Ring Repairs

At Repairs By Post, we appreciate how important your jewellery collection is to you. Over the years you may have build up a collection of jewellery pieces that has been constructed with love and nostalgia.

We are often approached by customers who are uncertain about their broken jewellery’s fate and at Repairs By Post we believe that every ring deserves a second chance. Jewellery often marks an important time of our life;

whether it be an engagement ring or a precious air loom that has been passed down, make sure that it is sent away for periodical maintenance.

If your ring is damaged, doesn’t fit right or is starting to wear, our ring specialists are here to help you.  We have over 30 years of experience working with rings, from bespoke rings to simple gold wedding bands. We offer our customers the best prices in the online jewellery repair and would be happy to supply you with an estimated cost.


In most cases, fine jewellery is bought to be cherished. With something like a wedding band that is worn every day, sometimes 24/7, it is not uncommon for it wear over time.

Jewellery is often broken when we least expect it and customers often approach us not knowing what caused their ring to break. Has your ring been scratched or damaged? Before it is permanently damaged we would recommend sending it off for a service as soon as possible.

We understand that parting from something as special as an engagement or wedding ring can be difficult as it may be with you 24 hours a day but the sooner it is sent away for repair the sooner it will be back to you, looking as good as new.

Has the stone been broken in your ring? If you find you are a missing a gem or stone, we will search for replacement gems and stones. Making sure your ring looks just as stunning as before we will match the cut the colour as well as the size of stone.

Are you looking for diamond ring repair? While your ring is at Repairs By Post we will replace the gems and stones that are required and check the claws/setting of any other stones, to ensure no damage will be caused due to the replacement.


START -Tell us about your ring/jewellery before sending it to us, we will be to provide you with an estimated cost for repair.

SEND – Send us your ring/jewellery in a secure package. Remember to take a picture of your postal receipt and attach it to your Repairs By Post account.

WE REPAIR – Keep updated! Track your repair with our online system, every stage of your ring/jewellery’s repair will be documented on your personal account

Don’t hide your precious ring out of plain site. By sending your watch to us you are one step closer to wearing your beloved ring once again. Whatever the issue is a member of our repairs team will talk you through all of your options.

Not only do we repair damaged rings, but we can also replace it’s ring shank if necessary. At Repairs By Post we offer our customer a selection of quality assured rings shanks. We can repair rings made from metals including Platinum and 18ct gold.

Whatever condition your ring is in, we would happy to look at it for you. Our repairs lab has seen a number of rings that have been able to be worn again. Has your ring had to be cut off? Has it suffered from wear and tear? By sending it to Repairs By Post we will be able to give it the second chance it deserves.


Do you have a ring at home lying damaged and unloved? At Repairs By Post, our specialist team can help you bring your ring back to life.

The results that can be achieved from ring repair are incredible and many of our customers have been left amazed with the repair on their wedding ring or engagement pieces. We pride ourselves as a quality jewellery repairer, working with some of the world’s biggest jewellery brands day-in-day-out.

Our goal is to return your ring back to you faultless – you will not be able to see where is has been fixed! We offer our customers the best service in the ring repair market as we only use the same metal as the ring is made of. Like many jewellers we recommend that if you are having a white gold ring repaired that it is re-rhodium plated afterwards. This service can be completed if the colour of your ring is faded and dull and once completed your ring will look as good as new.


Considering having your ring serviced?

By sending your ring to Repairs By Post for servicing means that you are preventing any damage from happening to your ring. If your ring means a lot to you then you will be happy to know that while it is with us we will check any aspects of the ring which might be in need of repair.

There are many things that may cause your ring to break if it is not cared for properly.

The claws around your stone can often wear and it may cause the stone to slip or in the worst case scenario, fall out. Save time and money by having your ring serviced and cleaned regularly.

Before your ring is sent back to you will make sure that all aspects of it are secure and in place. If your ring does need work completed, we will phone you to discuss your options as it may just need to be slightly adjusted.

Our team are professional repairers and will give you honest advice on the best way to fix your broken ring. We believe our business is so successful as we aim to return all pieces back to customers in the best possible condition possible.


Rings can be extremely delicate and they should always be treated with special care. Over the years your rings will suffer from wear and tear and you will be surprised by how easily this can happen. If your ring is starting become dull and lacking sparkle it may need to be send for jewellery cleaning.

Lotions, perfumes, and paint can all damage the condition of your ring and over the years these things may slip into the nooks and crannies of your ring. You may think that these things are not scratching the surface, but it may be causing damage that you can’t see. We also provide a ring cleaning service.

This is the main reason why you should clean your ring periodically. Our specialists will be able to look at your ring and check if any major damage is happening underneath the surface of your stone. If you think your ring is already too damaged, there may be something that our team can do. With over 30 years’ experience in ring repair, you will be amazed with our results.


A ring is something that can last a lifetime if cared in the right way. You can extend the life of your jewellery by having it periodically serviced. At Repairs By Post we provide a number of services that will help keep your ring in the best shape possible.

Just like rings, other pieces of jewellery that you may have at home can be repaired and cleaned by our specialists. If you are looking for advice on keeping your jewellery in great condition, here are few tips that have been supplied by our Repairs By Post team.

  • Earrings can be tricky to look after. We often lose earrings out of carelessness and some can go missing after their backs have been switched. Make sure that your earrings are in best condition by sending them to us for a professional cleaning.
  • Engraving can make or break a timepiece. Is a piece of your jewellery suffering from dull engraving? Make sure that before the engraving on your jewellery completely disappears, that it is sent our engravers who can go back over and re-engrave the details that once meant so much to you.
  • Many of us are given necklaces that we struggle to wear. This is most likely due to the necklace being too long or short. Remember that a necklace can always be shorted and in some cases, it can even be extended. Why go to the trouble of buying a new necklace when fixing the necklace, you love can be so easy.
  • Has you grown out of a ring over the years? Don’t forget about it, contact our ring resizing service.
  • Do you feel like the clasp on your jewellery is letting you down? It can be heart breaking to lose a piece of jewellery. If you are worried that one of your favourite pieces may slip away from you, we can help you stop this from happening. Send us your piece of jewellery and we will fix or replace the clasp.
  • Make sure that if one of your precious rings has a missing stone that it is sent for ring repair as soon as possible. Our ring repair team will help bring your favourite piece back to life, meaning there is no reason why is should be stored, never to be seen again in an old box for the rest of time.


Our jewellery repair team have the experience which is required for bespoke ring repair. Prices may vary depending on the repair, contact us today for an estimate price.


Using Royal Mail Tracked and Return Service or Special Delivery, your item is safe and secure.


Our repair prices are competitive. We will match or beat any written quotation.*


You will be able to see on your account what stage your item is at.