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Ball Watch Watch Repairs

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Join thousands of satisfied customers with smooth, hassle-free Ball Watch watch repairs — use our Freepost, fully insured watch repair service from the home, office, or on the go — Battery replacement and reseal, broken glass, losing time or winding issues.

Repairs by Post can help get the repair done right where others fail.

Get started with the UK's leading Ball Watch watch repair service centre, we won't break your wallet!

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Watch Repair Online | FAQ

Open a watch repair request online, tell us about your repair - upload photo's to our UK service centre. Our expert team will examine your online repair request. If your repair is accepted, we notify you the same day with FREE shipping instructions. Still not convinced? Read on.

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Swiss-made replacement battery Ball Watch

Ball Watch watch battery replacement

Ball Watch battery died?

Let Repairs by post handle the fuss with our easy to use Ball Watch watch battery replacement service. Our technicians replace batteries for all Ball Watch models of ladies and mens wrist-watch.

  1. We use only the best Swiss-made batteries. These are the recommended choice of most Swiss brands.
  2. Your watch is specially resealed to ensure its water-tight gasket meets manufactures ratings and is water resistant again.
  3. During the battery replacement process our technician will complete a full inspection of your watch.
  4. Our free inspection ensures your Ball Watch watch remains in optimum mechanical and anaesthetic condition, providing peace of mind and extended lifespan for years to come.

3 signs your watch may need a new battery (2 min read)

Ball Watch watch repair near me?

Take a walk to your nearest post office and go direct to the UK's leading Ball Watch watch repair service centre.

We’ve made it safe, fast and FREE to send your watch to Repairs by post. Just wrap, pack and attach our free Royal Mail postage-paid shipping label. Repairs by post will have your Ball Watch watch repair off to a flying start in no-time, and with the peace of mind you’re are dealing with Britains leading online Ball Watch repair centre.

It’s easy to get started — fill out our watch repair request, and we’ll give your watch repair a quick assessment and send you an email with the next steps.

Is my watch insured whilst in transit (2 min read)

Easier Ball Watch watch repair near me with Royal Mail free post

Ball Watch watch stopped working? We can fix it.

It’s recommended that your Ball Watch wristwatch is maintained and looked after professionally ensuring it lasts the test of time. Repairs by Post offer a fast, professional local Ball Watch watch repair service to ensure your Ball Watch timepiece continues to work for years to come. If your watch has stopped working, broken, needs a service, an anaesthetic make-over or a battery replacement our expert watch team can fix it.

Ball Watch Battery Replacement

Swiss-made batteries with a two-year guarantee. Replaced and resealed then pressure tested to ensure your watch stays water-tight. Our battery replacement service stops 75% of Ball Watch watch mail-functions in their tracks.

Ball Watch Strap Replacement

Leather, silicone or metal bracelet? Let Repairs by post update your Ball Watch with a manufacture original strap or replacement. We can source and supply original and replacement Ball Watch straps and bracelets for all models.

Ball Watch Crown and Stem Replacement

The crown sets the time, date, winds and starts/stop your watch. Accidental damage, miss-use, or impact can cause malfunction or worse break the crown and stem. Our Ball Watch watch crown and stem replacement service will get your Ball Watch operating and looking like new.

Ball Watch Glass Replacement

If your watch-glass has been broken, scratched or damaged, use our watch glass replacement service. It's the SOS cost-effective solution to get your Ball Watch fixed and looking like new again.

Ball Watch Bezel Replacement

The bezel is the ring that surrounds and holds the watch glass in situ. On a dive watch, the bezel rotates and is used to read elapsed time. The bezel can become tarnished, scratched, damaged or worse fall entirely off. When this happens, Repairs by post to the rescue.

Ball Watch Dial Restoration

Over-time the watch dial, face, digits and hands can become tarnished, corrode or worse break or fall-off: water entering the watch case, a broken watch glass, or leaky battery can cause any of these un-sightly issues. We can help fix these issues and get your Ball Watch watch looking new again.

Britains specialist Ball Watch service centre for professional repairs. Can't see the service you need?

*No credit card required. Open a repair ticket for a free no-obligation watch assessment, or talk to a watch repair expert 0800 121 6030 ( 9am-5pm GMT Mon-Fri. )

The history of Ball Watch watches

Webster Clay Ball was born in Fredericktown, Ohio on October 6, 1847. The system which he developed standardised time throughout the railways in America. He was called to arrange fortnightly check on rail workers watches to avoid crashes after The Kipton Disaster in 1891. Engineers on both trains were killed as were nine clerks.

Today, the designs of the Ball watches continue in the tradition of the railways. All the details of the watch take inspiration from Ball’s original designs; the shape of the hands to the style of the numerals. The designers manage to mix modern designs with the more traditional aspects as the Ball watches.

The mission of the brand is for individuals to be individuals.

The Engineer II comes with green berets or the phases of the moon. Engineer III has a sleek design and comes in a range of colours. Engineer M comes in various sizes. Engineer II has three models; Aviator, Skindiver and Diver. The Engineer Hydrocarbon has special patented features; triple folding buckle, crown protection, the Amortiser® and the SpringLOCK®. Other collections include the Trainmaster, Conductor and Fireman.

500+ reviews on Trustpilot and Google Places.

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Did we convince you? We knew you’d see sense.

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