Omega watch repair London

Omega Watch Repairs London

Omega Watch Repairs

Stylish, innovative and unmistakable, Omega watches are iconic. The distinct timekeeping brand has crafted some of the world’s most important and influential watches. In Omega’s 160 year history, they have become well-known for creating and crafting genuinely incredible timepieces that are built to last.

Repairs By Post Omega Watch Repairs london, we can service and repair your timepiece by post so it can continue to offer the incredible performance that it’s known for.

Your Omega Watch.

In 1848 the Omega legacy began. Watchmaker Louis Brandt started creating watches focused on precision. It was in Switzerland that Brandt assembled key-wound pocket watches to sell to the demanding markets abroad.

The Omega brand became an instant success thanks to its revolutionary production method that allowed for interchangeable parts. It was the growing success that meant that Omega was no longer a brand under La Generale Watch Co. It was time for the Omega brand to become its own company; the Omega Watch Co.

Throughout its history, Omega has maintained its professionalism and precision throughout every timepiece to ensure the Omega brand is distinctive and instantly recognisable. This does not mean to say that Omega has been content with staying still, however. Whether creating chronograph movements or quartz movements, Omega has always been at the forefront of timekeeping excellence.

Whether your Omega watch is a Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, Railmaster or De Ville model or perhaps one of the specialities, our team of expert watchmakers can help to ensure your Omega watch continues to deliver timekeeping excellence. With each watch containing over 150 parts, watch care, repairs and servicing is an essential part of your Omega watch ownership.

Vintage Omega Repairs

Vintage Omega watches are a thing of beauty, crafted with time, attention and care. Vintage Omega watches should be cared for so that they continue to remain immaculately presented as well as being in working order.

Whether your watch is an Omega semi-hermetic moisture proof watch from the 1920s or an Omega Tonneau, a gold cushion Redhill or any other Omega heritage timepiece. Our team of experienced watchmakers have a great deal of experience with vintage Omega watches and will ensure to give your precious watch the care and attention that is deserved.

Omega Watch service London

Whether you wear your Omega watch every day or is treated as a special occasion watch, maintenance is essential to keep your watch running smoothly and lasting for generations. At Omega Watch Repairs, we recommend servicing your watch every four years to keep your high-quality Omega timepiece performing at its best.

Servicing helps to maintain the intricate parts and lubricate the movements to ensure the precise reacting that your watch is known for. With over 100 individual components delicately connected in your watch, a service helps to ensure that each element maintains its function and performs perfectly.

Our servicing team is committed to keeping your watch in showroom quality condition. Our careful and meticulous service covers every aspect, so your watch is returned to you as good as new.

No matter where in the country you are based, our postal repair service is available to your door

Omega Repair Options

Each watch in the Omega collection is special, whether it’s the watch from James Bond or the first watch on the moon, the Moonwatch. Whether your watch is a part of history, holds sentimental value or is the height of style and luxury, our repair service ensures it is handled by training Omega-specialist watchmakers to restore it to a flawless performance.

Battery replacement – Keeping your favourite timepiece running is essential. We undertake Omega watch battery repairs quickly and efficiently, using high-quality Omega specified parts. Once the battery is replaced, we carefully reassemble the watch and ensure its back to a refined condition that we are proud of. We guarantee that your wrist is bare for only a minimal amount of time.

Resealing and pressure testing – If there has been a gap or a crack has formed on your Omega watch then post your Omega timepiece to us where we can conduct a resealing repair and test the pressure to what is specified on your dial or on the back of the Omega case.

Misting – If your watch has started to mist, we can test in hot and cold shock environments as well as a wet pressure test to find the source of misting and find the appropriate strategy to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

Recasing – We can recase your dial and movement into a new casing that is an original factory part to maintain your warranty and the originality of your watch. There may be many reasons why a new watch case is necessary, whatever the reason we will make sure that it is to your satisfaction and meets our incredibly high standards. Once assembled, we conduct required resistance checking to ensure your watch is as good as new.

Damage – Whether through an accident or poor repair, we can help to restore your Omega watch to showroom condition. We always use the right tools for the job to prevent damage and scratches. We will never rush a repair job and ensure our instruments are calibrated to a high standard so you can be sure we won’t use blunt devices that aren’t fit for purpose when repairing your Omega timepiece.

Bracelet – Through wear or damage, we can replace the bracelet of your watch. For scratches and cosmetic damage, we can polish and regrain your Omega watch bracelet, so it comes up with showroom shine and an exquisitely polished appearance.

Movement timing – If your Omega watch is running too fast or too slow, we can help to restore precise movement in your watch.  From calibrating, oiling and resetting the movement, we ensure your watch follows our sophisticated Swiss timing machines. Once restored, we will conduct a 24-hour test to make sure the movement is 100% accurate before posting back to you.

Omega Watch Servicing Process

Once we’ve received your Omega timepiece in the post, the servicing begins by carefully dismantling the case and taking apart the movement. Each component is cleaned and oiled to restore precision to the movement. We then use powerful ultrasonic cleaning equipment to revive the case and bracelet to its original glean and shine.

After a thorough clean and inspection of all parts, dials and hands are reassembled, and when applicable we test and replace the gaskets of the watch. Once the watch is wholly reassembled and fastened, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure excellent functionality. We check the mechanics, pressure and water resistance subject to your requirements and the abilities of the watch. Once we’re happy that your timepiece is restored to former glory, we will polish the glass and conduct any necessary repairs to the clasp or bracelet that you have specified.

Depending on the service provided, we will issue a guarantee up to 24 months and return your item via post, ensuring it is kept secure and safe through transit. For additional peace of mind, your account will show each stage of the servicing process so that you can keep track of our repair