Summer Wedding

Are you getting married this summer?

If you are having a summer wedding, here are a few points to add to your check list!I am sure wedding bands were high on your priority list, but how is your engagement ring looking? If, like me, you wear your ring all the time (hair washing, washing up, hand cream!) then it will definitely need a proper clean. Your ring white metal? I would recommend then having it re- rhodium plated. It will look as good as the day you said ‘yes’!Repairs By Post rhodium plating

Rhodium plating 


I am embarrassed to say that this is my ring! I know that I don’t look after it the way I should, but when I saw this picture I was horrified! Remember, your guests will all want that close up of your wedding band, so ensure your engagement ring looks as good as it should!

What other jewellery are you wearing with your dress? Earrings, necklace, bracelet? Are they your ‘something borrowed’? They are more than likely then to need a clean as well. You want them to enhance your outfit, not to look dull.



summer wedding jewellery cleaning


Our summer wedding, we wanted everything to shine



Have you got your usher/ bridesmaid/ parents gifts? How about having them engraved and adding that personal touch?

If Repairs By Post can help give your summer wedding that extra shine, then contact us or see our site.

And remember, make sure you enjoy your day!