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Engagement Ring re-sizing

April 12, 2016 12:52 pm

We get some beautiful rings in to repair.

Engagement Ring Re-sizing is one of my personal favorites as I like to know the stories that go with the proposal.

We re-size them, mend the claws, rhodium plate them, all so that the wearer is happy with their ring and safe in the knowledge that the stone isn’t going to fall out.

Most rings we repair are engagement rings.

Now, if you’re like me, your rings are on your finger and do not come off. I wash my hair, clean the house even put on lotion, all without removing my ring.

Why do we not look after such an important piece of jewellery?

I should, in theory remove before plunging my hands into a sink of fairy bubbles (liquid not an imaginary small flying person), or slapping that Sanctuary body lotion on- but I don’t.

These engagement rings are not just bands of metal, they tell a story.

ring re-sizing
They tell the story of the proposal. That heart in mouth, cannot think of anything else, OMG moment when you are finally asked the question which you have been waiting for.

We have heard some lovely stories of proposals.

We even received a video of a lady from Lancashire whose boyfriend at the time (now hubby) proposed on white horse!

A valued customer, Mrs M, has her jewellery cleaned by us (pictured above just after her engagement and with her wedding band at her wedding).  Her boyfriend took her away for her birthday and popped the question!

wedding ring repair
“It’s such an important piece of jewellery, it has to be looked after. It’s didn’t quite fit, so I had to have it made a bit smaller, then, just before my wedding I had it cleaned. I wear it every day so it was pretty disgusting! I wanted to make sure that it looked it’s best on the day.”

“The customer service I received was fantastic!”

If you would like your jewellery cleaned or your ring re-sized by Repairs By Post, visit our site, or contact us.


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