TW Steel Watch Repairs and Services


Have you recently purchased your TW Steel timepiece? Investing in watch maintenance means your timepiece will last for years longer. We have made our repairs system easy to follow and we would be more than happy to chat about your repair today.

Would you like to find out more about us? Here is how our convenient repairs system works:

Free and Secure Postage – Send us your watch today with our free postage package. Remove the hassle from watch repair by sending us your watch from your nearest post office.

Make sure that your watch is sent via Royal Mail. This service will be tracked and our return service is included.

  • Track Your Watch Repair – We will keep you in the loop throughout the watch repairs process! Track your watch repair in the account section of our website.
  • We repair – Leave the difficult bit to us and we will get your watch repair back to you as soon as possible. With our watch service, there is no need for collection, once repaired; we return your watch or jewellery to you.
  • Unbeatable Prices – Our Repairs By Post team have over 30 years’ experience in watch repair. Find a better price on TW Steel repair or servicing, please let us know as we will match or beat any written quotation. Find out TW Steel prices at the bottom of the page.


Our watch repair team would be happy to help with any of your enquiries, for more information about watch servicing, contact us today for more information.


Watch straps may wear and tear over the years. If you are the owner of a leather watch that has fade or snapped. It can easily be replaced by Repairs By Post.

At Repairs By Post, we can replace the straps of multiple watch brands including TW Steel watch straps. Leather watch straps can be maintained by avoiding contact with water or sweat.


Make sure you are maintaining your TW steel watch to best of your ability. Your TW Steel watch should give you years of wear, as long as you have it serviced at least every 3 years.

TW Steel watch batteries are estimated to last for up to two years. At Repairs By Post we suggest that if your watch needs a new battery, have it checked by a member of our team as soon as possible. This is our general advice to any watch owner as dead cells inside of your watch can harm the movement.

Do you own a water resistant TW Steel model? If so, TW Steel recommend that you you’re your watches seals checked at least every 2 years. If you wear your TW Steel timepiece and whilst bathing, to ensure its water resistance have it checked annually.

Our horologists will be able to perform a TW Steel battery replacement in no time at all. We have a wonderful customer rating and we have been recommended by hundreds of customers. With thirty years’ experience behind us we guarantee that your repair will be completed to a high quality standard in a reasonable amount of time.


A TW Watch can give its owner years if enjoyment, however, there are number of things the brand recommends to keep it ticking over.

  • Make sure your TW Steel watch is kept clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Avoid spraying or applying perfumes, spirits or petroleum liquids near or on to your watch. These type of substances have the ability to damage watch seals, watch straps and cases.
  • It is important that the crown on your TW Steel watch, which is used to change the hands/date on your timepiece, is properly pushed inwards at all times. This will make sure water or dust does not penetrate your watch.
  • Avoid situations that could scratch your TW Steel watch as scratching may eventually affect its case or bracelet.
  • Remove your watch before undertaking heavy physical work.
  • Avoid exposing your timepiece to rapid changes in temperature.
  • While your watch is off of your wrist, store it in a cool dry place.


TW Steel watches are extremely strong as they are made out of an incredibly durable steel. From the brand’s Canteen collection to their CEO collection, TW Steel offer high quality timepieces made with a superior supply of steel.

The steel finish on TW Steel pieces gives them a distinctive shine. This is not the only recognisable thing about the brand as they believe bigger is better. A TW Steel watch is designed to stand out and is not made for those who like to blend into the background. TW Steel watches are bigger in size, bold in design yet they are extremely sophisticated.

Make sure that your TW Steel timepiece is serviced regularly to keep its glow. We offer both a watch cleaning and jewellery cleaning service here at Repairs By Post that will help you keep your finest pieces shining. We are always happy to help and discuss the various options that are available to you, contact us today for more details.


TW Steel are known for creating masculine styled pieces. Underneath the bold design of their watches lies some of the most innovative and consistent watch technology that is available.

TW work have created their watches using forms of Japanese and Swiss watch technology. This infusion of knowledge makes TW Steel one of the most advanced brands within its price bracket.

This type of technology should be cared for. Much like you would send your car away for MOT, a watch should be looked after appropriately.

At Repairs By Post we offer our customers a full service. Our services include a complete cleaning and re-oiling of movements. We will also replace any parts that may be failing, including your watches springs and balances.


Make sure you follow the water resistance guides that adhere to your TW Steel timepiece. The following list displays what you can and cannot do with your TW Steel timepiece in respect of water resistance.

The ATM (atmosphere) measure is engraved on the back of each TW Steel model.

Resistance (ATM)       Allowed

3          Washing hands, rain

5          Swimming

10        Diving

20        Scuba diving

** not recommended: sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi


“It’s not a watch, it’s a statement.”

TW Steel is driven by entrepreneur and watch enthusiast Jordy Cobelens. TW Steel thank Jory Cobelens on their website stating that he “has an infectious enthusiasm for connecting and growing the TW Steel network across the globe.”

TW Steel aim to create affordable time pieces that are built with the best quality of watch components.

It is Jordy Cobelens father, Ton Cobelens, who is the creative mastermind of the brand and has been responsible for the visualisation of the TW Steel style since it has been founded. Ton has over 20 years’ experience in advertising and when he was handling global watch accounts, he was inspired to create his own brand. This family business believe that their closeness and pride runs throughout the company.


This Dutch watch brand was founded in 2005, however, Ton’s history in watch design and marketing stretches back to 1980. Ton has worked with other well-known watch brands including Raymond Weil & Maurie Lacroix.

The brand claim embraces their modern background and are “Unashamed to be different and taking strength from size, we’ve carved a new timeline in the watch market”

Ton stepped into the watch market with a knowledge of what customers want. Creating timepieces made with steel, they have developed a product that has its very own style. Each TW Steel timepiece functions with Swiss quality standard.


TW Steel have been creating timepieces made for millennials for over ten years. TW Steel are well endorsed and have made some of the most popular fashion watches in the world.

TW Steel started small with four basic models, and over the years it has expanded into more than 35 different countries. A TW Steel watch is known for being both bigger in size and being made top-quality steel.

Not only are TW Steel watches, tough, they are incredibly masculine. The Netherlands-based watchmaker has been given the nod of approval from some of the world’s most recognisable race car drivers and they have said that they make watches for “people who drive fast, really fast”.


Time is definitely on TW Steels side as they are destined to be around for many more years.  This young brand is enthusiast and have an incredible knowledge of the watch industry right now.

TW Steel have collaborated with a number of Hollywood superstars and are continually creating innovative designs that appeal to modern watch enthusiasts.

At Repairs By Post we specialise in offering TW Steel watch repairs and services that match the quality, precision and high standards of the original manufacturers. Enjoy the convenience and speed of our postal watch repair service, all of which is backed by over 30 years of industry experience in repairing high value watches and jewellery.

Sending your TW Steel watch to us is easy and safe thanks to our secure postal pack. Our shipping methods include a range of insurance levels, allowing you to scale your postal insurance to match the value of your watch and make sure you enjoy peace of mind throughout the entire watch repair process.

Below you can find our estimated prices for our most common TW Steel watch repairs and services. While we strive to be as accurate as possible, different watch types can sometimes demand different levels of time and attention, as such we give these prices as close guidelines rather than exact figures.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your watch repairs. You can find answers to some of our most common questions in our FAQ.