Jewellery Polishing Services


We highly recommend our jewellery polishing service. If your item is starting to look past its best, or worn and faded, or even scratched, having them polished can make them look clean and bright and restore them to showroom condition. The difference between jewellery cleaning and jewellery polishing, is that we are able to polish out most scratches. This is especially effective on items such as rings which you wear everyday.

Should we find any issues with your jewellery when it comes into be polished we will contact you straight away and discuss the problem and more importantly, the solution with you. We are able to repair broken claws, clasps, links etc. Please take a look at our jewellery repair page for a full list of the services which we offer.

We do recommend that you send in any jewellery that you wear together, for example do not just send your engagement ring if you wear it next to a wedding band. Once you get your polished jewellery back, your other jewellery tends to look very dull!

If you have any questions about our jewellery polishing service or any of the other repair services that we offer, please contact us. We are always happy to help and discuss the various options that are available to you.


Using Royal Mail Tracked and Return Service or Special Delivery, your item is safe and secure.


Our repair prices are competitive. We will match or beat any written quotation.*


You will be able to see on your account what stage your item is at.