Watch Clasp Replacement

A replacement clasp saves you having to replace the entire strap. By replacing only the clasp, you can keep your strap or bracelet knowing that it will be secure on your wrist. If you require the manufactures original clasp we are able to obtain and fit it for you. Often they will be branded in some way with a name or logo and people often prefer to have their clasp with this branding. If the branded clasp is not required, we can supply high quality generic, non branded high quality clasps. These will be the correct size for you watch and we will fit it to your strap or bracelet, allowing you to confidently wear your watch again.

Whilst your watch is with us in the workshop, we will check if any other work is needed, such as a replacement glass. No work will be carried out before you, the customer has authorised it.

If you have any concerns or questions about any part of our repair process, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

“Having used Repairs By Post before I sent my Dad’s treasured watch off without hesitation. I wasn’t disappointed, from the moment they received it their service was excellent. Even though it turned out to be complex repair they completed it promptly and it’s now ticking away on my wrist – first class” Mr G