Vintage Watch Parts

Vintage watch tools, parts and cabinets wanted.

We are avidly seeking your old watch repair workshop parts, cabinets and tools,

Have you still got  your Dads or Grandad’s old watch repair workshop you want to dispose of ?

Please contact us at with images and descriptions of what is available.

We want Quality old cabinets and Draw sets, tools, and old/vintage  watch parts.

Complete workshops purchased, to save on inventory.

We understand that it may be sentimental, but more than likely it has been sat there for years gathering dust, maybe even rusting away.

There most likely will not be a lot of monetary value, so often make a donation to a charity of  your choice. We also can arrange collection at your convenience.

Allow us to buy the spares and tools and cabinets  you have, which will ensure that they are used in the art of watchmaking for many years to come.

Unsure, just call us through our contact page above.

Contact us with a list and photos

Please contact us : CLICK HERE

Vinatge watch makers cabinet Wanted!

Vintage watch makers, old watch workshop, vintage watch parts

Watch Makers Tools Wanted!

Watch Makers Tools