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Glashütte Watch Repair

“Always on the pulse of time, Glashütte Original puts its powers of innovation and distinct sense of aesthetics to the best”

Glashütte Original is a world famous brand with humble beginnings. The brand sells exquisite watch designs that have been practised for over 170 years by German watch makers, it is the “Passion, patience, rare skills and experience”, that make Glashütte watches the success that they are.

At Repairs by Post, we are horology experts, we specialise in luxury watch repairs, therefore your Glashütte timepiece could be in better hands.

Due to our secure postal service, we can fix luxury watches from all over the UK and abroad.

Our master horologist will take great care of your Glashütte watch repair. The Repairs By Post, watch repairs team will treat your watch with both passion and attention to detail. With 30 years’ experience behind us, we are unlike any brand you will find on the high street. Treat your Glashütte watch to a much-needed maintenance that will be carried out by a specialist.


Watch servicing is a process, one that should only be completed by a repair team with knowledge and experience. Every brand is different, therefore during a Glashütte watch service, one of our horologists will take great care into examining every aspect of your timepiece. This means that nothing will be missed and your watch will be sent back to you as god as new.

  • The inner components of your Glashütte watch will be specially lubricated, this minimises friction that can cause excess wear.
  • We will then test your watch’s balance wheel, making sure it’s perfectly precise and keeping time as it should.
  • We will not only look at the inner mechanisms of your watch, we will also check your watch strap, giving it a specialist cleaning and examination. This means that if your watch has been a victim of wear and tear, any parts that are damaged will be refurbished or be replaced.
  • Once your watch has had a thorough examination, we will carefully reassemble and reattach your timepiece to its strap, making sure that every seal replaced.
  • The timepiece will be methodically tested one last time at our watch repair workshop in Manchester, ensuring that the timepiece is completely waterproof and accurate.


We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of Glashütte watch repairs in the UK.


Repairs by Post can operate on a number of watch brands. Our watch repair experts deal with all luxury and fashion watches including; Glashütte, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Panerai.

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We aim to repair your timepiece within a matter of weeks. Once your watch has been examined at our watch repair centre, we will then contact you, to give you a more accurate timescale you’re your Glashütte watch restoration or service.


If you have been shopping around and are wondering what services, we provide feel free to ask us n live chat! Our helpful team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our services. If you would prefer to speak to one of our horology experts, call us today. Some of the repairs that we undertake at Repairs By Post on Glashütte watches are:

  • Hand replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • Glashütte watch band replacement
  • New glass
  • Bezel and bracelet refurbishment
  • Glashütte mechanical service
  • Replacement of a Glashütte watch battery
  • Replacement of Glashütte watch parts


Is your Glashütte timepiece vintage and needing restored? We are specialists in vintage watch repair and our skilled team will have your Glashütte watch ticking away for many more years.

We offer our customers easy watch repair at the best prices. Customer Service is important to us, that is why we only employ skilled and experienced employees. Working with a prestigious brand like Glashütte, our watch repair team will use the exact precision that is necessary for vintage watch restoration.

Glashütte watches date back to the 1800s and our team can detect the smallest faults within vintage watches.  Do you own a Glashütte watch that has been passed down for decades? It will be in safe hands with a member of our watch repair team. We will use our knowledge of luxury watch repair to nurse your timepiece back to its best health.

It is common to become attached to your timepiece, therefore we understand that many may worry that it will be damaged during the restoration process. If you are the owner of a Glashütte heirloom then our watch repair experts will mirror your passion for beautifully crafted timepieces.


Glashütte Original pride themselves on their authentic high-end German manufactory and design. All of the watches that are created by Glashütte are in-house developed and with 95% of the watch parts created by the company.

The brand may be over 100 years old, however, Glashütte Original stands for modern design, original style, and high-quality construction. Glashütte intends to replicate Germany’s excellence in engineering and manufacturing in the form of their watches.


The birth of Glashütte can be dated back to 1843.

This was the year that Ferdinand Adolph Lange sent a detailed plan to the Royal Saxon government, stating that he intended to open a watch factory in Glashütte. It would be at this watch factory where he would train apprentices in the art of horology.

Lange’s plan was unique as he wanted the apprentices to work on one specialisation and by doing so, he was enabling the foundation of an industry in Glashütte.

After a trip to Switzerland, Lange was inspired by their practice and wanted to replicate it in Germany. This was not how traditional German watchmaking was practised, however, the Royal Saxon government liked the idea and agreed to the plan. Lange was then offered a substantial loan to kick-start his plan.

Of course, Lange’s plan flourished and other brands set out to copy their success.  so much that Glashütte watches started to be copied. Watch collectors were even fooled into buying fake Glashütte watches as brands from other countries produced timepieces with “System Glashütte” on the, in hope that their sales would boost.

Glashütte responded by adding the word “Original” to their watches to indicate that they really were from Glashütte. This is where Glashütte Original gets its name from today.

Glashütte survived World War II and by the end of it, the watch factory was bombed, and it suffered from extensive damage. The company also faced bigger problems as the Soviet army demanded reparations from Glashütte in the form of tools and machinery.

This meant that the Glashütte watchmaking industry, was facing closure completely, however, the brand continued to make watches.

Due to the hard times that were faced by the brand watchmakers in Glashütte had to figure out how to make everything themselves as they could no longer rely on outside suppliers for springs, jewels. This made the brand more resilient and desirable.


Battery replacement is one of the most popular repairs which we carry out at Repairs By Post. If you are a watch enthusiast, then you will understand the importance of watch maintenance and repair.

Watch battery replacement should always be completed by a professional and it is imperative that this re-sealing is done correctly. With over 30 year’s experience in watch repair, your timepiece will be in safe hands with one of our experts.

Watches are delicate instruments and in the past, we have been sent watches that have been damaged by customers who have tried to fix their battery themselves. Many make the mistake of sending their watch to someone who is not qualified to do this repair.

The danger with this is that faulty watch batteries can damage the back end of a watch and the wrong battery can leak inside the watch causing major internal damage. Having the right battery and a properly conducted re-seal is vital to the running of your watch.


Glashütte Original is known for being a German brand that was born and raised in Glashütte, however, the dials and cases were made in Pforzheim. This is the traditional home of dial and case work for the German watchmakers.

These two cities are actually some distance apart. Glashütte only a stone’s throw away from Germany’s border which is next to the Czech Republic. As for Pforzheim, it is on the Western border with the Alsace region of France.

When many watch Though enthusiasts think of German watchmaking they would recall Glashütte, however, Pforzheim has a longer and older association with the art.

The citizens of Pforzheim have been known for their skills in jewelry making and watchmaking from as early as the mid-1700s. The town was even named “Goldstadt” (golden city), due to the expensive prices of the watch and jewellery trades that hailed from there.

This part of Germany was also badly damaged during World War II and in 1945, bombings killed a third of the town’s population. 80 percent of its buildings were also destroyed, the reason why much of the city is, modern construction.


It was 1865 when Glashütte began to design a simple, mechanically complete pocket watch, however, the brand exceeded their expectations and created a Glashütte precision pocket watch with a three-quarter plate, a gold lever wheel, and gold chatons. The watch was produced for eighty years with hardly any changes being made to it.


It was 1916 when Karl W Hohnel marked a Glashütte pendulum clock with the phrase “Original Glashütte. Two years later, The German Precision Watch Factory entered the trade registry. This mark would state clearly that the timepiece was distinguishable and not make anywhere other than Germany.


Before the 1930s, two new watch companies were formed in Glashütte. The expansion showed the growing demand for wristwatches. It was in 1927, for the first time in Glashütte history a ladies’ watch was created that had the imprint Glashütte Original.


It was in 2000 that Glashütte Original was titled “Watch of The ear”. It was that year that the manufactory became a part of The Swatch Group Ltd. The brand says that it was “an important step for the growth of the locally renowned brand into a global luxury brand.


Sending us your Glashütte watch repair couldn’t be more simple. We have improved our system, making it easier for our customers to use. By posting your Glashütte watch to us, it will be given to one of our experts, they will l repair it and then return it to you once completed. Service and price are both factors we have improved on over the years and with our price guarantee, you know that you are getting specialist services at an affordable price.


Many of our customers send us their watch repair using Royal Mail Tracked and Return Service or Special Delivery. We have been using this service for years now as it’s the safest way for us to receive your timepiece.

There are other options available, just ask a member of our team! Depending on the value of your item, you may choose another option.

We aim to give all of our customer’s fair repair prices, that is why we will match or beat any written quotation. We will also keep you up to date, you will be able to see on your account what stage your item is at.