Digit Affix Repairs

Repairing digits

We can repair the digits (numbers or numerals), also known as digit affixing, back onto the face of your watch in the correct place. Very often these numbers or numerals will come loose if the watch has incurred other damage, but sometimes it just happens. Please do not try and glue them back into place yourself. Leave it to our watch technicians to repair your watch correctly. As well as repairing your digits, our  watch repairers are proficient at all forms of watch repairs. Some of the most popular repairs that they carry out are; mechanical service, replacement watch glass and watch strap replacement.

rolex repairs

Watch brands we repair

At Repairs By Post our experts are able to repair a variety of watch brands, Rolex, Cartier and Omega being just a small sample. For the full list of watch brands that we repair please see our watch brand page. If you cannot find your specific brand, or are not able to find your exact repair please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your watch or jewellery repair.