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Rolex Watch Repairs

Rolex is a watch brand that needs no introduction. The Swiss luxury watchmaker has been designing and meticulously crafting exceptional watches for over 100 years. Founded in 1905, the trademark Rolex name was registered in 1908 by founder Hans Wilsdorf. Known for the vintage Rolex watches and classic, timeless designs you can still purchase today, Rolex remains one of the largest luxury watch brands.

In its extensive history, Rolex has achieved some impressive and incredible milestones. For example, in 1910, Rolex produced the first wristwatch in the world that received the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. Meticulous craftsmanship did not stop at impeccable timekeeping, Rolex also created and patented the first waterproof watch, the Oyster.

It is no surprise that Rolex delights collectors, enthusiasts and those who want a high-quality timepiece that will stand the test of time. The Rolex Datejust was the first self-winding wristwatch which included the date on the dial.

Rolex have made their name on the land, to the depths of the sea and the height of the skies. In 1953, Rolex designed the Submariner, the first divers’ watch that is waterproof up to 100 metres. In the sky, the GMT-Master was designed for aeronautical calculations, while on land, Rolex also reached the summit of Mount Everest with the summit team including Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

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Maintaining your Rolex

As every Rolex has been crafted to perfection, using high-quality materials, you know you have a watch that is built to last. The timeless designs and use of materials that transcends all fashion changes, even vintage Rolex watches can look as modern and functional as the ones you can purchase today. However, to make sure your Rolex wristwatch or vintage Rolex watch continues to perform at its best, it may need regular servicing or maintenance to ensure it works with the precision and accuracy that a Rolex service is known for.

What’s involved in a Rolex watch service?

When servicing a Rolex watch, you want to be sure that we have a team of skilled horologists at your disposal and a master watchmaker who has had or currently retains a Rolex service accreditation. To help retain its value, it is vital that our horologists use only genuine Rolex parts when available. We offer an experienced and highly-trained team of horologists, all of whom have a passion for the character and history of the Rolex brand.

As a leader in the industry, we conduct Rolex watch repairs to the highest standards, using Rolex techniques and where possible, genuine Rolex parts to ensure we restore you watch properly and make sure it retains its value, style and function for the future.

Whether your Rolex watch needs a simple servicing to keep it expertly clean and to operate smoothly or a restoration service, we can help.

Rolex Repair Price.

We asses each individual watch when they arrive in to our Rolex workshop, Each watch receives an individual estimate, based on the requirements for your  Rolex watch service.

We do have a basic price guide of a standard service cost for Rolex servicing. Please have a look at the Rolex repair price guide page here.

Vintage Rolex watch repair protection

With regular servicing, you can be sure that your watch lasts long into the future and retains its value. However, for complete peace of mind and as a testament to our skill and craft, we provide a 12 month guarantee for the work we carry out too.


Yes, we accept all major forms of payment across our range of services. Repairs By Post accept payments from most credit card providers. If you are unsure about any payment details, we encourage you to get in touch if you have any further queries.


Yes, you will be informed at each stage of the process – Upon receiving the query, upon receiving Your Rolex for repair, once Your Rolex repair is complete, and once the Rolex has been sent back to you.


This is a service which we provide as an optional extra. Our experts offer buffing as a service for any rolex watch. If you would like to find out more about how this service is completed, please refer to our watch repairs section.


There is no typical Rolex repair. It is dependent on the model and the damage to the watch. Some repairs may be a replacement of the bracelet; others might require attention to the movement. What is the same across them all is the attention to detail and quality of finish? Here is our Rolex service information page.

Rolex watch repairs and services

With our repairs by post service, you can enjoy expert Rolex watch repairs, wherever you are. We provide packaging to deliver your Rolex watch to our workshop with care. Your timepiece is then insured during its time in our watch lab while we conduct your Rolex service.

When your Rolex watch arrives at our workshop, we will firstly diagnostically inspect the timepiece and determine what needs addressing in order to restore your Rolex to provide optimal performance. Once any necessary repairs are conducted only using genuine parts, we will ensure that the watch is refurbished to a high-quality. Our master watchmaker will lubricate all the inner components to prevent wear and damage; the balance wheel will also be tested and calibrated.

The watch strap will undergo a meticulous cleaning process, any evidence of wear and tear can be refurbished and replaced as necessary. The watch mechanism is always carefully reassembled and reattached with new seals. To ensure high-quality service, your Rolex watch will be tested for accuracy and waterproofness to deliver the highest standard of repair.

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Rolex Insurance

Did you know we recommend a very experienced and expert insurance company for your Rolex watch insurance needs? Please visit our specialist insurance page here.


Mostly,  We use genuine Rolex parts where possible. Vintage Rolex will not always require original parts. Rolex now do a part exchange on parts – this means that to get the part necessary to complete the Rolex repair, the damaged part must be sent to Rolex for a new part to be sent back.


No, we provide only full Rolex repair services.


Yes, we have the capabilities to do bracelet adjustments to a number of watch brands. This service requires measurements. This will need to be provided before you watch arrives to our watch repair workshop as we will need to instruct the Rolex repairer.

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