The Time is Now

April 16, 2018 10:38 am

What time is it?

No, the answer is not ‘Hammer time’. (Only those of a certain generation will understand.)

Observing people as I do, not in  scary stalker kind of way, but through anthropological eyes, I have noticed that the majority of people, when asked for the time, look at their phone rather than their watch. I have been guilty of this myself. Regardless of what watch I may be wearing, my everyday small Cartier Tank Francaise, a quirky vintage with black leather strap or my fun and funky Snoopy watch, often, if someone asks me the time, or if I am curious as to what time it is, I glance at my phone.

what time is it

Now generally this phone checking method is a longer time telling process. A phone is either in a pocket or a bag and a button of some description needs to be pressed to enable the viewer to see the (usually) digital time.

Begging the question as I am then, why do we do it?

Why simply not turn a wrist, left or right wrist depending upon your preference, a few degrees closer to our eyes and check the time in a digital or analogue manner. Or, in the case of the Snoopy watch, at what angle he is hitting his tennis ball with his racket!

Aren’t we, as humans odd. Yes that is an anthropological term.

We specifically go out and purchase a watch, often researching or at least trying on various makes and models until we find the one that is ‘just right’. Sometimes these watches are of great monetary cost, other times they may be sentimental, such as a gift for a special occasion or from a departed loved one. We service our watch to ensure they are running the way in which they should and repair them if and when necessary.

Yet, when asked the question, of which the answer is the reason that you wear a watch upon your own wrist, you look at your phone?


What therefore is the point of wearing a watch?

Watches can be seen as a piece of jewellery and so one function is to be aesthetically pleasing, yet the main function of a watch is to inform its wearer of the time.

So, dear reader, I ask of you, next time someone asks you what the time is, or your yourself need to extract this information, look at your left or your right wrist, and enjoy looking at your watch. Admire the wrist wear that you have chosen. Enjoy the feel of the metal or the soft leather next to your skin. Savour the few seconds that you can watch the second had (if it has one) tick away. See if you can see something in your watch face that maybe you haven’t noticed before, such as the shape of the hands, the colours on the face and just enjoy this simple task. For those who follow mindfulness, use your knowledge of this to take the time to just look at your watch.

time now

An alternative, of course, if someone asks you time and you simply don’t have the time to survey your chosen wrist wear, the answer to the question posed, no matter what time of the day or the night that it may actually be, is ‘The time is NOW.”

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