Watch Bracelet Replacement

New Watch Bracelet

Bracelet replacement will ensure that your watch remains looking as it should and more importantly remains on your wrist. If a bracelet is damaged it is likely that your watch will fall off causing greater damage so it is essential that you get your bracelet repaired as soon as you notice the damage.

We have a large selection of metal straps, sizes, styles and colours; silver colour, gold, or a mixture of both ‘two tone’. We are often able to obtain original metal straps or if not we will be able to find a suitable replacement. We will happily send you images with your watch face next to various bracelets  to help you pick the perfect one.

Watch Brands & Repairs

At Repairs By Post we are able to repair various watch brands. Please take a look at our brand page for a comprehensive list.

In addition to new watch bracelets, we offer numerous other watch repairs such as a new watch glass, new battery, service. For all other watch repairs please see our Watch Repairs. Our watch technicians have decades of experience working on modern and vintage watches. They only use the very best parts and are dedicated to returning your watch in perfect working order.

new watch bracelet

“The whole repair process was efficient and well organised , a price for replacement links was given along with a the cost of a full strap replacement. Interaction by telephone to discuss the repair was very welcome. A job well done!” Mrs Mortimer