Watch Dial Restoration

Restore your watch dial

Dial restoration is the renewal of the watch dial by specialists. It can take approximately 4 weeks. It is an intricate time consuming process carried out by our watch technicians. A dial restoration involves full preparation and cleaning followed by a treatment. After the first few stages are complete, the numbers and text, the final finishes are applied. Once the dial restoration is finished, your watch will look as good as new.

restore watch dial

watch repairs

As well as dial restoration, Repairs By Post offers other watch repair such as glass replacement,  or a crown and stem replacement. All our repairs are carried out by our watch technicians who have decades of experience and are proficient at repairing all types of watches from modern to vintage pieces.

jewellery repairs

At Repairs By Post, watches aren’t our only passion, as we also repairs jewellery. For a complete list of all the jewellery repairs undertaken by our expert jewellers please visit our jewellery repair page.

If you have any questions regarding any repair, or are repair process please contact us and we will be happy to help you on your repair journey.

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