Jewellery Repairs

We understand how important your jewellery is to you and when you require jewellery repairs, you want to send it to a trustworthy company. Whatever your jewellery repair may be, we are able to help.

We are able to repair your broken ring, broken necklace, damaged bracelet, broken chain, re size your ring larger or smaller, re-claw, re-tip and set diamonds or stones, replace diamonds, replace stones.

In addition, we re plate using the latest rhodium plating, in white gold, or red gold or in most other colours available. Many items that people think are beyond repair are in fact reparable. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. We always give you honest advice and explanations as to the work needed. See below for a comprehensive list of jewellery repairs we offer.


As well as jewellery repairs, we offer a re-design service. This can be used in two ways. If you would like the opportunity to design a unique piece of jewellery, making just for you, we are able to design and produce your perfect item, whatever your budget. Or, if you have jewellery that you no longer wear, you can utilise your unused jewellery including the stone and the preciosu metal (gold, platinum) to create an entirely new piece of jewellery. Prices for this service depend entirely on what is being designed and what, if any metal or stones are being ‘recycled.’ Often we get told by our customers that they have visited other jewellers and they are not able to help as a repair is too complex or delicate.

Our experienced jewellers are always happy to assess your items and are happy to discuss your needs with you. Please contact us by phone or email, sending images of your jewellery if you are able to. Or click on Start Your Repair directly below and begin your repair journey with us.

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