Mechanical Servicing for Watches

details of a mechanical service

Having a mechanical service on your watch keeps it working as it should. It is a complex process which involves all aspects of your watch. The bracelet or strap and case are checked for any signs of wear or damage. The case is then opened and the crown and stem are removed, as are the seals and all mechanisms. The hands of your mechanical watch are then checked, as is the calendar function. If our watch technicians find any parts are worn or damaged, these will then be replaced. All parts are then accurately put back together and lubrication is added. The timings of your watch are then regulated, ensuring all is working exactly as it should be. Throughout the process of your mechanical service we will keep you updated so you are aware if any parts need to be replaced. Our technicians are also able to service quartz watches. 

watch repairs

Our watch technicians are able to carry out a wide range of repairs as well as a mechanical service. For an extensive list of repairs please see our Watch Repairs page, detailing the various services we offer. Our approachable watch repairers are happy to to discuss any aspect of your repair with you are given honest guidance and advice should you require it. Please contact us if you have any questions, or simply start the repair process here.

mechanical watch service

“Fantastic repair service .great prices had them back in a week told friends and family about their service.” Mr G