Jewellery Claws Re-tipped

Claws Retipped

Claws  secure your diamond or sapphire, emerald or topaz and are often worn from everyday use. To keep your stone safe and secure you may you need your claws re-tipped.

Your claws should be checked on a regular basis, not only by simply looking at them, but also by feeling them. Often by feeling them you may detect that one is slightly ‘rough’ or sharp.

We recommend you claws re-tipped every few years depending on wear.

The tips are re made and soldered on to ensure your stone stays in place, often rhodium plated.

Ensure that you check your rings, earrings and any pendants that have a similar setting on a regular basis, especially the ones that you wear everyday. Earrings especially get forgotten about. Should you fail to have your claws re-tipped when necessary, your stone can become loose, could cause further damage to your ring, earring or pendent and in the worst case, could fall out.

If you have sent us your ring, earring or pendent for another repair, our jewellers will always check the claws around the stone to make sure they are keeping your stone secure.

As with all of our repairs, we are always happy to speak to our customers, so if you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will happily discuss all your options.

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