Watch Glass Replacement & Repair

New Watch Glass

A watch glass replacement is carried out if your watch glass is chipped, cracked, missing or scratched.

There are various options which we can discuss once we receive your watch. You are able to have a manufacturers watch glass, a generic watch glass, or even when required, a glass specifically cut for your watch.

Whichever option you choose, all our watch glasses are fitted by our experts.

Even if you glass is just chipped we recommend having it replaced as a chip can easily turn into a crack and when the glass shatters it can cause damage to the face of your watch. This can then cause damage to the hands.

Watch repairs

As well as a new watch glass, at Repairs By Post we offer various other watch repairs. If your watch requires a new strap, a new crown and stem or a replacement clasp then Repairs By Post can help.

We also offer a large range of jewellery repairs, from jewellery cleaning to jewellery resign and everything in between.

replacement watch glass

“I needed to get my husbands watch repaired after he smashed the face, going direct to the manufacturer was going to cost more than the watch itself. Repairs by post fixed the face with genuine parts and gave it a service for half the price. They were really nice at each step of the way too!” Mrs Stacey