Rolex Watch Repair Pricing

A Rolex watch is something to cherish, and should be treated as such. They are also built to last, but when something goes wrong, you want to know that an expert in Rolex watch repair is handling your watch repair and able to restore your broken timepiece to its former glory.

Our Rolex servicing is carried out by experienced hands in our advanced watch workshop in Manchester. Any watch repairs or watch services we are unable to carry out ourselves are passed on to accredited Rolex watch repair centres, ensuring that you always get the best Rolex watch service possible.

Rolex Watch Servicing – A Delicate Procedure

We understand the attachment owners have to their Rolex watches, so we thought we would try and assuage some fears by outlining the process that a Rolex going through when undergoing a Rolex watch repair or Rolex watch service. This procedure is similar to the procedures in place for other watch brands.

The checklist for the Rolex watch service includes stripping down the movement so that it can be carefully cleaned and lubricated with dedicated cleaning products. These take place in a special Rolex watch “bath”. Once the mechanisms have been cleaned, adjusted, and repaired, and once we have refitted them, ultrasonic cleaning methods are then used to ensure that the Rolex watch service is completed to the highest standard. Rolex is the largest supplier of COSC (Contrôle Suisse des Chronomètres) chronometer-certified movements in the world, so it is imperative to maintain their precision.

For those worried about the idea of their prized Rolex watch movement ending up in pieces, there is nothing to worry about. With over 25 years’ experience of watch repair, particularly Rolex watch repair, we can be comfortable vouching for the skill, precision, and care of each of our watch repair experts.

Specific Rolex Watch Repairs

For Rolex watch repairs focusing on particular issues, for example, a damaged bezel, we will move through a similar process while focusing on the area in particular that you have highlighted. Rolex are known for doing things a little differently, with their iconic Oyster cases, perpetual movements, and embracing of the modern style of ceramic bezels being just some of the areas they advance in.

In spite of this, our experts know how to handle a Rolex watch repair. This could mean refinishing the bracelet, refitting parts (such as the watch face) – with official parts wherever possible – or repairing or replacing a Rolex watch strap. All Rolex watch repairs finish with a monitoring of the Rolex watch before we return it to your care.

Rolex Watch Repair Pricing

Our Rolex watch repair prices are some of the most competitive available on the marketplace. The Rolex watch services and Rolex watch repair prices offered are listed below.

Rolex Watch Repair Prices

Services Price
Cosmograph Service from £589.99
Day/Date Service from £519.99
Professional Service from £536.99
Date Just Service from £479.99
Date Service from £479.99
Perpetual/ Airking Service from £389.99
Oyster Service from £429.99
Cellini Quartz Service from £389.99
Cellini Battery from £59.99

Rolex Tudor Service

Services Price
Tudor Quartz Service from £284.99
Tudor Chronograph Service from £354.99
Tudor Battery from £59.99

Non-official Rolex service only:

Services Price
Mechanical from £385.00
Chronograph from £490.00
Rolex Battery & reseal from £49.99