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Breguet are arguably the brand that began the concept of the modern watch. Founded in 1775 by the godfather of modern horology, Abraham-Louis Breguet, they have continued to innovate and impress with their designs and movements up until the current day. Breguet’s personal achievements are nothing short of spectacular; inventor of the tourbillon, creator of the first Grand Complication, and watchmaker do the wealthiest individuals of his time, he laid the foundations of a legacy like no other in horology.

Here at Repairs By Post, we aim to not only meet but exceed the same standard of craftsmanship that Breguet set as the baseline. Every Breguet watch repair or watch service is dealt with an incredible level of patience, skill, and detail, ensuring that the quality of work that goes into each Breguet watch is maintained through and after our watch service.

Comprised of only the finest materials and most intricate of movements, Breguet watches move beyond the realm of timekeeping into the realm of ergonomic art.

Inordinate levels of detail go into each design, with each Breguet watch being hand-crafted by a master horologist to the highest of specifications. It is this attention to detail that has ensured Breguet remains among the top tier of watch makers. From the intricate machinations of their tourbillons and movements to the quality of their watch straps, everything about a Breguet showcases subtle style and sophistication.

Get in touch today to discuss all Breguet watch repairs and watch services. We treat each individual Breguet with equal dedication and care, ensuring a high standard of end result that will be guaranteed to please the customer. We understand that watches are incredibly personal and sentimental items. As such, we treat each as though it is an extension of the individual.

No matter the scale of the job, our love for horology means that a great amount of time, skill, and pride goes into each watch service. Whether your Breguet watch needs a new watch strap or watch band, a battery replacement, or a full watch service, we have the skills and expertise necessary to carry out the repair.

A History of Breguet Watches

1775 – Abraham-Louis Breguet sets up his workshop on Quai de l’Horloge, Ile de la Cité in Paris, city of lights.

1780 – Breguet launches the first of the self-winding watches, soon to become known as “perpétuelles”, with an oscillating weight and two going-barrels.

1783 – Breguet invents the gong spring for the minute repeater. The distinctive open-tipped hands known as “Breguet hands” first make an appearance alongside Breguet’s Arabic numerals for pocket watches.

1786 – The first Breguet guilloché dials appear. The dials are hand-engraved on a rose engine.

1789 – The creation of what is known as the “Breguet key”, a stylised ratchet key attached to Breguet pocket watches for the purpose of rewinding fusées on the move.

1790 – Breguet invents the anti-shock device known as a “pare-chute”. It will take 16 years of development before it reaches its final form.

1796 – Development of the first single hand watch, known as a subscription watch.

1798 – Breguet patents a design for a constant force escapement on March 9th. In the same year, he also invents the musical chronometer, a clockwork mechanism which acts as a metronome.

1801 – On June 26th, Breguet gains a 10-year patent for a new type of regulator known as a “Tourbillon”. To counteract the effects of gravity on the precision of timekeeping, Breguet places the escapement in a carriage which completes a full rotation every minute. As all flaws are repeated every minute, they engage in a process of mutual compensation.

1807 – Around this year, Abraham-Louis’ son Louis-Antoine comes on board as a partner in the Breguet workshop.

1810 – The invention of what is widely regarded to be the first wristwatch for the Queen of Naples, Caroline, sister to Napoleon Bonaparte.

1812 – The first appearance of dials with an off-centre hour ring.

1820 – Invention of the observation chronometer (“montre à double secondes”), forerunner to the modern chronograph.

1823 – The world loses a genius. Abraham-Louis Breguet dies on the 17th September, leaving behind his son to run the workshop in his place.

1830 – The first watch with keyless winding, achieved by an exquisitely engraved handle on top of the watch that links to the inner mechanisms.

1833 – Louis-Antoine retires, passing the business to his son, Louis Clément François.

1838 – Queen Vic buys a Breguet, a year after her ascension to the throne.

1882 – The last of the Breguets to run the family business, Louis Antoine (son of Louis Clement), dies. Although he has two sons and a daughter, they do not enter the family business, so the Breguet company hires respected English watchmaker Edward Brown from Clerkenwell to run the Paris factory. He will eventually become a partner and, after Louis Antoine’s death, the head and owner of the company.

1895 – With the death of Brown, his sons Edward and Henry take over the running of the company.

1939 – On February 28th, Breguet obtains a patent for the sidereal timekeeper.

1972 – The elaboration of several existing models gives rise to the new “Classic” line.

1988 – The “Classic” line is enhanced by a tourbillon wristwatch in tribute to the inventor and namesake of the company.

1991 – Breguet patents the wristwatch utilising the perpetual equation of time.

1997 – On May 15th, Breguet acquires the patent for a straight-line calendar watch movement with instant year jump.

1998 – The “Marine” wristwatch line has a new addition: the world’s smallest self-winding chronograph.

1999 – Breguet is acquired by the newly named conglomerate Swatch Group.

2001 – The 200th anniversary of the tourbillon.

2003 – Two patented inventions are added to the Breguet alarm watch “La Réveil du Tsar” (The Waking of the Tsar): a device to co-ordinate the alarm with local time and a column-wheel mechanism to lock or activate the alarm.

2004 – Breguet release a self-winding tourbillon movement.

2006 – The rise of silicon and all of its applications in manufacturing of components. Due to the fact that it does not react to magnetic fields, nor alter its characteristics as much due to temperature changes, its use in horology increases dramatically.

Common Breguet Watch Repairs

Some of the common watch repairs and watch services we undertake at Repairs By Post on Breguet Watches are:

  • Clean and polish service
  • Refitting glass
  • Dial replacement
  • Hand replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Bezel and band refurbishment
  • Breguet mechanical service
  • Bezel replacement
  • Strap replacement.

Maintaining the Legacy of Breguet Watches

Breguet is one of the oldest watch brands in existence, credited with many of the advancements in the field of horology that have made it was it is today. From their Breguet movements to their Breguet watch straps, every individual piece of a watch crafted in a Breguet workshop is beautifully made and exquisitely detailed.

Thanks to our safe and swift postal service, every Breguet watch that you send to Repairs By Post will be dealt with securely. As a result of not having an expensive retail store, we also offer some of the most competitive pricing available on the market for Breguet watch repairs.