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Repairs by Post prides itself on personifying Cartier’s “jeweller of kings” status and understand just how important your crafted timepieces are. We have over 30 years in the Cartier watch repair and service industry so if you experience any trouble with your Cartier watch we aim to fix the problem as quickly and conveniently as possible, this is why we offer online watch repair. Not only do we specialise in Cartier watch repairs we are able to repair other luxury watch brands, we offer Rolex, Tag Heuer and a plethora of Swiss watch brands.

Contact us today for all your Cartier watch repair and servicing needs. We love to hear from our customers and ensure each watch is looked at with care and precision. No matter how small or big the job, our passion for horology means we take care of each time piece with a great deal of care. Whether your Cartier watch needs strap replacement, a battery change or a complete overhaul we have the skills, expertise and experience to help.

You can be confident that leaving your watch with us for repair through our online service will leave it in the best possible hands of master horologists and skilled craftsmen. We specialise in the intricate details of Cartier watch service and repair. Each watch is repaired to the highest standard and we can even source specialist components for your requirements. Our Cartier watch repair service team will be able to diagnose any problem and act accordingly to mend your watch. Not only do we specialise in new Cartier watch repairs, but can offer vintage watch restoration too. No matter if your watch is decades old, we have the skills and equipment to restore it to its original working order. We offer a wide array of Cartier knowledge and can completely overhaul and service your watch.

We can replace the battery, strap and repair crowns and hands. Our Cartier repairs and Rolex watch restoration is something we pride our business on and thanks to our convenient postal service we don’t have an expensive retail space therefore can offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. One of the best ways to keep your Cartier watch in the best health is to service it every 3-5 years. We don’t just specialise in Cartier watches but offer servicing for Breitling, Tag and many other brands. Repairs by Post are experts in Cartier watch mending, and handle most of our own repairs, however if your watch does need to be sent away to Cartier you can trust that the work will always be undertaken by their finest horologists. We service Cartier watches expertly with great attention to detail.  Contact us to find out about Cartier service cost.


Some of the common repairs that we carry out at Repairs by Post on Cartier watches are:

  • Hand replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • New glass
  • Bezel and bracelet refurbishment
  • Cartier Mechanical Service
  • New batteries
  • Bezel replacement
  • Cartier polishing service


Today Cartier is known globally as a jeweller who designs, manufactures and sells watches and jewellery. They are famous for being one of the best luxury watches on the market and are coveted for their superior craftsmanship, but where did this industry giant begin?


The brand was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris and was under his control until 1874 until his son, Alfred took over the business. However, it was thanks to his sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques, that the brand became a recognisable name worldwide which it remains today. Alfred’s son Louis Cartier was passionate about pocket watches, but when his pilot friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, complained about the impracticality of using pocket watches Louis was inspired to create the first Cartier wrist watch in 1904. His design incorporated a distinctive square bezel. The watch was named the “Santos” and proved popular with many other customers. After this success, it was Louis who held responsibility for the Cartier Branch in Paris and it was his eye for design that led to some of the brand’s most popular watch styles; including the mystery clock;

  • Mystery clocks hands seem to float, but in fact each hand is fixed to a clear crystal (or citrine) disc which rotates.
  • Their faces appear solid crystal but are made of a sandwich of crystal, with the filling being the discs with hands.
  • The two discs move, driven by works in the base and by unseen connecting gears fixed at 6 o’clock in the frame.


Today Cartier still create this amazing design with their recent Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux watch taking inspiration from these original designs. The movement, which is in-house made at Cartier’s haute horology workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is the new calibre 9462 MC. The total movement, including what you can and cannot see, is comprised of 408 parts and is 39mm wide by 5.9mm thick. At Repairs by Post we specialise in Cartier watch repairs, contact us to discuss your requirements.

After the success of the mystery watches in the 1800’s Cartier began contracts with companies such as Edmond Jaeger, who agreed to supply the movements for Cartier watches exclusively.


Now it was 1907 and the brand had expanded to London, New York and Saint Petersburg and was growing in success and popularity. It was in these years that the Bagniore, Tortue and Tank model were produced, both of which are still popular today.

The “Baignoire” was first created in 1906 and demonstrated Cartier’s prowess in crafting watchmaking forms. A discreetly elegant ellipse uniquely forged in a single line, the “Baignoire” watch is the essence of Cartier style: a unique marriage of purity and timeless chic. Today the Baignore is exclusively part of the Carter women’s collection.


Louis Cartier imagined a tortoise-inspired watch, the Tortue, in 1912. At a time when all watches were round, the ground-breaking design went on to earn the status of a classic. Cartier offers both ladies’ and men’s models of this watch in a full range of styles, available in gold, and can even be purchased set or fully paved with diamonds.


Louis Cartier created the Tank watch in 1917. A legend was born. The first prototype was presented as a gift to General Pershing some years before the watch was brought to market in 1919. The lugs blend seamlessly into the stark edges of flat vertical brancards, lending the watch its unique aesthetic. The clean, crisp lines have proved hugely popular with a free-spirited, elegant clientèle. The now-iconic Tank watch has inspired countless variations yet managed to preserve its distinctive identity. The design of these pieces was inspired by the tanks of the western front. Over 30 different Cartier watch styles have been created using this design.


In the early 1920’s Cartier joined with Edward Jaeger to create a company which designed and produced movements solely for Cartier. This is when the brand started adding their own reference numbers to the watches they sold. This was typically a 4 digit code under the lug. The watch brand continued to grow and was eventually headed up in New York City by Louis’ brother, Pierre. In 1964 Pierre Cartier died and his children, along with their cousin Jean-Jacque Cartier sold the business.


In 1972, a group of investor created Cartier’s slogan “Les Must de Cartier” after allegedly overhearing a staff member exclaim this. This translates to “Cartier. It’s a must!” These investors went on to purchase Cartier London and New York and the brands were combined to create “Cartier Monde”. In 1994 Robert Hocq of “Les Must de Cartier” died suddenly and control was handed to his sister. Since 2012 Cartier has been owned by Richemont and the 24 year old granddaughter of Pierre Cartier.



  • Fully skeletonized version of the Clé de Cartier, which was first introduced by Cartier in 2015
  • The key winding crown which is fitted with a self-centering mechanism that automatically puts the crown in line with the flank of the case when you’ve released it.
  • The movement is the in-house Cartier caliber 9621 MC, with a 22k gold rotor.
  • Alligator strap and deployant clasp in 18k white gold
  • Power reserve is 48 hours at 28,800 vph.
  • There is a rumoured brilliant cute diamond set version to be in the works


  • One of Cartier’s biggest hits of 2015 has been reworked for 2016
  • The “Crash” was first introduced in 1967
  • The movement is Cartier caliber 9618 MC,
  • Power reserve is 3 days at beating at 28,800 vph


  • By pressing the pusher at 4:00 a disk exactly the diameter of the tourbillon cage to swing into position, indicating, by how much it obscures the tourbillon, the current phase of the moon.
  • Second time zone which can be adjusted independently at 2.00.
  • The movement is the same as last year: caliber 9440 MC, at 38.80mm.
  • The design has a lunar-feeling meteorite dial which manages very well to convey what Buzz Aldrin called the “magnificent desolation” of the moon.


  • Seen to be both high end jewellery and watch complication. Pressing the crown activates the dial animation: a baby panther in pink gold emerges from below its mother, while the hummingbird ascends along an arc, with the distance it travels to escape the pouncing infant showing the remaining power reserve.
  • The movement is Cartier caliber 9915 MC, 36.18mm x 5.45mm
  • .The case is in 18k white gold; with the panther in rhodium finished 18k white gold.
  • The mother panther is set with 270 brilliant cut diamonds, with her spots in black laquer; the 42.75mm case is set with 314 brilliant cut diamonds.



  • Cartier has been creating mystery watches since 1913.
  • That movement is caliber 9981 MC driven by a 27 jewel
  • The panther has 533 diamonds encrusted on it, with the eyes are set with pear-cut emeralds.


  • The hours are marked with a rotating sun/moon disk which the dial points to 6am to 6pm for sun and 6pm to 6am to the moon.
  • Thought to be based by Cartier’s “Comet” clocks a favourite among collectors.
  • Alligator skin strap.
  • The movement is caliber 9912 MC and consists of 290 parts including 44 jewels.


Water damage can be devastating to watch enthusiasts and at Repairs by Post we are expertly trained to fix these problems, should they arise. Each Cartier watch is water-resistant as standard, and this is assured by a series of seals in the watch. As the user wears their watch daily, these seals come under natural stress. We advise you have your Cartier watch checked for water resistance every two years. If there is not adequate water protection the seals may need replaced. Our watch service and repair team are highly trained and guarantee your timepiece will be given the utmost care. For Cartier quartz watches, you should also have your watch battery replaced in this timescale, so it’s best to undertake these at the same time using our convenient service. Repairs by post Cartier watch service includes these both as standard and restores your watch to its original working order. If your watch comes under excess stress due to physical activity or is in frequent contact with water we advise that you conveniently post your watch to us to check the seals once a year. If any watch shows condensation under the glass we highly recommend you seek our expert skill as soon as possible. Humidity in the watch can corrode the mechanism, and this is especially true if your watch has been subject to salt water exposure. A tip to prevent damage is not to take the watch off, but wear it so the heat from your body helps dry the mechanism. If your Cartier watch shows signs of water damage it may mean the seals are failing, we can resolve this problem and ensure as little damage as possible is endured. If the timepiece is opened and aired within a short amount of time it’s likely that no permanent damage will be sustained. Parts may have to be replaced if rust is visible. Our expert horologists can undertake professionally.

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