Watch Strap Replacement & Repair

Watch strap replacement is a very common repair and will drastically change the look of our watch. You will be able to wear your watch again, safe in the knowledge that your strap is not going to fall off your wrist and cause further damage. If this has already happened, our technicians are able to repair all aspect of your watch. Please see our watch repairs for a comprehensive list of other watch repairs, such as a replacement glass, service or new battery.

Strap selection

We have a large selection of high quality leather and rubber and Velcro straps. If you require a hypo-allergenic strap please let us know. We are also able to obtain branded leather and rubber straps if you require exactly the same strap that was on the watch when your initially purchased it.

Having a new strap can make your watch look refreshed. It is a way that you can update your watch to fir with the seasons. For example you may have a dark colour strap for winter and then you may wish to change it to a lighter colour for the summer. Or you may simply be bored with your current strap and want a change.

Should you have larger wrists have extra long straps, or if you have very small wrists we can punch extra holes into your strap to ensure it fits correctly.

We do not post straps out as we ensure that your strap is fitted correctly so that your watch face is not damaged and the strap is secure on your wrist.

If you have any concerns about any aspect of our repair process, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions which you may have.

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