Diamond Setting Jewellery Repairs

Repairs By Post is the UK’s leading watch repair and jewellery alterations specialist by post in the UK. Our workshop consists of industry leading and specialist tools to ensure that all diamond setting work is carried out with the utmost of professionalism and care to make sure your jewellery is repaired to look brand new.

With Repairs By Post, you know you are getting an outstanding service. We understand that time is precious, and that you do not always have the time to crawl the high street in search of jewellers who will complete diamond setting services correctly and at an affordable price.

Diamond Setting Types

Diamond settings come in a variety of forms, with different ring styles often meaning that any approach to a repair is unique to each specific jewellery type. At Repairs By Post, our expert jewellers have vast industry experience across many jewellery types, metals and designs to reassure you that your diamond will be set correctly in your jewellery.

Ring Stone Setting Repairs

stone setting
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Thanks to the expertise and skills our staff have acquired over 30 years in the industry you will have complete peace of mind when sending your Diamond setting repair to us for repair. We only employ master jewellers and specialise in the exacting details diamond setting and jewellery repairs.

Diamond setting repairs are the most common setting repairs carried out. Whether for engagement rings, weddings rings, or vintage rings, Repairs By Post isn’t just limited to diamond setting, with a range of gemstones also being covered by our team, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds all frequently being set back into position in rings.


Different designs are also covered, with stone setting on solitaire set rings, bezel set rings and halo set rings being just some of the services we undertake on a daily basis.

Necklace Stone Setting Repairs

Repairs By Post also complete stone setting repairs on necklaces. If jewellery has been made to endure more than it was designed for, then stones becoming dislodged from their clasps is a real risk. Stones can also be removed from their position due to clasp damage, which would also need to be repaired. Luckily, the Repairs By Post team offers a host of jewellery repairs services.

Earring Stone Setting Repairs

Just like any jewellery, earrings risk losing stones that have become dislodged, or removed due to clasp damage.

Whether stud earrings, or drop earrings, our experts work with silver, platinum and gold materials everyday

Repairs By Post is an industry leader in jewellery repairs. How easy to use system allows you to start your repair now by letting us know exactly what you need us to do for you. Contact the team for more information today about our diamond setting services.