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Jewellery Re-design

April 6, 2016 12:26 pm

How jewellery re-design can help you remember your loved ones

My grandma was a very special lady.

She had 3 children, 9 grandchildren and she knew 6 of her now 8 great-grandchildren. She was very loved and she gave a lot of love. At one time she emigrated to sunnier climes, but returned to the UK with her family; that would always remain her home.

Her husband tragically passed away from a sudden heart attack in his 50s, leaving her shocked and saddened. However, she carried on living, enjoying her children and her grandchildren.

When her grandchildren grew, got married and had children of their own she was delighted. One was named in loving memory of her late husband.

Like many of her generation, she lived through the blitz and was believer in the ‘make – do and mend’ attitude.

Her baking was sensational and still now my mum (her daughter) and me compete to make the best ginger cake, which was her specialty. Although I have come close, I have never matched the texture of hers. I have her recipe, but she always must have added a special grandma ingredient.

When she passed away after being ill for a while, an illness she fought with bravery and dignity. Visiting her in the hospital you could hear her say, “Not that dressing gown, I want the other colour one today,” as if she was getting dressed to go out, or “No, you can’t come in the room, I haven’t put my teeth in yet”. Others would call her elegant, I would just laugh with her until I cried, to me she was just ‘Granny’.

Once she knew how ill she was, and that she was ‘on her way out’ she gave all the children and grandchildren items which she knew we would treasure.

jewellery re design
To my mum she gifted her engagement ring and wedding band, two items that we all knew she treasured most in the world. They were, after all, given to her by the only man she ever loved, her husband Jack. Knowing how important these items were, my mum did not want to keep them for herself, but wished to share with myself and my sister. She wanted them to be worn and enjoyed, just as Grandma had done, and so we decided to have the diamonds and gold from the rings made into a necklace. My sister would wear it at her wedding, which our Grandma knew she would never see. She would wear it with pride, knowing how wonderful our Grandma was, with sadness knowing she was not there to see her marry, and with happiness knowing that there was still a part of Grandma there on that special day. My mum and I have both worn it at various happy occasions. That is what the necklace is for, to be worn and enjoyed. It is a way for us to remember our Grandma, for me to explain to my children who it belonged to and why I tear up every time I put it on.

I hope that Grandma would approve of the design (pictured above). I’m sure she would.

I would urge anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation; either they have been gifted an item(s) that they do not or cannot wear or they have their own jewellery that they no longer like, to reinvent it, to have their jewellery re-designed using our bespoke service. Our wonderful jeweller who made our pendent was very patient when we were deciding on the design as he appreciated how important the jewellery was.

Please contact RepairsByPost for more information on the Jewellery re-design service.

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