Rolex Submariner Watch Repair

A Rolex watch is instantly recognisable, admired, respected and valued globally. A company focused on creating the perfect timepiece, Rolex continue to strive towards maintaining their status as the industry leaders in manufacturing and production of watches that are cherished all over the world. Each Rolex watch is a work of art in design, technology, innovation, and craftsmanship. They say it takes an entire year to make one Rolex watch. You can’t rush perfection after all.

The amount of work that goes into creating a Rolex Submariner means that repairing one is no simple task. It takes time, money, and skill to successfully repair and repair any Rolex submariner. Repairing a product as technical as the Rolex Submariner takes time and rightly so. The intricate details of a Rolex watch repair make it one of the most valued watches on the market as well as one of the most delicate to repair and repair. Our guide is designed to make any repair process as transparent for the customer as possible to get them up to speed about what we do once we receive their watch.

What a Rolex Submariner Watch Repair Involves

The first step of a Submariner Repair involves getting access to the intricate parts of the watch. This is achieved by opening the case to allow our technicians to begin the repair. The rotor is then removed followed by the movement from the casing. This normally is a straight forward process however as with any Rolex, it takes great attention to detail to make sure all parts are removed securely. The hands are then removed as well as the dial and disk. All parts are set aside safely once removed to make sure that everything is together once the repair is complete to ensure the watch can be reassembled.

The next stage involves unwinding the mainspring of the Submariner. The movement is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any harmful extracts that may be causing a disturbance. The rest of the case is then taken apart with the bezel and crystals being carefully dismantled. Necessary safety and hygiene precautions are carried out by our technicians to make sure that no dirt or dust is able to disrupt the inside of the watch. After all the necessary parts are cleaned, the process moves onto the refinishing of the case and bracelet.

Buffing Your Submariner Rolex

Buffing refers to the process of polishing appropriate parts of a watch. Firstly, we buff the case through a heating mechanism which deeply heats the part to the point that the wheel begins to smoke. An ultrasonic cleaner then cleans the wheel. This device cleans the necessary parts with liquid and then sends vibrations through the liquid to get rid of any sand, dust or dirt which may be disrupting the functionality of the watch. A softer wheel then continues the buffing process to make sure that the case is clean and able to perform optimally. All other parts which need cleaned are then polished including the bezel, bracelet and case back. The final polish is then carried out to make sure the pieces look as a Rolex should.

The parts are then taken to another cleaner and the clasp in brush polished with a hard wheel and afterwards with a softer wheel. The clasp and bracelet then experience a high polish and steam cleaned. Once all the parts have been cleaned, they are placed in a dryer. A final brush polish is then carried out to the lugs and case back through a delicate filing procedure.

Thoroughly Cleaning the Movement of Your Submariner Rolex

Our technicians will then shift their focus towards checking and taking apart the movement of your Submariner watch. Firstly, the date parts then the automated mechanism. The end-shake is next as it is analysed on all wheels to identify if anything needs altered or adjusted. The screws on the back are then unscrewed and placed in cleaning baskets. If the rotor needs replaced it will be changed at this stage once it is checked by our team. Checking the end-shake is then performed, followed by the removal of the shock absorbent jewels. Once the bridge screws are removed, the balance wheel can be taken out.

After this, the pallet fork removed to make sure that the technicians have access to the chain and mainspring. The end-shakes gears are then checked as well as the necessary wheels. The wheels are examined to make sure that the pivots have not been affected by wear and tear. If they need placed, they are changed at this stage of the repair. Once any necessary actions which the watch requires are complete, the wheel is reassembled. The wheel is then meticulously checked to make sure it is functioning as it should. The barrel and mainspring are then removed.

The final stages of the Rolex servicing UK can then be carried out. The winding mechanism is removed to be taken apart. After this, the balance is taken and placed back onto the main plate. The movement which has been disassembled is then placed into the cleaner to ensure that all parts are thoroughly cleaned. Once the movement parts are cleaned, our technicians then place finger cots on their fingers to prevent any harmful traces on their hands from finding their way into the watch. The pallet fork, escape and reversing wheels are then cleaned by a lubricant. Once a new mainspring is fitted, grease is applied to the inside of the barrel wall. The barrel is then clasped back together and one final check of the end-shakes are performed to make sure everything is working as it should.

Reassembling Stage of Your Rolex Submariner Repair

Our team of skilled watch Repair technicians then carry out the reassembling of your Submariner. Your Rolex repair UK begins to enter its final stages during this time as everything is put back together and checked. The pallet fork, escape and reversing wheels are then taken out of the lubricant and dried with hot air. The appropriate lubricants are then used to make sure the Submariner can perform smoothly without any issues. Once the watch has been reassembled, a metronome is used to check to time, beat and amplitude. If everything is as it should be, our technicians will adjust each individual part, with the watch being timed in 6 different positions.

These checks are all carried out to make sure that nothing is disrupting the watch and everything is performing well. The dial, hands and movement are then carefully placed back in the case. The timing is then adjusted to make sure that everything is accurate and correct. Once the timing is altered on your Submariner, the case is closed and new gaskets fitted and put through a dry pressure test. A wet test is then performed by our team to make sure that the watch does not leak and cannot be harmed from any liquid. The timing is then adjusted to the local time settings and the bracelet is then reattached. Your Rolex Submariner is then placed in our highly secure safes and checked again the next day. Any timing issues are adjusted at this point as well. The final checks are then carried out as the watch is placed on a winder for the duration of a day. After this, it is rechecked and placed on a safe dial.