Watch Battery & Re-seal Services

Replacement Battery

A new battery and re-seal is one of the most popular repairs which we carry out and yet it can be the one which is most overlooked. Your watch battery will be replaced a new battery and then your watch will be re sealed. It is imperative that this re-sealing is done correctly, ensuring that your watch can be worn safely in the water to the stated depth. We can replace the battery in any watch brand, such as Cartier, Tag and Omega.  We use only Swiss quality batteries to ensure your watch is fully protected.

Only our technicians with over 30 years experience repair your watch so that you know your timepiece is in safe hands. Unfortunately, we often get sent watches that have been damaged as people try and cut corners or costs by either trying to replace a battery themselves or sending in to people who are not qualified to do this repair. This can damage the back of the watch and the wrong battery can leak inside the watch causing major internal damage. If this has happened please send your watch to us straight away and we will try and save it. Having the right battery and a properly conducted re-seal is vital to the running of your watch.

Watch Repairs

A new battery and re-seal is only one of the very many repairs which we are able to offer at Repairs By Post. We offer a quartz service, mechanical service, watch glass replacement and much more.

Once your watch arrives with us, we will give it a quick health check to see if there are any other repairs which need doing whilst we have it with us. This may be a new strap, or new glass if yours is scratched. We will  inform you of any other work which needs doing, but you are under no obligation at all to have these repairs done. There will be no hard sell; we are just looking after your watch. Information about all the watch and jewellery repair services which we offer can be found on the site under watch repairs. If you see a repair that you need and it is not listed, please get in contact with us. We are always happy to discuss watch repairs!

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