Blancpain Watch Repairs and Services


Blancpain describe their timepieces as the tradition of innovation, and these words could not be truer, for centuries this luxury brand has been crafting innovative watches. Their skilled horologist are master manufacturers and they company have consistently designed creative timepieces that hold true to their values; authenticity, passion and emotion.

Like every luxury items, it’s important you send your luxury timepiece for regular Blancpain watch repair and restoration. This will ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.


  • Blancpain watch repair
  • Blancpain watch service
  • Blancpain watch cleaning
  • Blancpain watch polishing
  • Blancpain watch strap replacement

The staff at Repairs by Post are experts in the horology industry, and offer skilled Blancpain watch repair undertaken with passion and precision. We only every use Blancpain original parts or aftermarket equivalents.

Each timepiece we receive is looked at uniquely and mended by qualified watchmaker with years of experience. We have over 30 years’ in the watch industry and use our knowledge to expertly tackle and Blancpain watch repairs. We can offer simple fixes such as Blancpain watch polishing to our luxury Blancpain watch service.  Contact us today for all our Blancpain repair and servicing needs.


  • Send your item for Blancpain online watch repair using the free and secure Royal Mail Tracked and Return Service or Special Delivery. Your item is safe and protected.
  • Using Royal Mail Tracked and Return Service or Special Delivery, your item is safe and secure. There are various ways you can send us your items, depending on the value of your item and what is easiest for you.
  • We will either send you a link to print off an address label. Royal Mail’s Tracked Returned Service is insured for £50, this method of postage is free.
  • Should your item be more we will send you a secure Royal Mail Special Delivery postal pack. This envelope is already insured for up to £500 at no cost.
  • Should you wish to increase the insurance (up to £2500) you can do so at the Post Office for a small charge.
  • Alternatively we will ask you to send the item directly to us, ensuring you have packed it with care. We can arrange for a courier collection.


  • Repairs by Post keep you up to date -You will be able to see on your account the stage your Blancpain watch service or repair is at.
  • Once repaired; we return your watch or jewellery to you.
  • At repairs by Post, our watch and jewellery repair prices are competitive. We will match or beat any written quotation.
  • All watch repairs carry a minimum of 12 months guarantee and often 24 months when we carry out a manufactures standard repair.


Having a Blancpain watch service is similar to having your car serviced. It’s a vital part of the upkeep to ensure your watch is running efficiently.


  • Our horologist will examine every aspect of the timepiece to pinpoint any areas that require replacement or Blancpain watch repair.
  • The inner components will be specially lubricated in order to minimise friction that leads to excess wear. This will rejuvenate your watch and increase its longevity.
  • The balance wheel will be tested expertly to ensure it’s perfectly precise and keeping time as it should.
  • The Blancpain watch strap will undergo with specialist cleaning and examination of wear and tear; any parts that are damaged will be refurbished or be replaced.
  • Finally, the mechanism is carefully reassembled and reattached to your watch’s strap with every seal replaced, except for the Blancpain 1735 whose movement is built in the case.
  • The timepiece will be methodically tested one last time to ensure the timepiece is still absolutely water tight.


Please note: We take great pride in our work and therefore we do not touch or have anything to do with replicas or copy watches of any description. To find out more about the truth behind the fake watch market  please read our blog post.

It’s worth knowing that no Blancpain watches are sold over the Internet. You will have to contact an authorised retailer to purchase one. They will be pleased to give you further information regarding the prices and models available.



Wearing your Blancpain watch naturally leads to a build-up of natural residue, but this can be remedied through gently cleaning your watch with a clean toothbrush and liquid soap. Failing to do this might lead your steel strap to oxidize and irritate the skin. This method should only be used for Blancpain steel straps.

If your Blancpain has a leather strap, it’s important it doesn’t get wet. Water damage on leather leads to loss of function and style. Repairs by post can offer Blancpain watch strap replacement and Blancpain clasp replacement if your strap suffers damage. Repairs by Post also offer Blancpain watch polishing too.

A replacement watch clasp saves you having to replace the entire strap. We use either manufacturers original parts or equivalents where suitable. We match the clasp to your strap, fit it and before we return it to you we will assess your watch to see if any other work is required, such as loose links or a scratched glass.


Shocks can cause damage to your watch and reduce its lifecycle. Always remove your watch before undertaking any sporting activity, this includes golf. The vibrations of jolting movements can damage the delicate inner components of your Blancpain watch.


Leaving your watch open to sudden changes of temperature can lead to damage, when not being worn keep your timepiece in a cool dark place, such as a drawer. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight as temperatures above 60 degrees cause damage to the mechanism.


If you Blancpain is coming into contact with water, ensure the crown is fully depressed to limit the chance of water infiltration. Should your Blancpain watch suffer water damage send it to Repairs by Post immediately for Blancpain watch repair.


Tap water and dust can cause damage to your Blancpain, but the infiltration of chlorinated or salt water is especially dangerous. These liquids corrode the delicate intricacies of the mechanism. Always remove you Blancpain watch when around these liquids as a precaution.


Since 1735, Blancpain has been contributing to the development of mechanical watchmaking, while ensuring conserving the traditional skills of its founder. This makes Blancpain the world’s oldest watch brand. Every watchmaker generally has his own personal set of self-made tools that he uses throughout his entire career and we endeavour to upkeep their exacting standards with every Blancpain watch repair we undertake. Repairs by Post are specialists in vintage watch repairs and can restore your antique Blancpain watch.


The brand was conceived in the early 18th century when Jehan- Jacques Blancpain created a workshop above his house in Bernese Jura, Switzerland.

From the beginning, the brand was successful and remains so to this day. The heirs of Jehan-Jacque ensured the brand continued to develop after his passing.


By 1815 Blancpain’s great grandson was the head of the family business, he was modernised production methods and the once rudimentary workshop was now able to produce watches in numbers. Frederic-Louis Blancpain was the innovator behind replacing the crown wheel mechanism with a cylinder replacement.


During this time industrialisation threatened to take over the watch making industry, prices fell dramatically and many watch workshops were fated to close. Blancpain challenged this threat by building a two-storey factory that could compete with the American modern ways. The brand modernised their top of the range products and managed to be one of the only surviving watch brands in the area.  The delicate mechanisms that go into Blancpain watches are what make them so special; if your watch is not working correctly send it for Blancpain watch servicing.


By the time we reach the 1926, Blancpain had partnered with John Harwood and began making automatic watches. Four years later in 1930 Blancpain had evolved the watches to fit a smaller size, and thus the “Rolls” was created; the world’s first ever ladies’ automatic watch.

In the 1930s the Blancpain family ended their management of the brand after two centuries.  The families closest members of staff bought over the business and through law were forced to change the name from Blancpain. The name was changed o Rayville S.A, succ. De Blancpain”. Though the name was changed the identity held fast thanks to the upkeep of the brands manufacturing ethos. One of the buyers, Betty Fiechter remained the director until 1950 where she and her nephew brought fresh energy to the brand. Repairs by post offer all types of restoration and servicing for Blancpain watches, this includes Blancpain polishing and Blancpain watch battery replacement.


One of the brand’s greatest successes was the Fifty Fathoms which was created in 195. It was designed for the combat swimmers of the French Navy who needed a watch a superior watch for their underwater activities. To ensure that the case itself would be highly water-resistant, Fiechter elected to incorporate a screw-on case back. To avoid a patent on screw-down crowns he conceived a double “O-ring” system. The watch also enjoyed automatic winding to avoid the crown being pulled out.

In 1956 Blancpain created the Ladybird timepiece, the smallest round movement of the time. 2016 marks the fifty year anniversary of this creation. To mark this, the brand launched a 60-piece limited edition to mark its birthday. Limited edition watches are previous to their owners; why not send your timepiece for Blancpain watch cleaning to revive it.


By the end of the 1950s the brand was producing over 10,000 watches per year and to meet this demand the company had to become part of the SSIH. The brand joined greats such as Omega and Tissot. Repairs by post are masters of all watch brands and offer Omega watch repair and Tissot watch repair.


By 1971 the brand was producing 220,000 watches, though in 1973 the watch industry faced a major blow as the Quartz crisis hit and the fall of the dollar against the Swiss Franc limited export. On top of this, there was a worldwide recession in 1973 thanks to the oil crisis.


The crisis forced The SSIH to reduce production and sell half of their assets – which included Rayville-Blancpain in 1983. The company was sold to Jean-Claude Biver and continued to trade under the name Blancpain SA.

The selling of the brand opened a new chapter as until then many of their movements were sold to be used in other brand’s watches. The Brand decided to commit itself to their technology and “grand complication” technology. They reverted to their traditional style and thwarted quartz movements. Blancpain continued to revive mechanical watchmaking and aimed to bring the past to life through these traditional methods. Blancpain makes no quartz watches, however, Repairs by post offer mechanical to quartz conversion on all other vintage watches.

One of the best examples of their craftsmanship is the 1735, a hugely complex complication which encompasses;

  • Minute repetition
  • Tourbillon
  • Perpetual date
  • Moon phase calendar
  • Flyback chronograph


Did you know that each Blancpain 1735 watch takes one year to assemble?



Since 2002 Marc A. Hayek has been the Chairman and CEO of the brand.  The brand continues to innovate and give us world exclusive showcases and patents.

In 2008 Blancpain revived their famous Karrusel complication, a complication over 100 years old. The brand holds true to their motto of bringing innovation to tradition in this example.

The brand has also revived their Fifty Fathoms collection with a new as has the Villeret and L-evolution collections. Each with the same consistency of brand values of authenticity, passion and emotion.