DKNY Watch Repairs and Services



Are you looking for DKNY Repair? If you send your watch to our business, we will be able to give your timepiece an expert DKNY repair and  watch service. Our convenient service is accessible from across the UK!

During a service, a member of our expert watch repair team will be able to replace DKNY watch parts that need to be fixed.

  • Our watch menders will be able to look at the inner mechanisms of your time piece and will lubricate it in order to reduce friction that may lead your watch to excess wear. This is just the first step of an in-depth DKNY Service
  • The balance wheel will be tested expertly to ensure it’s perfectly precise and keeping time as it should.
  • Your watch strap or DKNY watch band will then have a specialist cleaning from one of our watch servicing team. Any parts that have experienced wear and tear can then be highlighted and refurbished or be replaced.
  • Lastly, the pieces of the mechanism will then be carefully put back together and the watch strap will be reattached.
  • Before your timepiece is sent back to you in working order it will be methodically tested one last time. This will ensure that if your watch is water resistant that it is still absolutely waterproof and accurate. Our repairs team pride is delighted that we are now offering DKNY repair and serving across the whole of the UK.


If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call a member of our watch repairs team. Some of the repairs that we undertake at Repairs by Post on DKNY watches are:

  • Hand replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • DKNY watch strap replacement
  • New glass
  • Bezel and bracelet refurbishment
  • DKNY mechanical service
  • Replacement of a DKNY watch battery


  • Send your DKNY watch repair to Repairs by Post today. We have a quick and easy system that aims to get your watch back to you in no time at all. Our tried and tested system works efficiently and Repairs By Post would like to ensure customers that their watches are safe in the hands of one of our watch experts.
  • Care and attention is given to every watch. We aim to give our customers the best service on the market ad have their timepiece back to them in working order as soon as possible. Our watch repairs team can complete anything from a DKNY watch service to DKNY watch strap replacement.
  • Quick and Easy Repair – Sending your watch away for repair does not have to be difficult and it can be just as easy as taking your watch to your nearest post office. Send your items to us using Royal Mail. This service will be tracked and our return service is included.
  • Keep Track– Stay involved with the stages of your watches repairs as much as you like… As part of our service, you can track your watch repair in the account section of our website.
  • As good as new! – We will repair your watch and get it back to you as soon as possible. With our watch service, there is no need for collection, once repaired; we return your watch or jewellery to you.
  • Great Prices – At Repairs By Post, we pride ourselves on our customer quality and care. If you find a better price on DKNY repair or servicing, please let us know as we will match or beat any written quotation.


Our watch repair team would be happy to help with any of your enquires, for more information about watch servicing, contact us today.


Like all pieces of wristwear it is important that you ensure  your DKNY watch’s crown, that is used to change the hands/date on your watch, is properly pushed in and/or screwed at all times.

Making sure your crown is pushed in will prevent infiltration of water or dust which could lead to internal damage.


At Repairs by Post we offer a professional watch battery replacement service. Like most watch batteries a DKNY battery may work  for up to three years. With something as delicate as a DKNY watch it is important that you send your watch away as soon as possible.

When your battery dies contact the experts at Repairs by Post for watch battery replacement. Did you know that dead battery cells can harm the watch movement if left unattended? Contact a member of our team today for more information about DKNY battery replacement.


Make sure you are maintaining your DKNY timepiece. When investing in a piece of luxury wristwear ensure that your time piece is continually accurate and in good working order to keep it in best shape.

In order to optimise the performance of your DKNY watch, regular upkeep and servicing is necessary. Repairs by Post recommended that your watch is serviced every 3-5 years. Maintenance can vary and will be dependent on the wear and tear your watch undergoes.

Not only is DKNY watch repair convenient with our online service centre, your watch will be in the best hands with a member of our horologist team.


Watches are very sensitive instruments therefore it is important to avoid your watch from being exposed to rapid changes in temperature, both hot and cold.

Certain temperatures and movements can damage your timepiece. If your watch is if exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees it could damage the inside or outside of your watch therefore it is recommended to avoid leaving your watch in high-risk areas such as windows.


  • To guarantee effective water resistance, DKNY recommend that you do not expose your timepiece to hot water.
  • DKNY recommend that you clean your watch with a simple soft cloth and water only. It is advised not to submerge your watch under water. Only do this if you watch is water rated
  • If your watch is exposed to salt water use, make sure that you take the time to rinse it under tap water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
  • If your watch has a metal band, make sure that it is washed periodically. It is recommended that your watch is Cleaned with a soft brush that is dipped in mild, soapy water.
  • Wipe your watch dry with a soft cloth.
  • Make sure that your timepiece is always set in the closed position (otherwise known as the normal position. Make sure that you tighten the screw-lock crown down completely.


The History of DKNY Watches

If you are the owner of a DKNY watch, you will know that every time that you wear it that there is a long, compelling history behind it. The fashion house is not only world famous but it is managed by the iconic, long-time designer Donna Karan.

If you are aware of this brand’s fashionable history then you will know that it’s legacy was born in the most fashionable place in the world, New York City.

Donna Karan’s is a New York girl at heart and spent her childhood years on Long Island. Karan was destined to take over the fashion industry and her fashion taste came naturally. Karan was born was design in her blood as her father was a tailor and her mother was a model and fashion sales rep. She started young, creating her first collection while she was still studying at high school.


The fashion and watch designer started her professional studies at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. This well-regarded NYC-area institution is where Karan really grew into her design style and during her second year there, she was hired by fashion maven Anne Klein.

At such a young age this was an incredible start to Karan’s own career. Due to her incredible background and knowledge of the fashion industry, she impressed Anne with her style know-how, creativity and skilled design.

When Anne Klein died in 1974, Karan was picked to take over her succession, however Karen was dedicated to creating a name for herself. She was extremely inspired by her mentor and debuted the Anne Klein II label in 1982. She wanted to thank Anne for one last time through fashion. It was this passion that allowed her to put her own name forward through an independent fashion line.


In 1984, when Karan teamed up with her husband, Stephen Weiss they create the Donna Karan label.  This first line l revolved around high-end women’s fashion and accessories.

Karan’s eye for fashion is partly why she is so successful, this business woman recognised a hole in the market. She wanted to create accessible urban-inspired fashion. She created a number of fashion lines and accessories that was inspired by her daughter, Gabby.

It was then that Karan founded DKNY. The brand launched in 1989 and its aim was to edgy, wearable and sophisticated clothing.


The success of DKNY was phenomenal and soon after its fashion lines launched, grew a number  number of specialty lines; DKNY Kids, DKNY Jeans, DKNY Active and DKNY Underwear are just a few of the most notable examples.

The founder of the brand became passionate about accessories and soon jewellery as well as watches  became a one of the main focuses of the of DKNY brand. The DKNY brand is massive world wide therefore when DKNY watches launched, fans were incredibly exciting. The watches were hugely successful after their release and they became the   perfect addition to the label.

A DKNY is a the accessory that a woman at any age can purchase. The timeless style of a DKNY timepiece means that it is an investment rather than a piece of fast fashion. A watch is something that a female can wear time and time again and by purchasing a watch that is such a well known brand you are bound to get a compliment every time that you wear it.

There is a reason that DKNY products are loved by celebrities.Not only are they stylish but just like  other Donna Karan and DKNY products, a DKNY watch is reliable, modern, fashionable and simply  timeless.


DKNY is an all round favourite and since 1989,the  DKNY fashion label – has created accessible yet luxurious clothing and accessories for everyone! The brand has a line for men, women, children and even infants.

Donna Karan works hard on her watch line, making sure that each timepiece displays the brands ideals intact. This is one designer that is dedicated to creating a line that is creative, innovative, edgy and versatile.

Ms. Karan’s “seven easy pieces” philosophy, applies to the way she designs both her clothing and watch looks. She believes that everyone should invest in  clothing and jewellery that work together in numerous of ways.


Like most fashion brands DKNY add simple details that create element of uniqueness and diversity in every DKNY timepiece. The brand has a plethora of classic designs and in the past has even experimented with more contemporary pieces. It is the creative touches of the DKNY that makes each watch so special.

DKNY uses high quality watch parts in every DKNY watch. The brand sources the finest crystals and leather to add to their exquisite timepieces. From gold to diamonds, customers know that when they buy a DKNY watch they are investing in sheer quality. With careful watch maintenance, both a DKNY watch will last a lifetime.


If you do not already own a DKNY watch then It is the perfect addition to any accessories collection. The experienced fashion brand offers a broad range of classic watches, that are made with the finest care and innovation is a key characteristic.

If you are looking for a watch that is unique in style, then you will be spoiled for choice with the variety included in the DKNY watch line-up. The great thing about fashion watches is that they come in a variety of colours, stone types, strap materials, strap styles as well as case materials.

DKNY is one of the most feminine brand on the market and strap styles range from bracelet and bangles in solid metals to reliable leathers that look so stylish on the wrist.