hublot were awarded the honour of presenting their official licensed watch for the 2016 UEFA Euros. This marks the tenth anniversary of the brand’s partnership with football, as in 2006 Hublot partnered with the Swiss team during the world cup.


  • The watch is in French colours, with blue and white dial.
  • Black ceramic case, 45 mm in diameter.
  • 100 metres water resistance.
  • Blue alligator strap with the brand’s signature rubber lining, and white and red stitching.
  • The strap can easily be removed with Hublot’s “One click” system. This enables you to change it for another strap.
  • In principle Hublot watches have a power reserve of 42 hours, except for a few models such as the UNICO, a manufacture movement which has a 72-hour power reserve.