Watch Hand Replacement & Repairs

New hands

Hand replacement is just that, replacing the hands. If your watch hands have fallen off, chipped or worn, at Repairs By Post, we can replace them. Whether you have a vintage pocket watch or a new Omega watch, we can replace the hands allowing you to, once again, be able to tell the time on your timepiece. Our watch technicians have decades of experience in watch repairs such as hand replacement and so your watch will be in safe hands! Simply register your details and we will then send you information about how to send your watch to us.

new watch hands

watch repairs

As well as hand replacement, our skillful professional watch repairers are able to mend your watch, whatever the issue may be. With decades of experience no watch repair phases them. Even and Omega which has been through the washing machine can be repaired. It was fully restored and sent back to a very happy customer!If you have any questions regarding hand replacement, watch service, watch battery or any other watch repair please contact us, via phone or email and we will be happy to answer you.

hand replacement for vintage watch