Business Partners

New business opportunity in the USA, Canada, Europe and internationally

International Watch Repair Business Partners

Repairs By Post is a leading watch repairs and servicing provider in the UK, and actively seeks business partners internationally. As our profile grows as a result of continued marketing activities, such as SEO and PPC, we are seeing our reach expand beyond our shores and to new markets where we haven’t previously experienced a customer base.

European Business Opportunity

Repairs By Post is expanding our presence into Europe more and more each year. While we very much accommodate all enquiries we receive from Europe, we are anticipating the European demand to continue accelerating. With this, we are seeking partners in Europe with who we can grow with, with master franchise opportunities available, as well as individual franchises.

North American Business Opportunity

As Europe comes knocking on our door, sights have been set firmly on the USA and Canada. The increase in European activity has continued across the Atlantic to North America, with equal opportunities for growth. Franchise opportunities are available on a per state basis. We are also looking for a Business Partner or Business Angel in North America.

If you are interested in forging a business partnership with Repairs By Post, please email [email protected], and direct your email in the way our our Managing Director Jonathan Goldstone.

Proof of funds will be required in order to proceed with any enquiry in regards to any franchise opportunities. Alternatively, call +44(0)1612936000