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Making Life Easier

May 2, 2017 1:06 pm

Everything is better when you…..

I am fed up with being told what to do. Click on anyone of your preferred social media outlets and there will be some company or individual promising to drastically change your life by dressing better, eating better, exercising better, cleaning your skin better, buying better stuff etc etc etc etc, yawn!


However (no, wait, I am not preaching!) I know what makes my life better.

What makes my life easier

My Ocado delivery makes my life better. It prevents me from having to drag my 2 kids around the supermarket, thus saving my sanity (as well as my money).

My Amazon account makes my life better. I can order what I need within 2 clicks and I know it will be delivered to a convenient address, work, home or even my parents house!

My John Lewis and Marks and Spencer account. Similar to Ocado, anything that means I can do something fun (and maybe even educational) with my kids at the weekend is going to be of a huge bonus to me.


Easy watch and jewellery repairs

It is on this theme that I am going to suggest (still no preaching), if you have not already, take a look at RepairsByPost. Send you watch or jewellery to us and you will not have to trawl your kids/other half around the High Street on a rainy Saturday morning, only to have to go back on another rainy Saturday morning to collect it weeks later. View our customer feedback for unbiased reviews on our service, repairs and repair process.

Getting your watch or jewellery repaired may not be much fun to you, it is probably an inconvenience, but as it needs to be done, you may as well make it as easy for yourself as possible!

I am not telling you what to do to improve your life, I am proposing a website that may just make your life a little bit easier. And easier is good!

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