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The many styles of Engagement rings

April 24, 2018 11:33 am

Engagement rings

With wedding season upon us yet again and the upcoming royal wedding, our attention is firmly on Engagement rings!

Styles of Engagement Rings

The average cost of an engagement ring is now just over £2000. Not everyone will receive ‘the’ ring upon their proposal and there has been a 6% increase since the year 2000 of people using placeholder rings, until that perfect engagement ring has been purchased. (Study conducted by Ripe Insurance). Styles of engagement rings vary considerably, from the traditional one single stone solitaire, a more vintage looking design, a halo effect and of course those which take inspiration from the royals. Research conducted by the Express showed that 49% preferred the soon to be bride Meghan Markle’s 3 stone ring (valued at approximately £120,000), compared to 35% preferring the Cartier sapphire and diamond ring that graces the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge (valued at approximately £300,000). For most women, their engagement ring, is one of their most prized possessions.

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Whilst Prince William opted to give his bride his mother’s engagement ring, Prince Harry opted for a more creative approach. The middle cushion cut stone of 3-4 carats was from Botswana and the smaller .75 stones are from Diana’s collection. Both rings have lovely a sentiment, remembering their mother.

Our expert jewellers can advise and design a unique ring for you, using your diamonds, or other stones, such as a Sapphire as in Kate’s ring, or even an Emerald like Wallis Simpson had in her engagement ring, or we can source the right diamond for you.

Yet, although these beautiful rings are such an important piece of jewellery, we receive so many phone calls and emails about broken engagement rings. The most common problem is loose stones, or even more problematic, stones that have fallen out and need replacing.

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What you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen to your ring.

Check the claws

If your stone is in a claw setting, regularly check the claws which surround your ring. They are there to protect your stones so as soon as you notice that they have either moved or the top tip has broken, you need to get the claws on your ring repaired.

Regular cleaning

Regardless of how much your ring cost, you want it to sparkle always. Regular cleaning will get rid of any of the day to day grime. We recommend warm water with a bit of washing up liquid and an old toothbrush to get into the nooks and cranny’s. If your ring comes to us for repair, we will give it a thorough clean.


A few weeks before your wedding, or any other important event, you can send your ring into us and we will thoroughly clean it for you in our ultra-sonic machine. If your ring is white gold, you may wish to have it rhodium plated, to look like new.

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