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Vintage Omega Watch Restoration

April 27, 2016 4:05 pm

Stunning Vintage Omega Watch Restoration

What happens when you put a vintage Omega watch in the washing machine?

What happens when this watch has such high sentimental value that it is irreplaceable?

Do you panic, cry, scream?

Heartbroken Beverley Docherty from Bicester, Oxfordshire found herself in exactly this situation. She sent the 1970s ladies Omega DeVille to RepairsByPost and we were able to restore her vintage watch.

vintage omega repair

Vintage Omega as it arrived into Repairs By Post

“We were initially shocked when it came into us” says Jonathan Goldstone, founder of RepairsByPost based in Manchester. “We often get watches that have been dropped on the floor and smashed, or have been banged, but one that has been through the washing machine was a first even for me and I have been repairing watches for a very long time.”

Vintage omega movement

Vintage Omega movement faults

“At first we were unsure of it was reparable, but speaking to Beverly we quickly realized just how important this watch is to her and so we knew that we had to do everything that we could to get it back to her in working order.”

Omega vintage case restore

Vintage Omega case before restoration

Vintage omega case repaired

Vintage Omega case restored

There is a lovely story behind the purchase of the watch, as there are with so many of our customers. Watches are not just there to tell the time. They have a history; feelings and memories connected to them. The reason that Beverly’s husband, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist purchased this particular watch for her is very specific. In Beverly’s own words, “Having an Omega SeaMaster is a big thing in the EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal) world, my husband has one and he really wanted to get me an Omega watch to mark my first Christmas as a Mum to our son Toren in December 2014. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t allow my husband to buy me a brand new watch because having taken a break from work to look after out little boy, I couldn’t justify the expenditure. Also, I was more than happy to make use of something as ‘timeless’ as an Omega De Ville watch which somebody else no longer wanted. I like small faced, gold coloured, vintage watches and this one really stood out to me so that was the decision made! It represents a first Christmas as a family of three and due to my husband works, it was a rare Christmas that my husband and I actually got to spend together. I love that little watch. Although I haven’t had the watch that long and it is secondhand, I feel a connection to it…it’s my watch.”

omega movement

Vintage Omega movement

vintage omega repiared

Looking fantastic, fully restored Vintage Omega

“We are so pleased with the watch. It was the talking point of the workshop when it arrived in and we are delighted with our vintage watch restoration. We understand and appreciate how connected our customers are to their watches, including their vintage watches and so we do our very best to repair them within their budgets and time scales. It can, at times, be very emotional- but it’s why I love what I do!” explains Jonathan.

restored ladies omega

Here is a gorgeous picture of Bev, her husband and their son.

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