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Graham Watch Repairs & Servicing

The brand describes Graham as “an unrepentantly English name for an exquisitely English watch”. Carrying on the legacy of George Graham, the brand is passionate about the minutiae of watch making. Currently the watches are manufactured in La Chaux-de-Fonds, also known as the watchmaking capital of Switzerland. Graham is a remarkable watch brand that has quite literally stood the test of time carrying vintage styles through to modern day. At Repairs By Post we are experts in the field of horology and have an accredited Graham watch repair service. Here at Repairs By Post we too are dedicated to the art of watchmaking and take the upmost care while repairing your treasured timepiece.

Why You Should Choose Repairs By Post for Your Graham Watch Repair

Our postal repairs service aims to provide you with the highest quality service with the least amount of fuss for our customers. We can repair watches sent to us from anywhere in the UK and abroad. Our technicians have a wealth of experience in repairing luxury brands and are trained in the art of Graham watch manufacture.

What to Expect During a Graham Watch Service

  • During a Graham service, the technician will examine every facet of the timepiece to identify any aspects that require replacements or repair.
  • The inner mechanisms will be specially lubricated in order to ease friction. Friction leads to excessive wear.
  • The balance wheel will also be tested by expert horologist to ensure its precision.
  • The Graham watch strap will be cleaned with specialist equipment and examined damages. Any minute wear and tear can be refurbished. Anything damaged beyond repair can be replaced.
  • Lastly the mechanism will be reassembled and the watch strap reattached.
  • Every seal and closure will be replaced with upmost precision.
  • Any parts that require replacement will be exchanged for official Graham parts only.
  • Before returning your timepiece to you it will be methodically tested to ensure its accuracy and that it is waterproof. At Repairs By Post we pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of Graham watch repairs in the UK.

Repairs By Post Professional Service

The ethos of Graham Watches today is that anything that can be imagined can be made.  The independent watch manufacturer is extremely zealous in the production of opulent yet durable, quality watches, just as we are. A great deal of skill and patience is required to manufacture an authentic Graham watch and Repairs By Post matches that skill and attention to detail in our repairs process. We have over 30 years of experience in horology and have the expertise to mend your Graham watch regardless of the severity of repairs required. Whether it is simple maintenance or a complete Graham watch restoration, Repairs By Post is the repair service you can depend on.

Competitive Watch Repair Service

Repairs By Post are one of the most competitively prices watch repair services in the UK. Plus we are known as a top straightforward and convenient watch repair services. Repairs By Post not only specialise in Graham watch repair but are expertly trained in all the top luxury and fashion watches including Carter, TAG Heuer, Omega and Panerai.


How Does Repairs By Post Work?

Step One

Tell us about your Graham watch that needs repaired – fill in our short contact form

Step Two

Send us your Graham watch – we use secure packaging that is covered by insurance

Step Three

We carry out your Graham watch repairs and return it to you with all work fully guaranteed

How Long Do Graham Watch Repairs Take?

We aim to complete your repairs within 8-12 weeks. The time will vary depending on what needs repaired and to what extent it needs repaired. If special replacement parts need to be ordered then this could extend the time of your Graham watch repair. For example if you required Graham watch replacement band repair this could add time to your repair period.


Graham Watch Restoration at Repairs By Post

All of our staff at Repairs By Post are passionate about horology and are highly skilled in luxury watch repair. You can be assured that when sending your watch to us you are guaranteed supreme service and expert repairs. Graham watches are made with innovative technology and designed with the highest expertise and venerable style. Graham is an elite brand. We know that by investing in a Graham watch you are expecting its pristine luxury to last a lifetime. All things wear over time and unfortunately can become damaged. We strive to restore your timepiece to its irrefutable glory in the timeliest fashion.

Vintage Watch Repairs

Is your Graham watch vintage? Although the overall style of the Graham brand is vintage you may be lucky enough to own a watch that was made several decades ago. Perhaps you are a vintage watch collector or your watch is a family heirloom passed down through generations. Regardless, an authentic vintage Graham watch is a very special item that must be cared for with expertise and adoration. Repairs By Post are experts in vintage watch repair and Graham watch repair meaning we are the most reliable source to repair your vintage Graham watch. In order to maintain your vintage Graham watch and ensure it lasts for many more lifetimes send it to Repairs By Post for vintage watch restoration.

The History of Graham Watches

The Graham brand has been making watches since 1695. George Graham, master watchmaker, was born in 1673 and lived in Fleet Street London. The Graham name is legendary amongst the horology industry as the founder was known as the best watch and chronograph maker of his time. Graham improved and perfected many technologies such as the cylinder escapement and the dead-beat escapement, originally designed by his mentor Thomas Tompion. Graham invented the temperature-compensated mercury pendulum which was so pioneering, it was not surpassed for over a century after its creation. Graham watches were revered initially as being at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

Graham Watches Today

Today the reputation of the Graham watch endures. Not only are the watches understood to be constructed of innovative machinery but are also known to appear as indestructible machines. Modern day Graham watches suggest influences from nostalgic plane adventures and war stricken generations. For example the Chronofighter Vintage series with the iconic brand stop-start trigger. These watches exude power and opulence simultaneously, appealing to every strong yet stylish person who lays eyes upon them.

Graham Watch: The Brand

While the majority of Graham watches have a hint of military or a touch of sport encompassed in the presentation there is always a streak of ornate visible. All evoke a vintage flair that is reinforced with buttons and levers that remind us of an indestructible force to be reckoned with. For those looking for something slightly more delicate there is the Geo. Graham; a baroque faced watch with sleek straps.

Graham Watch Repair Prices

We are strictly an online service meaning we can offer competitive pricing on all of our Graham watch repair service. For more in information on Graham watch repair price, click here.