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Why are watch repairs so expensive? Or are they?

May 23, 2017 1:21 pm

One of the most common questions we get asked when discussing watch repairs with our customers is, ‘Why is my watch repair so expensive?’

We know that our prices are extremely competitive and we constantly research our market place and so the prices which we estimate are not excessive at all. Yet we still get asked this question on a regular basis.

So let me answer this question for you.

And in an ungrammatically correct fashion, I will answer this question regarding the price of watch repairs, with another question;

watch repairs

Do you know how many components are in a watch? In a mechanical watch there are up to 150 components, In a standard quartz watch there are up to 80, and in a chronograph this increases to up to 170 components.

We know that your watch may look small, but there are so many minor parts inside it that watch repairs are jobs that cannot be rushed. Care and precision are fundamental skills that our watch repairers have.

vintage watch

Not only are they tasks that cannot be rushed, the skilled workers which undertake these responsibilities are in short supply. These highly trained individuals are a dying breed. Their extraordinary talent for repairing high end watch brands such as Omega, Cartier and Rolex as well as pocket watches and vintage watches, is remarkable. It takes years of training and a passion for watches to develop the necessary expertise to be able to diagnose and repair your watch.

rolex watch repairs

Our watch repairers’ skill scan only be put to use providing s/he have the correct parts to repair you watch. Sourcing and obtaining parts for watches can be difficult. Especially for your vintage watch, parts can be scarce and finding the correct part can, at times, prove to be a mission. Our repairers do not give up easily and will often spend hours on the phone or the internet searching for the exact component required. As with any specialist, it is their time as well as their skill set that you are paying for.

It is worth remembering that certain watches will increase in value over time, but only if they are properly maintained. A regular service is required to prevent damage from occurring.

Watch repairs are a way to maintain that your watch works consistently. We fix your watch should it be accidentally broken. Have your watch returned to you in full working order allowing you to enjoy it once again.


watch repairs

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