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Certina are a watch brand with a long and distinguished history, now an affiliate company of the Swatch Group. Known – as with many Swiss watch brands – for their precision, reliability, and innovation, Certina are a sport-orientated brand, use only the finest materials and cutting edge technology to craft high quality watches at an affordable price.

Due to Certina having a strong commitment to reliability, all of their watches feature 316L high grade stainless steel, the double security concept, sapphire crystals, and a minimum water resistance of 100m. The double security concept was launched in 1959, and has brought a new standard of water and shock resistance to the watch making industry. Since then, Certina’s watches have successfully resisted the most extreme of conditions.

Thanks to possessing over 30 years’ experience in the watch repair and watch service industry, Repairs By Post have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure all watch repairs are done to the highest of standards. The aim of the watch service is to have your Certina watch back in your possession as soon as possible, which is why we provide a postal repair service. Alongside Certina, we also supply services for Rolex watch repair, Tag Heure, Breitling and many other watch brands. This wealth of knowledge, in combination with our quick and simple postal service, is what gives Repairs By Post a unique industry advantage.

Get in touch today to discuss all Certina Watch repairs and services. We treat each individual case with equal dedication and care, making sure that the customer is happy with the end result. We understand that watches are incredibly personal and sentimental items, as treat each with the respect that such things should be. No matter the scale of the job, our love for horology means that a great amount of time, skill, and pride goes into each watch service. Whether your Certina watch needs a new watch strap or watch band, a bezel replacement, or a full watch service, we have the skills and expertise necessary to carry out the repair.

We can replace batteries, bands or straps, and repair crowns or hands. Our Certina watch repairs and Rolex watch restoration are services we take great pride in. Thanks to our convenient postal service, we have no expensive retail space to pay for. As a result, we offer some most competitive pricing on of the market. To keep your Certina in perfect working order, a service is suggested every 3 to 5 years.

A History of Certina Watches

1888 – Brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth set up a watch production workshop in the Swiss town of Grenchen. It is at this picturesque spot at the foot of the Jura mountains, somewhere between Biel and Solothurn, that the two brothers work in an annex to the family home with their three employees. Within a few short years, the business is flourishing, and so in the years that follow, various extensions are added and employees brought on board.

1906 – The brothers Kurth introduce a brand name for their watches: “Grana”, short for “Granacus”, the Latin name for Grenchen. It is also around this time that the first wristwatches appear on the market; they are made mostly for women, as men still refuse wristwatches.

1939 – Leading up to 1939, the company increasingly uses the brand name “Certina”, for two good reasons: it is easily pronounceable in all languages and takes its roots from “certus”, the Latin word for “sure”. This name is eventually registered in 1939.

1949 – 10 years after the registration of the name “Certina”, the company elects to use it as the solo brand name.

1959 – Certina present the first Certina watch designed with the DS concept. The Certina DS is an extremely resistant watch with water resistance up to 20 bar, the equivalent pressure at a depth of 200m. The Certina DS sets a new standard in the industry for a whole generation of watches.

1960 – A year after it’s showcase, the Certina DS accompanies an international expedition on the first successful ascent of Dhaulagiri, an 8,167-metre high mountain in Western Nepal. All the challenges presented by the expedition – strong temperature fluctuations and differing pressures, amongst others – are overcome easily, cementing the Certina DS’ reputation.

1965 – The Certina DS descents into the depths with the US Navy’s Sealab II underwater project. This involves divers and scientists working from a diving station at different areas of interest to maritime research. They confirm that the DS is reliable under all conditions.

1969 – Similar to 1965, Certina send the innovative DS-2 Super PH 500 with the Tektite underwater experiment, in which four scientists live in two separate underwater residential tanks for two months under observation from NASA. The Certina models worn by the scientists achieve the very best results in terms of performance and reliability.

1970 – An expedition to Mount Everest by the Japanese brings along Certina watches, which stand up well to the highly challenging conditions. The Japanese skier Miura achieves one of the most spectacular ski lines of all time, descending through 1,000 metres from an altitude of 8,000 metres, all the while wearing a DS-2 Chronolympic.

1983 – Certina joins the newly founded SMH Group, led by the entrepreneur and watch enthusiast Nicolas G. Hayek. SMH quickly becomes the world’s leading watch group.

1999 ­– SMH becomes Swatch Ltd. Certina watches make up the mid-range of pricing in the company’s portfolio.

2004 – The DS-3 1000m recaptures the heritage of Certina’s historical divers’ watches. This automatic timepiece is water resistant to a record breaking 1000m, showing that Certina continue to lead the way in watch resistance technology.

2015 – The year of Certina’s 125th anniversary. Certina presents a complete corporate rebrand alongside three new watch movements. The Powermatic 80 is the first, a highly precise movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The second in the C01.211, an extremely reliable chronograph. The last is the ultra-accurate Precidrive movement, part of a new generation of quart watch movements who’s precision is comparable to chronometers.

Common Certina Watch Repairs

Some of the common watch repairs and watch services we undertake at Repairs By Post on Certina Watches are:

  • Clean and polish service
  • Refitting glass
  • Dial replacement
  • Hand replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Bezel and band refurbishment
  • Certina mechanical service
  • Bezel replacement
  • Strap replacement.

Continuing the Legacy of Certina Watches

Considering Certina are a brand that pride themselves on their resistance and longevity, we aim to uphold the same standards. All Certina watch repairs, such as watch band replacement or bezel refurbishment, come with a minimum of 12 months guarantee.

The passion for Swiss-quality, reliable watches never stops in Certina. The commitments they hold dear for quality and reliability shows in the mechanisms and performance of each watch that they produce. Ensure that you Certina watch is up to standard by getting in touch with us about a full Certina watch service today.