Airain Watch Repairs and Services

  • Airian Battery & reseal from £49.99
  • Airian quartz service from £89.99
  • Airian mechanical service from £129.99

Montres Airain was founded by a famous French watchmaker whose legacy date back to the 19th century  in Besancon, France. Airain began as a supplier to the French Air Force of both wrist chronographs and dashboard chronometers for planes. Their quality standards ensured superb construction and reliability in combat.

Because of their reputation, the Airain watches was used by NATO forces also across Europe, South America, and North Africa.  The  Type 20 chronograph has a unique reverse engraved bezel  for countdown timing. Type 20  were popular with the famous French Foreign Legion.



Our favourite is the Quartz Version, which uses ETA G10.211