Rolex Watch Repair Faqs

Where can I send my Rolex for a Rolex repair?

Simple: send it to us. We have years of experience when it comes to Rolex repairs. No Rolex repair is beyond our experience, so get in touch and find out how we can get your Rolex back to full working order.

How long does the Rolex repair take?

Each Rolex repair is unique to the situation at hand. The length of time required to complete the Rolex repair depends on the extent of damage to the watch. Having said that, the average turnaround time on a Rolex repair is 4-6 weeks.

How often should I undertake a Rolex service?

Rolex provide a 5-year warranty of all watches, so within that time period is advised. If you have noticed a reduction in accuracy from your Rolex however, send it off. There is no point waiting for further degradation of functionality.

How much is a Rolex repair going to cost me?

Again, the price for a Rolex repair varies depending on the requirements and the model. Prices start from £280, but this is the minimum price. Get in touch with us to get a specialised quote for your model-specific Rolex repair.

Do you expect payment before you start working on my Rolex repair?3

Not on all occasions, we do occasionally take full payment prior, for Rolex parts or special orders or on completion and prior to dispatch of your Rolex repair .

We will communicate with you and provide a full estimate for free prior to any Rolex repair being carried out.

Do you accept credit card as a payment?

Yes, we accept all major forms of payment. This includes most credit card providers; but, do carry a service charge for Credit cards. get in touch should you have any further queries about payment options.

Are you going to contact me when you receive my Rolex?

Yes, you will be informed at each stage of the process – Upon receiving the query, upon receiving the Rolex for repair, once the Rolex repair is complete, and once the Rolex has been sent back to you.

Can you get rid of the scratches on my Rolex?

Yes, we provide buffing as a service for any Rolex. Look at our watch repairs section for further service and repair options that we provide.

What does a typical Rolex repair involve?

There is no typical Rolex repair. It is dependent on the model and the damage to the watch. Some repairs may be a replacement of the bracelet; others might require attention to the movement. What is the same across them all is the attention to detail and quality of finish.

What does a typical service involve?

You can find out more about what is involved in a typical Rolex service on our Rolex service page.

Who carries out the repair or service on my Rolex?

It depends on the Rolex repair required. Some will be undertaken in house at Repairs By post but, where necessary, we will send the Rolex watch to a Rolex brand repair centre.

Do you use genuine Rolex parts?

Yes, it is mandatory to use genuine Rolex parts as a Rolex watch repairs expert. Rolex do a part exchange on parts – this means that to get the part necessary to complete the Rolex repair, the damaged part must be sent to Rolex for a new part to be sent back.

Can you do partial repairs?

No, we provide only full Rolex repair services.

Can you do bracelet adjustments?

Yes, we have the capabilities to do bracelet adjustments. Measurements will need to provided so we can instruct the lazier how to complete the project. Average length of time for a Rolex bracelet adjustment is 6 to 7 weeks.