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Eyes of a Magpie

December 10, 2015 9:33 am

How much do we judge people by what they wear?

My wife has the eyes of a magpie.

Anything shiny and she hones in on it, like an animal catching its pray. She will then observe items of clothing, shoes and other accessories.

I too have the eyes of the black and white bird, but mine focus on something much more specific…watches (no prizes for those who got the answer).

People often surprise me by wearing a time piece that I do not expect them to wear. It maybe a vintage piece or just something slightly quirky. Using my usual subtle technique, at a meeting a few days ago I noticed a grown man wearing a Swatch Watch +Swatch . Luckily he was unaware of me viewing his unusual wrist wear and then the look of confusion on my face that followed. Why would a well dressed (suit and tie wearing, even a knitted v neck) choose to wear a Swatch Watch….and it was even lime green!

Now I have nothing against Swatch Watches, I even used to wear one (back in the day) and I know my wife was a huge fan of the Pop watch and gathered a collection of them.

However, should such frivolity…lime green, be permitted in the office? Surely this is more suitable for the weekend.

I don’t want to sound all judey and self righteous, I’m really not. I’m just curious I suppose.

And we all know what happened to the cat who was….

I must add that the man in question was very adept and his lime green swatch did in no way prevent him from doing in job in a most professional manner.

So maybe then I shouldn’t have been so quick in my negative assessment of him.

If I see him again I will apologise (tis the season of good will and all that)

But I’m sure he won’t care what I think.

I’m sure he doesn’t care what most people think which is why he wears the watch he does. And good for him!

Although I don’t care a huge amount what other people think of me, it is something I am aware of, and so I’m not quite so brave, but in honour of the lime green Swatch and the man wearing it, today I have worn lime green socks!

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