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Could you work with your husband?

March 9, 2016 1:54 pm

Working with my husband


Having only ever worked together for a few odd days here and there, when my husband asked if I would come and work with him 4 days a week I initially jumped at the opportunity. So I asked myself,

Could I work with my husband? Ask yourself, could you work with your husband?

I looked after our 2 children (now 5, the 3 year old now in pre-school) and so I thought it actually saved me a job of having to find a ‘proper job’ that would be flexible enough to accommodate our family life.

Although our business, RepairsByPost (the site you are on!), which repairs jewellery and watches was not my ideal career choice, I would be able to manage the website and general digital marketing whilst he does the repairing.

 Arguing with my husband!

However, two months on, after the initial honeymoon period was over, the arguments began. It seemed we spoke two different languages. Whilst I don’t want to sound sexist, he could not multi task well, and one simple ask soon turned into a mission. We just seemed to speak a different language most of the time. Thinking that our roles would be quite separate, they turned out to be quite intertwined and was a big problem for us!

We would argue over stupid stuff and this would continue into our home life.
Being all too aware of the importance of our new business working, the stress, the working all hours began to take its toll on both of us.

I love my husband dearly and I know that he loves me, but we had to find a way to make our working relationship and our marriage work well together.

And so we did, but it was not easy!

Crying with my husband!

We talked, we shouted, we cried, I walked away, I came back, we argued some more and slowly over the next few weeks we created our own rhythm.

I stopped feeling guilty for having to leave work earlier than him to pick up the children from school and do the household chores. He realised that I needed more help doing these chores and so dedicated some of his time to helping me at home.

I am sure that there are other couples who have chosen to work together. For us it has been difficult and continues to have its wobbles, but on the whole we are doing well. The business, whilst still in its infancy is getting there. Our house doesn’t always look like a bomb has hit it, but dinner is often just a jacket potato or soup. We continue to try.

Our commitment to our customers remains strong, as does our love for our family.

Update- November

Well, we are both still here, enjoying all that running your own business has to offer. We both have a few more grey hairs (well, Jonathan has lots), a few more wrinkles, but, and this is the important point; more happy customers. Our business is so varied. In one day we can have enquiries about a vintage Rolex watch repair, an Armani watch repair, a jewellery redesign and a sentimental ring repair. More often than not it is the sentimental value of the item that matters more than the financial. I completely understand this. One of my own most precious pieces is a ring my Grandma gifted me, which was her mothers. It is very little material value, but it is hugely important to me. Because of this appreciation for any watch or item of jewellery, we handle all watches and jewellery we receive with the utmost care and keep you updated throughout the repair process.

This is why we do what we do.

This is why we love what we do (and we don’t mind the grey hair too much!)



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